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UPDATE: ready to order from July 30, shipping in August.

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BLF GT4 Monster

Back in 2016, Lumintop used the help of a couple of BLF members to produce a one of a kind flashlight.. In late 2017 the BLF GT became available.  The BLF GT was a very very popular flashlight! It reached over 1 million candela! We were able to review the production model, and it was quite a beast!

Later in 2018 Lumintop also announced the GT Mini, which was a much smaller version of the BLF GT, using only 1 18650 battery instead of 8. The GT Mini reaches about 130Kcd which is incredible for its size. In Q3 of 2020 we will finally see the Lumintop GT4 coming to life?



So far we know a few details. We will list them here:

  • 4* XHP 70.2 LED
  • Flux: 25,000 Lm
  • Intensity: 469.1 kcd
  • Beam distance: 1370 meters
  • Reflector: 118mm inner diameter
  • IP68 waterproofness
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Head diameter: 135 mm
  • Length: 318 mm


8*18650 batteries

Button tops, unprotected are required. Protected cells don't fit!

Early Conclusion

At the moment it's still a little too early to draw any conclusions! At least it sparked some excitement!

Looking at the size of the flashlight I could only imagine it having a ton of flood. The 4 reflectors have an orange peel finish to spread the beam even further. I don't think it will throw that far, but with this size I still imagine a few hundred meters.

The image on the right is showing a smooth reflector, but the latest images show an orange peel reflector. And I trust the latter are actually what the light will be shipped with. Orange peel reflectors.


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