Acebeam K75

K75 the next king of throw? 

Updated August 2019

Searchlights used in rescue operations have mainly been Non-Led flashlights until recently. But since LED has gained so much popularity and technological improvements we now have entered an era with LED flashlights overtaking the traditional searchlights. Especially for daily use. They can run much longer on less battery. It's not ucommong to have a far reaching flashlight running for 1 hour with only 4 batteries!

Acebeam has finally taking on Lumintop and Astrolux and with a different twist! Instead of using the CREE XHP35, they chose to go with the Luminus SBT-90 Gen2 LED. Reaching 6300 Lumens and 1.5Mcd (1.5 million cd)



So far we know a few details from the Acebeam website:

  • Luminus SBT-90 Gen2 LED
  • 6300 Lumens
  • 2,500 Meters of throw
  • 1.5 Million Candela
  • 4* High Amp 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Lock out mode
  • IPX68 waterproof (2 metere submersible)
  • No PWM
  • 2 mode groups (Eco mode group and Power mode group)

POWER Mode group:

Ultra-Low: 7 lumens; 7.5 days
Low: 120 lumens; 40,000cd; 400 meters; 31 hours runtime
Mid 1: 380 lumens; 99,856cd; 632 meters; 16 hours runtime
Mid 2: 1250 lumens; 289,982cd; 1077 meters; 5 hours 15 minutes runtime
High: 2500 lumens; 559,504cd; 1496 meters; 2 hours 15 minutes runtime
Turbo: 6300 lumens; 1,562,500cd, 2500 meters; 1 hour 45 minutes runtime
Strobe: 3000 lumens; 3 hours 15 minutes runtime


ECO Mode group:

Ultra-Low: 7 lumens; 7.5 days runtime
Low: 120 lumens; 40000cd; 400 meters; 31 hours runtime
Mid 1: 250 lumens; 69960cd; 529 meters; 21 hours runtime
Mid 2: 600 lumens; 189660cd; 871 meters; 10 hours 30 minutes runtime
High: 1700 lumens; 389376cd; 1248 meters; 3 hours 30 minutes runtime
Turbo: 3000 lumens; 679800cd, 1649 meters; 1 hour 45 minutes runtime
Strobe: 3000 lumens; 3 hours 15 minutes runtime

Going after your competitors

The whole long-range LED flashlights started a long time ago. But in 2016 Budgetlight forum member collaborated with Lumintop to make the first 1Mcd+ LED handheld flashlight. The flashlight was released towards the end of 2017 and called the Lumintop BLF GT. A few months later Astrolux (banggood brand) entered the market with the Astrolux MF04, overtaking the BLF GT by a fair margin, at least according to my own tests and my own samples, but running off only 4 batteries instead of 8 in the BLF GT.

Seeing your competitors entering a highly demanding flashlight category (far reaching flashlights) Acebeam just couldn't stay behind, and had to come up with an alternative.. Althought almost 1 year after the BLF GT became available, they copied the succesful BLFGT and Astrolux GT with their own far reaching thrower, the Acebeam K75.

Early Verdict

Acebeam is a high quality brand that doesn't storm the market with premature products like Imalent. So at least I can imagine the K75 being a high quality flashlight with good quality components. The 6,300 lumens of the Acebeam K75 is yet to be seen. The review will definitely show some interesting number in throw and lumens! On paper this is the #1 long distance flashlight.

Acebeam K75 for sale

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