Lumintop GT4


Back in 2016, Lumintop used the help of a couple of BLF members to produce a one of a kind flashlight.. In late 2017 the BLF GT became available.  The BLF GT was a very very popular flashlight! It reached over 1 million candela! We were able to review the production model, and it was quite a beast!

Later in 2018 Lumintop also announced the GT Mini, which was a much smaller version of the BLF GT, using only 1 18650 battery instead of 8. The GT Mini reaches about 130Kcd which is incredible for its size. 2019 is going to be the Lumintop GT Micro and hopefully the BLF GT4

If there are any updates on output, LED etc.. we will update it here. 



So far we know a few details. We will list them here:

  • 4* XHP 70.2 LED? 4x XHP35?

At the time of writing (January 2019) there isn't any info yet, just a few pictures from the facebook page. The dia of the head seems to be the same as the original BLF GT. But it includes many more fins for cooling. I don't think it is going to be XHP35s.

Early Conclusion

At the moment it's still a little too early to draw any conclusions! At least it sparked some excitement! Now waiting for details!


Lumintop BLF GT4 for sale

No info yet!

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