Flashlights for Kids

Not for toddlers

Skip the junk and check out good quality flashlights for kids.

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These flashlights are not for toddlers!

Unlike most of the "Top 10 lists" on Google, we have actually owned and reviewed hundreds of flashlights on our team. We know the difference between an okay flashlight and a great flashlight. We don't recommend low-quality flashlights to anybody, not even to your children. Keep in mind we are talking about kids age 6 and above.

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Best AAA flashlights for kids

Lumintop EDC01 holding in hand
Lumintop EDC01 runtime

Lumintop EDC01

AAA flashlight: 120 Lumen

  • Max output: 120 lumens (we measured 113 lumens max)
  • LED: Osram
  • 3 brightness modes
  • Battery life up to 26 hours
  • AAA battery (not included)
  • Available in black, blue and pink.

AAA flashlights are one of the safest flashlights you can get. AAA batteries are widely available and won't explode. However, we recommend using rechargeable AAA batteries like Panasonic Eneloop instead of disposables, because they can be recharged hundreds and hundreds of times.

This one is probably best for children aged 6 and above. You tighten the head to turn it on. If you quickly unscrew it and tighten it again, it will go to the second mode, etc. The Low mode is about 4 lumens (we measured it), the second mode is 31 lumens, and the highest mode is 113 lumens at max output.

The lower modes are great for extensive use, and the lowest mode can run for 26 hours straight. This is plenty bright for most people and enough to use in a tent, for example. The highest mode is about over 110 lumens, and runs for about 50 minutes before you need to replace the battery.

This one is recommended for children aged 6 and older.

Best AA flashlights for kids

The best Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 in different colors

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0

AA flashlight with 140 lumen

  • Max output: 140 Lumens
  • 3 brightness modes (twisting)
  • 1AA battery

If you're looking for a reliable AA flashlight for older children, the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 might be a great choice. I own the white version, but it's also available in black and dark grey. There is even a Titanium Tool AA light which we reviewed.

It has 3 different modes, so this can be used by older children. It works on a single AA battery. The great thing about this is that you get a much longer runtime than a AAA flashlight (about 3 times as long) but only at the cost of a little bigger size. We do not recommend Duracell Alkaline batteries. Actually, we don't recommend Alkaline batteries in general. You are much better off buying rechargeable batteries. Especially ones that are made in Japan. Those are constantly coming up at the top of every rechargeable battery test.

The Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 is loved by many flashlight users!

Great 2AA flashlight for kids

Thrunite Archer 2A v3 in hand

ThruNite Archer 2A V3

Double AA flashlight with max 500 lumens

  • 500 lumens Max.
  • Quick access to Strobe (from On: press-and-hold side switch)
  • 4 main modes
  • It runs off 2AA batteries
  • Available in black and metal grey
  • (Rechargeable Eneloops recommended)

When you want to go a bit brighter but still not in the high-power territory, the Thrunite Archer 2A is a great choice.

It is considered a tactical flashlight, but don't let the term deceive you. Use the tail switch to activate and deactivate the light, while you need to use the side switch to change modes.

It has 4 main modes and a Strobe. You can access the Strobe by doing a long press with the side switch. If you are looking for something brighter than the flashlights mentioned above. This could be a great choice.

Safety Warning:

  • Never put a flashlight in your mouth
  • Don't stare into the flashlight, nor point the flashlight into somebody's eyes. Nor point them into the eyes of an animal.
  • Don't let children play with flashlights without parental guidance

All recommended flashlights for kids are solely based on our knowledge and experience. Instead of recommending low-quality and unreliable flashlights, we recommend flashlights the ones we trust.

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