Nitecore Flashlight Reviews

Nitecore Flashlights

Nitecore is not just a popular flashlight brand since 2007, it’s produced many kinds of products, including photography products, outdoor products, and EDC gear.

Within their flashlight lineup, they have a few gems and highly interesting flashlights. And we reviewed many (if not most) of Nitecore’s most recent additions. Please scroll down to see all the Nitecores we reviewed.

Nitecore Flashlights and Headlamps

Even though Nitecore produced many high-end flashlights, they do have a large number of headlamps as well. They tend to be more focused on usability instead of max output. Other brands focus mainly on producing the brightest products on the market, Nitecore takes safety and usability highly into consideration.

They even won a few prizes with some of their more innovative products. They have all sorts of gadgets that are a mix of tools and flashlights, like the award-winning NWE30.

Besides flashlights and headlamps, they are also well known for their battery chargers and even produce photography equipment and outdoor power equipment (great for emergencies).

But since we focus on flashlights and headlamps, we only reviewed those. Please have a look below for our Nitecore reviews.

Nitecore reviews

Nitecore: Frequently asked questions

  • Is Nitecore good?

    We reviewed many different Nitecore flashlights and headlamps, and we can vouch for them. They produce some high quality products, and we definitely recommend them. 

  • Why is Nitecore so expensive?

    This is a question I’ve seen asked, and I just wanted to let you know that they are not more expensive than other well-known brands like Olight or Fenix. 

  • Where are Nitecore flashlights made?

    Nitecore flashlights are made in China. Although they are manufactured in China, they are available worldwide from online stores and brick and mortar stores.

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