Acebeam W50 LEP

Acebeam W50 LEP (laser) flashlight (and the Acebeam W40 (3km) LEP flashlight

The time has come that Acebeam put the Acebeam W50 on display on their website. This product is not available to the general public. So you can't buy it in their online store.

They also posted a video in their private Acebeam.Official Facebook group.

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and this is the link:

Acebeam W50
Acebeam W50 diagram

Originally, Acebeam shared the following picture with a few new Acebeam products at the beginning of 2020. Among those, we can see the Ultra-long range beam distance series. (whatever that means). And there are 2 names, the Acebeam W50 and W40.

Keep in mind, these are "Laser Excited Phosphor" flashlights and not LED. That makes them much more 'throwy' and can reach much farther than any LED flashlight with the same dimensions.


Acebeam W50 specifications:

  • Max output: 1400 lumens
  • Beam intensity: 3,970,000 (3.9 Mcd)
  • Beam distance: 3985 meters
  • LEP class: Class 3B
  • Beam divergence: 1.7 degrees - 24.8 degrees (electronic focus)
  • Battery: 8*186580
  • Dimensions: 206mm length (20cm) with a 80mm head (8cm) and a battery tube with a diameter of 63.8 mm

There are no more details available at the moment.

However, I do expect the lights to have multiple modes, especially with this amount of power. You will be able to blind somebody instantly with more than 3 million candelas.

Acebeam also added a notice:

"W50 is an industrial-grade product, only for search and rescue, fire fighting, border, prison, electricity, airports, terminals, factories and mines, as well as for various specialised industries. The laser’s class is Class 3B. Therefore, online retail is not supported. An enterprise-level security agreement is required for purchasing."

Since the Acebeam W30 is (unofficially) discontinued, we hope to see the W40 or W50 put onto the market any moment. I hope we can get our hands on either of them and see how they compare to the Acebeam W30 or even the Jetbeam M1X

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