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Acebeam: https://www.acebeam.com/
Armytek: https://www.armytek.com/
Banggood: https://www.banggood.com/
Brinyte: https://www.brinyte.com/
Convoy: https://convoy.aliexpress.com/store/330416
Cyansky: https://cyanskylight.com/
Fenix: https://www.fenixlighting.com/
Flashlightbrand (store): https://www.flashlightbrand.com/
Imalent: https://www.imalentstore.com/
Manker: http://mankerlight.com/
Mateminco: https://mateminco.aliexpress.com/store/4196004
Maxtoch: https://www.maxtoch.com/
Nealsgadgets x2: https://www.nealsgadgets.com/
Nextorch x2: https://www.nextorch.com/
Nitecore: https://www.nitecore.com/
Olight: https://olightworld.com/
Reylight: https://www.reylight.net/
Speras: https://sperasflashlight.com/
ThruNite: https://thrunite.com/
Weltool: https://www.weltool.com/
Wuben: https://www.wubenlight.com/
Wurkkos: https://www.wurkkos.com/
Xtar: https://www.xtar.cc/

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