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One of the underdogs in the flashlight industry may be Astrolux. Not known by most people around the globe, but very popular in the flashlight communities.

They produce and sell high power flashlights (through Banggood) at affordable prices. They are also sold under a different brand name, called Mateminco.  The model numbers are different, but they are the same flashlights.

Astrolux flashlights are mentioned in many of our flashlight buyer's guides. Including the Brightest Flashlights List, Best Tactical Flashlights List, and the Best Long Range Flashlights.

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Frequently asked questions

Astrolux is the home brand for Banggood. They don't have an official website, so the ones you see are not theirs. Go to to see all their current offerings.

There are many Astrolux flashlights. We reviewed many of them, so please have a look yourself at the best EDC flashlights they made, but also their throwers, tactical and ultra-bright ones. 

Astrolux makes many good flashlights. One of their farthest-reaching flashlights is the Astrolux MF05. It can throw a beam about 3 kilometers far. 

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