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Fenix is a very popular flashlight company that has been producing flashlights for over 20 years.

They are mentioned in many of our flashlight buyer's guides, including the Best Tactical Flashlights List, Best EDC Flashlights, and many more. Besides regular flashlights, they also have a wide range of choices for other types of lights, like headlamps and even bike lights.

Fenix Tactical Flashlights

Probably the one category they are most known for.

Fenix flashlights are popular amongst professionals and enthusiasts because they're powerful, durable, and versatile. We reviewed many Fenix flashlights, and we can attest that they're rugged and powerful. At the same time, they're easy to use and lightweight, which makes them a great choice for both outdoor recreation and regular use around the house. We've done many reviews of their most popular models, including some headlamps.

Check out some of our Fenix reviews below:

Frequently asked questions

With their comprehensive range of flashlights and headlamps, Fenix has definitely established itself as a very popular brand for professionals and enthusiasts. Their lineup is pretty impressive and we reviewed a dozen or more. Check out our reviews for more details. 

Fenix builds many powerful flashlights. And we reviewed quite a few of them, including the LR35R and LR50R (12,000 lumens). Check out our reviews for yourself. 

Yes, we review Fenix flashlights and have done over a dozen of them. Each review takes about 1-3 hours of writing and 10-20 hours of testing.