Lumintop GT3 News

A $130 flashlight with 18,000 lumens?

18,000 lumens

Lumintop has been very active in collaborating with the flashlight community to build flashlights the community likes. This started back in 2016 with the making of the famous BLF GT (which we reviewed of course). And now 4 years later, yet another GT version has been produced, namely the Lumintop GT3. This time, it's not a long-range flashlight, but instead a shorty with a maximum output of 18,000 lumens.

This is a lot of lumens for this size, and I'm very curious on how long it can hold that output. These days, many manufacturers build 10K+ flashlights but their output starts at 10L+ but drops to below 3K within 30 seconds. In my opinion, that is a total shame.

One thing that surprised me is the firmware. Finally, they stepped away from Anduril and used a different Firmware. The Anduril is not a bad flashlight, but it has been used in almost all of Lumintop's latest flashlights. So, I welcome an easier firmware.



So far we know a few details. We will list them here:

  • 3* XHP 70.2 LED
  • Flux: 18,000 Lm
  • Intensity: 85.6 kcd
  • Beam distance: 585 meters
  • IP65 waterproofness
  • Weight: 475 grams
  • Head diameter: 68 mm
  • Length: 130 mm


4*18650 batteries, button tops, unprotected cells are required. (Cells are not included)

Early Conclusion

I can't wait to get my hands on this bad boy. 18,000 lumens and 3*XHP70.2 in a flashlight that is just 11 centimeters high, is incredible. I'm really looking forward to testing it, and see how it performs.

I have more confidence in Lumintop than I have in other newer brands. Although Lumintop has had enough problems in the past as well. Think about the Lumintop GT Nano, but also the original FW3A with the flickering issues etc. Anyways.. let's hope they didn't turn this into a quick seller and not a good seller.

We'll find out soon. I have one on the way.

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