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Lumintop's success story includes the help of some very smart people at budgetlightforum. Since the start of their collaboration in 2016, they brought some interesting flashlights to the market.

The first one that really hit home was the Lumintop BLF GT (BLF stands for budgetlightforum if you didn't know yet). This collaboration took more than 1 year before the flashlight came to fruition.

Since then, the start of all the BLF edition flashlights has come out. One of the other extremely popular flashlights is the Lumintop FW3A. This is a very compact 18650 EDC flashlight that has become very popular. Even up till today, it's a very successful flashlight.

Lumintop flashlights are specially mentioned in the Best Long Range Flashlights list, but are also very popular with the EDC community.

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Frequently asked questions

Lumintop is a relatively new player in the flashlight industry, but it's definitely a good brand. They produce some really interesting flashlights with great features. 

They are also very popular in flashlight communities. 

Lumintop is a flashlight manufacturer based in China. They manufacture them in China and ship them worldwide to all kinds of (online) stores. 

Yes. You can find some discount coupons in our reviews. We currently have about 20+ reviews and some of them have a discount code included. 

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