Jetbeam DM25, Jetbeam DM26

Jetbeam Titanium flashlights: they are doing it again

Jetbeam DM20 series

One of the most interesting flashlight are ones that are shiny and with limited stock. Exotic materials like Damascus, Trimascus, Mokume are extremely expensive, while Titanium still have the luxury appearance but at a lower cost.

Jetbeam has produced limited edition flashlights for many years. Their most well known are probably the Jetbeam TCR-10, TCR20 and the TCE1.

Now, they have announced Jetbeam DM25 and Jetbeam DM26. Both are very exclusive and very expensive. Besides these, they also added the DM20.

We have the DM25 on order, so hopefully we receive it soon and review it!



Product name:JETBEAM DM25 Flashlight
Emitter Type:3x XPG3 ; 1 x RGB
Light color:White + Red Light + Green Light + Blue Light
Total Emitters:4
Peak Beam Intensity:5260cd
Max Output:2400LM
Range:145 meters
Mode:High, Medium, Low, SOS, Strobe
Lumens:1400 LM, 420 LM, 85 LM, 600LM, 600LM (Using 1 x 18350) 
Runtime:1.2h, 1.6h, 6.5h,  /, /
Battery Configurations:1 x 18350 (included) /1*16340/1*CR123A
Switch Type:Rotation
Switch Location:Head Switch
Material:Titanium TC4
Impact Resistant1 meter
Waterproof:IPX-8 (2 Meter Submersible)
Lens:Tempered glass
Carrying Strap:Clip
Size:85.50 x 29 x 21.5mm (Length x Head Diameter x Body Diameter)


1. On / Off: Tail cover tactical switch ON / OFF flashlight.
2. Power-on state, adjust the gear by rotating the head ring: low-medium-high-colored light-flashing
3. In the colorful light mode, press the tail button to switch the mode of colorful light to be memorized: red-green-blue-RGB running light;
4. In the flashing mode, press the tail switch to switch the mode to be recorded at the flashing position:Strobe-SOS-beacon-Battery Power Display

5.Battery Power Display (Suitable for Li-ion Battery )
<10% , Red Light Flash once;
11%--40%, Red Light Flash 2 times;
41%--90%, Red Light Flash 3 times;
>91%, Red Light Flash 4 times;
6. Low voltage reminder: When the white light is on, the red light flashes when the voltage is below 10%!
7. Protect function:
The circuit has a time downshift protection function. The ultra high mode is reduced to 600LM in 1 minute and then reduced to 420LM in 6 minutes of operation.

  •     The circuit has a low-voltage downshift, which step-downs at low voltages to increase running time and protect the battery.
  •     The circuit has a low-voltage shutdown function, which shuts down below 2.5V to protect the battery.

Early Verdict

Since I owned the Sunwayman V20S, V11R, V10R, I really like the use of a magnetic control ring. The infinitely variable output is something that few flashlight manufacturers can achieve. Sunwayman and Jetbeam are probably the 2 most well-know brand that have done it successfully. Although the Sunwaymans have had their little problems. Jetbeam continued their saga and now added a very good looking DM25 and DM26 to their line up.

Since these are so limited, they will be sold out very quickly. So get them while they last.

Jetbeam DM25 for sale:

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