Imalent SR32

Finally, an Imalent MS18 killer… A High Power flashlight made by Imalent, with how many lumens? 120,000 Lumens!

Imalent SR32 with 120,000 lumens

120,000 lumen flashlight?

Not too long ago, people were crazy, about seeing anything above 10,000 lumens. And nowadays, we see more and more flashlights (albeit still less than 10) reaching 50,000 lumens or more.

But there are mainly 2 brands that try to compete for the highest lumen flashlights on the planet, and those are Acebeam, and you guessed it, Imalent.

It all started with the Imalent DX80 and the Acebeam X80 competing for the top spot.. but that was like 6 years ago.

In the meantime, we have seen Acebeam adding a X80GT, X80 GT2, X50, X50 v2, and a very powerful and extremely bright X75.

Imalent also hasn’t stopped producing high-power flashlights and their MS18 has been on the top of the list for about 4 years now.. Yeah, folks.. most people only knew about the MS18 since 2022… but it’s been on our website since 2019.

Other impressive flashlights that Imalent produced include the MS12 Mini, RT90, MS08, SR16 just to name a few. And now, finally, they have something to beat the MS18, and it’s called the Imalent SR32.

FlashlightMax. Lumens (not according ANSI FL1)
Imalent SR32120,000 (not tested yet)
Imalent MS18100,000 lumens (confirmed)
Acebeam X7580,000 lumens (confirmed)
Imalent MS12 Mini65,000 lumens (confirmed)
Imalent SR1655,000 lumens (tested, but measured lower)
Imalent MR9050,000 lumens (confirmed)

Keep in mind that none of these flashlights are following the ANSI FL1 standards when it comes to the output in Turbo mode.

This list only includes the flashlight that is currently available, so the Acebeam X70 and Imalent MS12 are not included.

Imalent SR32 Specifications:

At the moment this page going live, the details haven’t been published yet. But these numbers are known:

  • Max output: 120,000 lumens
  • Maximum beam intensity: 1,092,000 cd,
  • LED: 32 pieces of CREE XHP50.3
  • OLED display

It’s good to read that the Imalent SR32 will have an active-water-cooled system to keep the temperatures down. There is a copper heat pipe with a dissipation mechanism with liquids inside.

They also mention that the built-in cooling fans have been improved and are now more efficient and with less noise. And that’s important, because the fans on the MS18 were very very loud, but also not temperature controlled. The fans would just turn on in any high mode, above 10K.. while they didn’t turn on in the 10K mode, resulting in the MS18 getting extremely hot.

Hopefully, the SR32 will have an upgraded cooling system, where the fans are temperature regulated, and not just turn on depending on the mode that is used.

Imalent also mentions an OLED display, which I hope is improved from the MS18.. because the MS18 would show the Lumen levels, which were hard to read because 10000 and 100000 look-alike on a small screen.

Imalent SR32 charging and batteries:

When it comes to batteries and charging, Imalent mentions a 100-watt charging capability. But they didn’t mention whether it is a proprietary charging system or USB-C charging. I assume it’s the former, knowing all other SR and MS lights have it. But at least they will have a power bank feature, so maybe it still has USB charging? I’m curious.

Inside the SR32 there are 8* 21700 batteries, namely, the Samsung 21700 40T, with 4,000mAh each.

That’s a 32,000mAh capacity, but much less at the Voltage the flashlight is working. And they are supposed to do 35 amps continuous, so let’s hope 8 pieces are enough for producing 120K lumens, and high sustained output.

I’m not sure what type of driver it uses, but with this much power, it also becomes a little scary..

Early Verdict

I’m quite excited to see this new flashlight coming to the market, and will finally dethrone the MS18?

I’m not so sure why Imalent chose 32 pieces of XHP50.3 instead of XHP70.3 for example.. Maybe because of the lower voltage?

I can’t wait to review it…. So when we have this light in.. this page will be replaced by the actual Imalent SR32 review.

Imalent SR32 price?

The price of the SR32 is still unknown, but it likely going to be north of $500 (without the use of our 10% discount coupon)

When it is available, use our exclusive 10% discount code at Imalentstore: 1lumen

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