Imalent MS06

Imalent just announced a 25000 LM powerhouse

The Imalent was announced in July 2020. Not much info is available as of yet, but we sure keep an eye out on it. The bigger brother of the Imalent MS03.

The Imalens MS03 is known as one of the brightest single cell flashlights of the world. Please check out our Imalent MS03 review.

One of the first 25000 lumen flashlights was also made by Imalent, it was called the DX80. For many people that was their first flashlight in the 20,000 plus range.

I've never owned it, but I still have the 5 brightest flashlights in the world, surpassing the DX80. The brightest flashlight in the world is currently also made by Imalent, it's the Imalent MS18.

Imalent MS06 side switch


  • Emitter:  CREE XHP70.2 *6
  • Flux:  >25000 lm
  • Beam distance: 513 meters
  • Battery: 3*21700 (4000mAh)
  • Modes: 6
  • Size: 119mm (length)
  • Weight: 568 grams (with batteries)

User interface: 

  • Unknown as of yet

We are in close contact with Imalent to find out more details. And hopefully, you can read the review here soon.

The Imalent MS06 on a black background

Imalent MS06 for sale?

It's not available yet. But hopefully soon.

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