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When I think about great-performing flashlights, Acebeam is one of the brands that come to mind. They were formerly known as Supbeam, and 1 or 2 other names, but not many people know that. Our team has reviewed dozens of Acebeam, and many of them got great scores.

However, from a reviewer’s perspective, the people working for the company aren’t the easiest to collaborate with. Scroll down to learn more.

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A little rant from a reviewer (collaboration perspective)

The point is: Acebeam doesn’t really know how to do marketing effectively, and how to treat reviewers.

When it comes to our collaboration, Acebeam presents a unique approach that might raise some eyebrows. Unlike many other companies (Olight, Fenix, Nitecore, etc) that follow the established practice of providing flashlights to reviewers in exchange for unbiased assessments, Acebeam takes a different route. Acebeam doesn’t have any policy they can share, and make up rules whenever they see fit. In many cases, they had requested us to pay for the review flashlights (albeit at discounted price). This differs from the industry norm where products are typically provided to reviewers without an upfront payment.

In an industry where reviews play a vital role in promoting and informing people about new products, Acebeam wants to take every opportunity to make a dime, and influence a negative review. In contrast to the more popular flashlight brands, Acebeam sometimes continues messaging about a certain measurement or negative assessment. Other brands, on the other hand, sometimes also ask questions about our findings, but more in the sense of learning from it, and updating their products in the future. But when Acebeam does this, it sounds like they want to prove us wrong, and make the review look more positive. Yup, two different worlds. And this issue is not restricted to only 1Lumen, because we talked with other reviewers with the exact same experience.

This isn’t a big deal, if it’s not that it feels very sour because of all the help we/I have given them.

Over the past several years, I (Marco) have been in contact with them, giving them advice on what I would do to improve a product, find new sellers, what new product would sell well (zoomable LEP, different colors, different materials, for example) and how to use social media channels etc. I even reached out to several flashlight sellers in the Netherlands to ask to for a collaboration with Acebeam… all for free. But in return, they still keep asking us to pay for their products to review.

Maybe we should go the influencer’s route, where companies pay the influencers to promote their products… just saying

Frequently asked questions about Acebeam

  • Is Acebeam a good brand?

    Acebeam has been in business for quite some time, even before they acquired the current name in 2014 (formerly known as Supbeam). They produce many great flashlights including the very popular Acebeam X75, X50, E75, E70 mini, etc. Yes, they are definitely a good brand.

  • Where are Acebeam flashlights made?

    Their factory is based in China. ShenZhen Zenbon Technology Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures Acebeam flashlights. 

  • What are popular Acebeam flashlights?

    Some of their most well-known, and popular models include the Acebeam X75, Acebeam W30, and the Acebeam E70, Acebeam E75