Olight Flashlight Reviews

Olight Reviews

Olight is a very, very popular flashlight company. They also have a very active and lively group of followers on social media. Their Facebook page has about 100K followers.

So far, their customer support has been really good and helpful. If you have trouble, get in on their FaceBook group, and you’ll definitely get some help (if you stay calm and polite).

Olight flashlights are mentioned in many of our flashlight buyer’s guides. Including the Best Tactical Flashlights List, Best EDC Flashlights, and many more.

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Olight Tactical Flashlights – rechargeable – keychain lights and more

In the past several years, we have been able to review many of Olight’s products, including some of the most interesting, like the Olight Marauder 2, Olight Warrior series, etc. They perform very well, and their specifications are usually on the conservative side.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are Olight flashlights any good?

    After owning over 100 flashlights and reviewing a dozen or more of Olights, I can say that they are pretty good! Definitely check out all our reviews. Because each light is unique and may, or may not fit your needs. 

  • Are Olight flashlights made in China or USA?

    Olight is a global lighting company. They manufacture flashlights in China but sell them worldwide. You can buy Olight products in about every country in the world. Most countries having a dedicated group of sellers of Olight products. Check out olightworld for more info. 

  • Is Olight the best flashlight brand?

    Olight makes terrific flashlights in all categories. From the smallest keychain flashlights to high-power lumen monsters. Because flashlights are tools they may or may not fit your needs. Read all our reviews to help to decide what you need.

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