Astrolux MF01X news

The new Astrolux 20,000 lumens flashlight!

The new Astrolux Lumenmonster

Don’t get me wrong, the MF01X is a monster, and rightly so. If it really does 20K lumens, this is the brightest Astrolux flashlight available. I mean, when it becomes available because at the time of writing, they are working on it.

We’ve reviewed many Astrolux flashlights, including the MF01 Mini, MF04, MF04S, MF05, and many more. But these are some of the largest Astrolux flashlights we reviewed.

Astrolux MF01X Specifications:

The Astrolux brand manager shared some information and a picture with us. The

  • LED: 18*LED + RGB AUX
  • Battery: 3*21700 batteries (not sure if built in or not)
  • Firmware: Anduril (not clear whether it is Anduril 1 or Anduril 2)
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Bezel: Stainless steel


  • According to the specifications, it’s using 3*21700 batteries. That’s making the battery tube pretty wide, but about the size of a 4*18650.

Early Verdict

If we look at the other Astrolux reviews we’ve done, we see that many of Astrolux’s flashlight perform really well. They perform especially well in the ‘throw category’. We’ve recently also reviewed the Astrolux EC06, which is a much smaller flashlight, but supposedly 16,000 lumens.. in reality, they should have gone with a different design and less output..

I hope the MF01X can maintain a brightness above 3000 lumens for at least 15 minutes, but we’ll see. Especially if it’s using Anduril firmware.

Astrolux MF01X for sale

You can buy the Astrolux only at Banggood.

Currently, not available yet.. please come back soon!

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