Sofirn Flashlight Reviews

Sofirn Reviews

Sofirn flashlights are quite popular in the flashlight community. But outside the community, not many people heard about the brand.

They collaborate quite a bit with some folks from the community to build some of their lights. That usually results in some very popular flashlights. Some of the more notable ones are the BLF Q8, SP36 BLF, SP10 pro etc.

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Best Sofirn Flashlights

What category is Sofirn most famous for?

Before we knew they existed, they already built OEM flashlights for other brands. But now they have a nice lineup of very affordable flashlights and headlamps.

They are probably most famous for their enthusiasts’ lights that use firmware built by 1 of the flashlight community members. This firmware is called Anduril, and more recently, Anduril 2.

With the yearly survey of “most popular flashlight of the year” at Budgetlightforum, Sofirn usually has at least 1 spot in the top 5.

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Frequently asked questions about Sofirn Flashlights

  • Are Sofirn flashlights any good?

    From a flashlight enthusiast’s perspective, Sofirn flashlights are a great bang for the buck. Some of their flashlights are one of the most popular lights in the community, including the IF22A, SC31, SP36 etc. 

  • Are Sofirn flashlights made in China or USA? And where do they sell them?

    Sofirn manufactures flashlights in China but sells them worldwide. They have a dedicated AliExpress store, as well as 1 on 
    I haven’t heard of any brick and mortar store selling Sofirn lights though. 

  • What Sofirn lights are popular?

    First of all, make sure you check out all the Sofirn reviews on our site before buying one. That’s because you might not like the UI. The Anduril UI, often found on Sofirn lights can be unnecessarily complicated. 
    The firmware is extremely popular amongst certain flashlight enthusiast groups, but they are not liked by everyone. Including myself. I prefer a simpler UI. 

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