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Note: we reviewed hundreds of flashlights, and add about 10-15 new flashlights each month. Many listings on eBay or AliExpress claim their flashlights are 100,000 lumens, but none of them really are.

The only real 100,000 lumen flashlight

Imalent MS18

Imalent MS18
Imalent MS18 runtime
Max. output100,000 lumens. We measured 101,000 lumens at turn on
BatteryBuilt-in battery pack with 8*21700 batteries
ChargingBuilt-in, 19V DC charging port
Best forNot for children. Great for flashlight enthusiasts, search and rescue etc.

If you’re looking for a real 100K flashlight, there is currently only 1 that exists. And that’s the Imalent MS18, with built-in fans, and a carry strap. Yes, if you want to reach 100K output, you bet it will be big and heavy.

It’s interesting to note, that we are usually one of the first websites that test these high end flashlights, so our review of the MS18 already dates back to 2019, when almost nobody had ever heard of it.

Only in the last 1 or 2 years have there been tiktok videos showing the MS18 in full power, 3 years after the fact, lol.

Anything that put out this amount of lumens will generate an immense amount of heat. And the only way you can control that a little bit is by keeping the flashlight cooled. And that’s why the Imalent has cooling fans built in, and some sort of a liquid cooling system.

And I have to admit, these 100K lumens aren’t ANSI lumens, because that’s only possible at turn-on. According to the ANSI FL1 standards, the measurement should be done 30 seconds after turn on. And for the MS18 that is slightly below 70,000 lumens, which is still not bad!

The only real problem with the MS18 is the 10K lumen mode. Because the flashlight will not turn on the built-in fans (they are not temperature controlled) won’t turn on. If you keep the flashlight running for a long time, the body of the flashlight will heat up immensely, and this can cause skinburn, but also damage the flashlight itself.

For charging, they include a 19V charging adapter, to charge the 8 pieces of Samsung 40T 21700 batteries in 4.5 hours from empty to full. That’s not fast, but you could always buy a second battery pack, that could be used while the other one is charging.

Why I think this is worth considering

  1. The only real 100,000 lumen (mass production) flashlight
  2. No need to look after 8 individual 21700 batteries
  3. Comes with a 19V charging adapter, so you don’t need to buy a separate charger
  4. Has (noisy) built-in fans to keep the output as high as possible

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Flashlight with more than 100,000 lumen

Coming soon!

Max. brightness:120,000 lumens
LED type:32* CREE XHP50.3
Battery type:8*21700 (built-in battery pack)
Best for:?

This one is currently still in the prototype testing phase. They will send us the flashlight as soon as it becomes available.

This is why what we think of it:


FAQ: real 100 000 lumen flashlights

  • How can you see whether a flashlight can really do 100,000 lumens or not?

    It’s hard to see without actually testing it. But there are a few things to keep in mind:
    1. If you want to reach 100,000 lumens in a production flashlight, you need many LEDs. So if you see a flashlight with only 1 LED…. walk away.
    2. It needs lots of power to reach this output, and if it has 1, 2 or even 4 batteries, it will never ever reach that high. It needs at least 8 high-current batteries to reach that output for even a few seconds.
    3. The cost of building such a powerhouse will be very high. Just the battery pack alone would cost at least $100 for parts alone. The MS18 (currently the only 1 reaching exactly 100K lumen is already more than $600.

  • How much does a 100000 lumen flashlight cost?

    The Imalent MS18 is currently at around $650-$700 without our discount coupon. You can find a discount coupon in our Imalent MS18 review.

  • Is 100,000 lumens possible?

    Yes, and we tested it. But it will only be possible for a couple of seconds before it drops to far below 100K. If you build your own gigantic flashlight, you could possibly do a bit better, but for any mass-production flashlight, you can only do it for a few seconds.

  • Is there a 1 million lumen flashlight?

    No, there isn’t. The brightest is still 100K and it will probably take many more years (2030 perhaps?) before we can see anything close to 1 million lumens. Don’t trust anything from eBay or AliExpress that lists anything close to 1,000,000 lumens…

Here are a few 100,000 lumen flashlight listings you should not trust

I looked around and found many so-to-call 100k flashlights, and you should never buy any of these, thinking you get anything near 100K.. You should be happy if they even hit 1/10 of their promised output… Even 1/10 would be impossible for these! I think a more realistic figure would be 1,000 lumens.

Be warned!

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