Best Flashlight of 2018

  • Best AAA (keychain) flashlights

  • Best AAA flashlights of 2018

  • Best AAA flashlight 2018

    Currently there are no noteworthy new AAA flashlights on the market yet, as of January 2018. This list with interesting AAA flashlights will be updated throughout the year. 

The best AAA flashlight of 2018

AAA flashlights are best know for key-chain flashlights. Something you will always have with you! Therefore the size is one of the most important aspects as well as how to switch modes. (Therefore most AAA lights have to be twisted to turn on) Side switches would accidentally turn the light on.

  • Best 18650 flashlights

  • The best flashlights of 2018 using Li-Ion batteries. 

  • BLF GT (Giga Thrower) Lumintop

    By far the throwiest flashlight of 2018! XHP35 hi with an amazing 2km reach. Can be shortened to use 4x18650. 2000-2500 lumens. Price $?

The farthest throwing flashlight of 2018

  • Use with 4 batteries or 8 batteries
  • This thing is huge and heavy... about 2kg / 5 pounds.
  • Throws over 2km
  • 1.2Million cd.

You want a smile holding a flashlight in your hands? Ever seen a flashlight with a lens diameter the size of your head? The BLF GT is referred to as giggles, and mainly because of the size an sheer attitude! Love it or hate it. Check out the review for the BLF GT to read more. Although only a handful of people got their BLF GT shipped in 2017, the majority of people received the light in 2018. So this didn't make it into the 2017 list because of the very limited number of flashlight actually being received.

  • Astrolux MF03

    This is coming out soon. Not sure when. Gonna have 8 pieces of XHP70 and in the Middle a LED dedicated to throw. Price $unknown?

First powerhouse of 2018

  • 8 XHP LEDS
  • 1 thrower LED

This is going to be something to look out for. Like in last year's edition Astrolux made it to the list with a powerful flashlight just under $100. This year they gonna have the Astrolux MF03 in production, and are looking forward to this one. 

  • The top flashlights that are valued by flashlight users.

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