Olight recall 2022: Warrior Mini & M2R PRO

According to Consumer Product Safety Commission (in short: CPSC)

The flashlights can be turned on inadvertently and overheat while stored in the holster or a consumer’s pocket, posing a burn hazard to consumers.”

It says, they received 127 reports of flashlights turning on inadvertently and overheating resulting in 22 reports of burn injuries.

What’s the recall about

Here is a direct copy and paste from the CPSC website:



“This recall involves M2R Pro and Warrior Mini flashlights. The M2R Pro was sold in black, camouflage, desert tan, OD green, Patriotic Edition, gunmetal gray, orange, blue, ocean camouflage, purple, white and antique bronze colors.  The dimensions of M2R Pro are approximately 5.37 inches (L) x 1.16 inches (D).  The Warrior Mini was sold in black, desert tan, camouflage, spring 2 Ti, summer 2 Ti, autumn 2 Ti, winter 2 Ti, eternal 2 Cu and red colors.  The dimensions of Warrior Mini are approximately 4.19 inches (L) x 0.91 inches (D).  Olight and M2R Pro or Warrior Mini is printed on the flashlights.”

So it means that it affected just 2 models, namely the Warrior Mini (first edition) and the M2R PRO. Fortunately, both flashlights have been updated since.

First off, this is not a new issue. This has been brought to people’s attention (on Olight’s Facebook page, and social media channels) back in 2021. If you had a problem, they would help you out.

We reviewed both models (2 of each). So in case you want to read them, check them out here:

Olight Warrior Mini & Warrior M2R PRO Recall & what to do

I’m sure you know that flashlights have become extremely powerful. Ever since the use of lithium-ion batteries, flashlights are able to reach hundreds or even thousands of lumens.

But with power comes responsibility. Back in 2020, we reviewed the Olight Warrior Mini (including the titanium limited edition), one of the most powerful small tactical lights on the market. These lights can produce 1500 lumens and are only 4.2 inches long.

We also reviewed the Olight Warrior M2R PRO. (Well, actually we reviewed 2 of them). Which has an output of 1,800 lumens, and uses the same lockout feature as the Warrior Mini.

But since both flashlight models are so powerful, they need special attention. And especially with their lockout feature.

The lockout mode activates with a 2-second press-and-hold. To unlock, you repeat the 2-second press-and-hold. But that’s also the problem. It’s not unlikely that you accidentally press the switch for more than 2 seconds in your pocket. A better lockout would be to unscrew the battery tube completely, but that’s also not the easiest way to carry a light.

Also, both flashlights are considered ‘tactical’, and not EDC.

The Warrior Mini 2 solved this with a proximity sensor.

The second version of the Warrior mini has a proximity sensor built-in. The sensor detects anything in close proximity and reduces the output. That way, the light won’t get as hot.

The Olight Warrior M2R PRO upgraded to Warrior 3

The Olight Warrior M2R PRO has been upgraded with the Warrior 3, (which we also reviewed). But to my understanding, the Warrior 3 uses the same lockout feature. So there isn’t really increased security. So take that for what it’s worth.

What you should do:

Ok, so you have the Warrior Mini or the Warrior M2R PRO?

Olight is going to reach out to all the buyers, but in case you haven’t received a message. Reach out to them. Go to their website.

According to the post on https://www.cpsc.gov/ they will give you 2 options:

  1. Refund
  2. Replace

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