Flashlight News 2018

Interesting (new) flashlights in 2018 + announcements

Every month we will announce some exciting new products in the flashlight industry. Do you have anything interesting you would like us to share here? Let us know and we can post it here.

2018 December

Acebeam H40

Acebeam announced a new headlamp, the Acebeam H40 with an Cree XPL HD or Luminus SST-20 CRI98+ LED. Infinitely variable brightness from 20-230 lumen…according to their specs. And Olight announced the Olight Warrior X, a 2,000-lumens tactical flashlight.

2018 November


BLACK FRIDAY is around the corner, and we have put together some coupons + deals for Amazon, Banggood and Gearbest, and some other stores!!! Check them out here: https://1lumen.com/black-friday-flashlight-deals-cyber-monday/ 

Reviews for November:

December will be quiet for reviews. I hope to get some new reviews up in January 2019 again.


Acebeam X70-GT 

THIS IS FAKE NEWS>>>UNFORTUNATELY>>> Acebeam has done it again. They just released the X70, and have already announced their new addition. The most powerful flashlight yet! A 90,000 lumen flashlight, called the X70-GT I predicted we would see a 100,000 lumens flashlight in/before 2020, but Acebeam already announced one that is only 10,000 lumens shy of it.

2018 October

Reviews for October depending on the shipping speed:

Acebeam news and more

Acebeam is entering the mega thrower arena. After Lumintop and Astrolux Acebeam now also wants to compete with the farthest throwing flashlights. The Acebeam K75 is the newest XHP35 LED thrower in their lineup.

2018 September:

Acebeam news and more

Now available: Acebeam re-specced their X70, to beat the Imalent MS12. The X70 is now spced at 60,000 Lumens! Yep, a serious increase of 20,000 lumens.. and I’m very curious how they gonna do that. They also changed the MSRP price to 625 USD. Read more on the Acebeam X70.


Reviews for September are:

2018 August

Imalent MS12 (53,000 Lumens)

Who is going to win the Lumen battle trophy for 2018? Is it Acebeam with the X70? Is it Astrolux with the MF05, or is it Imalent with their newest MS12? Who knows.. but on paper, the Imalent MS12 has already won. Crazy amount of lumens….claimed. 53,000 that is.

New Reviews:

2018 July :

Astrolux MF02s

Astrolux MF02s is the successor of the famous MF02. This time round, they changed the LED to XHP70.2 with a reach of 1000+meters and max of 6000 lumens. This is comparable to the Acebeam K65! It is now available for around $150.


Emisar D4s

Emisar D4S: Hank from intl-outdoorshop has started producing the cousin of the incredibly famous and extremely bright Emisar D4. He updated the D4 so it would fit 26650 batteries, but with about the same output. BLF member ToyKeeper has provided the updated firmware for the D4S and you can read her review here: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/61509. It has about 2-3x the throw, more mass so it keeps the temperature down. And added AUT LEDS which produce an interesting glow, almost like trits. Fortunately he also changed the button so it is more difficult to activate.. this was in my opinion the main issue with the D4.


Lumintop Extreme

Lumintop Extreme: Lumintop has given word to add an extremely bright flashlight that nobody can beat….. along those lines. Read the post by Texas Ace: http://budgetlightforum.com/comment/1343238#comment-1343238

Astrolux MF04S XHP70.2

Mateminco MT70 Plus

While the Mateminco MT70 Plus has been on aliexpress for a few weeks now, Banggood also announced they are going to upgrade their Astrolux with the MF04S. The S may stand for: Super? Who knows…. They will have an XHP70.2 LED instead of the throwy XHP35 LED. Anyhow, the Astrolux MF04S is going to be on my list to review…just on the list.. it may actually never come into my posessions because there are so many interesting and powerful lights nowadays. Keep an eye on the banggood flashlight coupon page as well for a discount code in case I can’t review it.

Lumintop BLF- GT XHP70.2  

Lumintop BLF GT70: Lumintop has acknowledged they are going to add another powerhouse to their lineup. This time it is going to be the successor of the BLF GT. Instead of powering it with a single XHP35 Hi, they are going to add a XHP70.2 for about 6000 lumens and a lot of throw. I am very interested in knowing more about this. Stay tuned for the 2nd edition of the BLF GT

2018 June

Acebeam X80-GT

The Acebeam X80-GT is the successor of the X80 with more lumens and more LEDs. It powers 18 pieces of XHP50.2 LEDs with a max of 32500 lumens. This is the same as the Imalent DX80, but with 500 more lumens.LOL.. I guess they wanted to beat the DX80 on paper. hahaha. 8 Output modes, 200-1000-2000-4000-15000-325000 and powered by 4×18650 batteries. (Special Acebeam 20A 3100 high amp batteries).


Imalent RT70

The Imalent RT70 is supposed to beat the Acebeam K65 I reviewed earlier. Which is rather interesting, because the Acebeam has 1000 more lumens, and about the same reach. Also using the same LED emitter, being the XHP70.2. It could trump the K65 however if it remains the same output for longer. Mfg mentions 5500 lumens and 900 meters of throw. Charging happens via built-in magnetic charge system. Great for people who only want 1 light and dont want to buy a separate charger.

Olight X9r Marauder

The Olight X9R hosts 6 XHP70.2 Leds for extremely bright and floody beam. According to their specs it comes with a removable battery pack, home charger, car charger, shoulder strap and retaining ring for anti-roll. It is supposed to reach the max intensity of 25000 lumens, and max “throw” of 600 meters. 7 output levels and the lowest mode being 400 lm and no firefly..lol. But NO cooling fans?

2018 May:

Acebeam W10

Acebeam told me that the Acebeam W10 is going to be available any time soon. So I guess June 2018 will be the month for one of the first “flashlights” to use a powerful white laser. It can generate up to 300 lumens of white laser light, and reach about 1km far…. useful? Don’t know! Check out the Acebeam website.

Acebeam EC65

The Acebeam EC65 is on pre-order now. 4 Nichia high-cri LEDS with 2000 lumens (1 battery). There isn’t much to talk about at the moment. The first review I’ve read from Maukka isn’t in favour of the flashlight.

Nitecore TIP Premium Copper

Nitecore has relased the premium version of their famous keychain light, made of copper. It will reach a max of 370 lumens and has 4 modes. You can charge it via USB port so a great gift for non-flashoholics. Read more about the Tini on the Nitecore website.

2018 April:

Acebeam X70

The Acebeam X70 is going to be available in July 2018. It is currently the brightest LED flashlight on paper with 40000 lumens when it is going to be put on the market..

2018 February:

Astrolux MF05

The Astrolux MF05 has been announced as an active-cooled flashlight that will pump the output to about 48000 lumens (at least on paper?), and might surpass the Acebeam X70 when it is going to be released at the end of 2018. For the moment no final specifications have been released yet, so I’m eagerly waiting on some more details. This might become the brightest flashlight in 2019? Who knows