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About Imalent Flashlights

After being in the flashlight world for over a decade, it’s interesting to note how certain brands position themselves in the market.

Imalent hasn’t been around for too long (less than a decade), but they sure are one of the most innovative brands on the market. Back in 2014, I got the SA04, which was a flashlight with a touch display. It had some quirks, but that’s quite an innovation.

Fast forward and Imalent has been more prominent, including to the average Joe. That’s mainly because of the immense powerful Imalent MS18. The most powerful flashlight in the world with a whopping 100, 000 lumens. But besides the MS18, their whole MS lineup is extremely bright, including the MS12, MS12 mini, MS08, etc.

High power flashlights

Even though Imalent produces many kinds of flashlights, their focus is mainly on high-power lights. While other, established brands, focus a lot on safety and stuff, Imalent likes to look for the boundaries of what’s possible (high output) and sometimes at the cost of quality control.

It must be said, that they don’t like bad press, like every other company, and listen when things go wrong. They fixed certain issues in the past. And of course, sometimes they still need to get their acts together..

Flashlight categories

Some brands fit in almost every category, from keychain lights to magnetic and high-power flashlights. But Imalent is mostly concentrating on this single category:

  1. Brightest flashlights

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Imalent: Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the most powerful flashlight from Imalent

    The brightest flashlight is currently the Imalent MS18, but soon we will see the SR32, which s even brighter. We reviewed it as one of the first reviewers in the world. Check out the full review for more details. 

  • Is Imalent flashlight good?

    Most brands have had trouble with their flashlights, and Imalent is no exception. There have been some issues in the past with certain lights, but they solved the problem. Generally speaking, they produce the most powerful flashlights in the world. It’s recommended to buy Imalent flashlights from well-established (local) online vendors to get the best warranty and customer service possible. 

  • Where are Imalent flashlights made, and where do they ship from?

    Imalent flashlights are made in China. Although they are manufactured in China, they are available worldwide at online stores like Amazon, Walmart etc. ships directly from China. 

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