Lumintop Ant Man

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Lumintop Ant Man Mini review

Lumintop Ant Man Mini Thor specifications

Brand/model Lumintop Ant Man
LEP typeN/A
Lumens165 lm
Beam intensity87,025 cd
Battery config.1*14500 (doesn’t work with AA)
Review dateNovember 2021


You probably knew that 1Lumen is the #1 source for LEP Flashlight reviews, and we can’t stop reviewing those extreme long distance flashlights :–)

But this review is a little different. This time we are reviewing a relatively unique flashlight, yet again. This one is the shortest, smallest, and most lightweight LEP flashlight currently available. If we showed all LEP flashlights we have reviewed on 1Lumen and added this one next to them, it would definitely feel out of place.

This is yet another Lumintop LEP flashlight, and probably the 4th or 5th so far.

Package quality.

The package and description say this is the Lumintop Ant Man, but we may also call it the Lumintop Mini Thor. The package itself looks like any regular Lumintop package with only a couple of things inside

  • The flashlight: Lumintop Ant Man
  • Pocket clip (already attached)
  • Manual

Flashlight in use

Well, it’s using a forward clicky switch and has only 1 mode. Therefore, you can half-press the switch for signaling and morse coding (momentary-on).

A reverse-clicky switch would only turn the light on when the switch is fully clicked.

Since it’s so small, it will fit in most pockets. And if you don’t like to carry it in your pocket, you can attach a lanyard to the pocket clip. The pocket clip can be removed by unscrewing the tailcap. Please keep in mind, that you can remove the golden ring toward the head and replace it with the pocket clip. But since that golden ring is a little thicker, the pocket clip doesn’t fit snugly.

The hexagonal-shaped head helps the light from rolling off the table.

Also, in case you were wondering, the tailswitch sticks out, so you can’t make it tailstand.

Build Quality, and Warranty

When it comes to build quality, Lumintop does a pretty good job. The Thor Mini (aka Ant Man) doesn’t excel in anything particular, but it’s built as good as the Tool AA and Lumintop EDC05 we reviewed earlier. I can’t really complain about

The anodization is good all across the light, and the threads are also anodized. This will make it easy to turn off.

The battery tube has 1 o-ring on both ends, and there’s one for the bezel as well. I already tore mine that kept the gold-looking ring in place. So better have a spare one ready.

In terms of warranty, this is what the manual has to say:

30 days free replacement: Lumintop will replace or repair products with manufacturing defects within 30 days of purchase.
5 years free repair: Lumintop will repair the products free of charge within 5 years (accessories 1 year, products with built-in battery 2 years) of purchase if problems develop with normal use.

LEP, Lens, Bezel, and Reflector

You’re probably aware of the fact that this is an LEP flashlight and not an LED flashlight. There are currently 2 main types. The mirror type, and shine-through version, and the Thor Mini aka Ant Man has the former; the shine-through module.

It’s using a copper/brass base with a convex lens about 5mm in front of the silicon dome. Then there’s a plastic glow in the dark ring that keeps a lens in place so it wouldn’t touch the convex lens. And in case you damage the front lens, it’s much easier to replace than to find a convex lens with the right diameter and correct angle.

The bezel is removable and has no glue or anything.

It’s interesting to note that the beam color is pretty neutral at a distance of 1-2 meters on a white wall. But the farther the wall is away, the more you see a blueish tint. Oh, and if you remove the convex lens, make sure you put it back in the right place and clean it. It’s extremely difficult to make it perfectly clean again, even when using a photography lens cleaner.

Dimensions and size comparison

  • Length: 100.6 mm / 3.96 ”
  • Bezel+tail cap diameter:  22 mm / 0.87 ”


  • Empty: 63.4 g / 2.24 oz
  • With Vapcell H10 battery: 85.4 g / 3.01oz

AA Flashlight comparison (14500)

Size compared to other AA flashlights

Image 1, from left to right: Reylight Pineapple, Lumintop Ant Man, Olight i5R EOS, Convoy T2, Manker E05, Lumintop EDC AA, Lumintop Tool AA, Lumintop EDC05.

Group 2, small LEPs, from left to right: Lumintop Thor II v2, Mateminco FW2, Amutorch BT35, Loop SK01s, Lumintop Ant Man, Lumintop Thor 1, Lumintop Thor 4.

Driver & User Interface:

This is going to be very short, because it’s a forward clicky switch with only 1 mode.

Available modes:

  • On

From OFF:

  • Half-press: momentary on
  • Single-click: On

From ON:

  • Single-click: Off

Mode memory:

  • There are no modes

Blinky modes menu:

  • Nope

Low battery warning:

  • Nope

Lock-out mode:

  • Mechanical lockout is possible, but not necessary with a mechanical switch


  • Not visible

Batteries & Charging

The Thor Mini only works on Lithium-Ion 14500 batteries, and not AA, NiMH batteries.

You can use flat tops and button tops because the tailswitch has a spring, and the driver has a blob on top. There’s no built in charger.


Lumen measurements:

All output numbers are relative to my homemade Integrating Sphere. It is set up with an Extech SDL400 Lux Meter for measurements including a Kenko PRO1D ND-16 filter. The base measurement is done with a Convoy S2+ that has been tested at 255 lumens.

For Amp readings, I use a Fluke 77III DMM. For higher amps I now use a Fluke 325 True RMS clamp meter. For microamps, I use a cheap DMM with an easy-to-use micro amp setting.

All of my readings were taken from a fully-charged Vapcell H10, 1000mAh

ModeAmpsSpecsturn on30 sec
On1.09A165 lm162 lm156 lm

As you can see, my measurement was pretty close to this, but BLF member Djozz could only measure up to 110 lumens.


The runtime test was done with the 50cm integrating sphere, including the Kenko Pro1D ND-16 filter and Extech SDL400 data logging Lux Meter.

I tested it 3 times. The first 2 times were with the same Vapcell H10 battery, the 3rd time with a brand new Vapcell H10.

Lumintop specced it at 62minutes with an 1100mAh battery, and 50 minutes with a 920mAh battery. Mine did about 35-37 minutes on a 1000mAh battery. The Vapcell is actually known for producing a high current, and has a high capacity.

Warning: my copy had a serious issue, where the battery was discharged to 0.5V. About 5 hours after the runtime test I took the light and tried to measure the Voltage. I was shocked to see it was down to 0.5V.
I charged it again to about 3V, and inserted it in the flashlight. Even though at that Voltage, there is no visible light, it still draws over 100mA…

So I tossed the Vapcell battery.

Throw Measurement

Measurements were taken outdoors at 20 meters and at 30 seconds, with a professional Hagner E4-X Lux Meter.

ModeSpecsCandela measuredMetersYards
On87,025 cd68,400 cd523572.03

The throw isn’t bad for this size of light, but I would have expected a little more… I mean, 500 meters is still pretty good for an AA-sized flashlight.


For the following beamshots I used a Canon EOS 5D Mk2 and a 50mm lens. manual settings: ISO1600, 1/4sec , F4, 5000K

The shed is about 65 meters / 71 yards away. 

Disclaimer: This flashlight was sent to me for review at no cost by Nealsgadgets. I have not been paid to review, nor have I been holding back on problems or defects.

Final Verdict


  1. Simplest UI possible?
  2. Forward clicky switch
  3. Good build quality


  1. Not reaching claimed reach
  2. Only 1 mode?
  3. No accessories beside a pocket clip
  4. Major problem with high parasitic drain! discharging 14500 type lithium ion battery to 0.5V

Explanation on star ratings:

1: Avoid: my phone flashlight would be a better choice – 2: Poor: significant defect or issues; almost unusable – 3: Average: some defects or issues; but still usable 4: Good: recommended (minor issues) – 5: Great: highly recommended

Reviewer Marco
Author: Marco

2 stars: ★★

In terms of performance, this is the farthest-reaching AA-sized flashlight with a head diameter of less than an inch. But my copy also had a major flaw. It discharged the battery to 0.5V.

This is a warning. If you want to get one, make sure you turn the light off, or have it mechanically locked out when not in use. The light may look turned off, but in reality, could be discharging the battery to death.

I’d rate it 2 stars because of the possible danger, but you could still use it if you take good care of it.

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1lumen selects and reviews products personally. We may earn affiliate commissions through our links, which help support our testing.

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