Imalent MS18

Imalent announced the 100,000 Lumens powerhouse, the MS18

During the IWA 2019 Imalent showcased their latest and brightest flashlight in the world, the Imalent MS18. In 2018 Imalent came out with the 53,000 lumen Imalent MS12, and now 100,000 lumens.

Curious who is going to step into the 100K+ Lumens battle.. I guess Acebeam can't stay behind, or even Lumintop? Who knows.. but for now the MS18 isn't available yet.

You can watch all the most powerful flashlights in our overview.


  • 18* XHP 70.2 LED for extreme flood and extreme power.
  • Built-in cooling fans
  • Dedicated rechargeable battery pack with 8 pieces of 21700 batteries
  • Built-in charging system
  • Including carry-case
  • Max 100,000 lumens.

Olight was very proud to introduce their 25K lumens X9R back in 2018, but we aren't even a year later when Imalent announced their crazy bright MS18.

Acebeam's brightest flashlight is currently the X70 with 60,000 lumens. And I wonder when the X180 or X90 is going to be released. At least I'm looking forward to it! The 100K lumens war has not officially started yet.

IMalent MS18 Specs:

  • TURBO:
    High Ⅲ:
    High Ⅱ:
    High Ⅰ:
    Middle Ⅱ:
    Middle Ⅰ:
    Middle Low:

Besides the MS18, Imalent also showed the updated version of the R90C, called the R90TS claiming 36000 Lumens and amazing throw, suppedly reaching as far as 2000 meters (2km / 1.2 miles).

We are extremely excited about this, and are hoping to buy this light one day and review it! We'll see how this is going to perform. Unfortunately not many people will be able to measure output.

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