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Flashlight Reviews

Wuben has been in the business for quite some time. And lately added several very cool and unique flashlights, including the Wuben A1, and the Wuben X1. Both are unique and almost don’t fit in a typical category. In the past, they produced some ‘regular looking’ flashlights that didn’t attract flashoholics much. But these days, their new additions are pretty unique and many videos and reviews are showing up on these models.

They have a good presence on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

Their Facebook is WubenLightWorldwide, and they have about 60K followers. They do post regularly and have done several groupbuys on Kickstarter. Some of these models we have personally reviewed at 1lumen.

Wuben EDC – tactical – rechargeable – EDC – keychain lights

Since we are allowed to review Wuben’s flashlights, we have reviewed a dozen or so and will continue adding new ones when they come out.

The Wuben X series is pretty popular and has drawn quite a bit of attention. So if you’re looking for something unique, take a look at the X-series.

Wuben reviews

Frequently asked questions

  • Are Wuben flashlights any good?

    Yes, Wuben flashlights are pretty good. They perform quite well and have great build quality. Definitely check out our reviews so to see more details!

  • Are Wuben flashlights made in China?

    Yes, Wuben flashlights are manufactured in China. But you can buy them in many online stores around the globe, including Amazon. If you don’t want to order directly from them, you know you always have a local reseller that you can fall back on. 

  • What’s the most interesting Wuben flashlight?

    Oh, that must be the Wuben A1. It’s a 20K-lumen flashlight with 4 of the most powerful LEDs currently used in flashlights. It’s really amazing!

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