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Weltool T11 review

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Knowing that the Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED is currently the best “Throw LED” in the flashlight industry, I am very excited to see how this performs against other, well-established long-distance flashlights, like the Lumintop GT Mini. Is this the BLF GT MINI KILLER?

The Weltool T11 flashlight is one of the first to use this LED and has therefore sparked my interest. If you are into throw lights, this review is for you.

Unlike most other flashlights the UI is very straightforward with a simple Low, High, Beacon. We’ll see whether that was the right choice of modes, and how it performs with and without the Yellow filter. Besides that, I’m curious to see why they call it the Demon Carver… Not a name I would give a flashlight personally.

What you’ll get:

  • Box
  • Weltool T11 flashlight
  • Spare O-ring
  • Manual
  • Yellow clip-on filter


Brand / ModelWeltool T11
CategoryBest throw flashlights
Lumens743 Lumens
Beam intensity115700 cd
Battery config.1*18650 /2*CR123A
Modes2 + beacon
BlinkiesBeacon only
Review dateSeptember 2019

Handling of the light

Before I go into details, I’d like to point out that the Weltool T11 isn’t your average EDC flashlight. If you are mainly interested in a flashlight to keep on you at all times, you better look at some other alternatives. With the standard 1-inch diameter body it is suitable for most gun mounts and fits great with the optional remote switches. The T11 is a real “thrower”. The one thing I missed in the package was a flashlight holster. Although many people might mount it on a gun, many others, including me, would rather use it by hand. And having a holster for this type of flashlight is in my opinion more of a necessity than a luxury.
Update: Weltool informed me that they do have a holster specifically for the Weltool T11, and it’s called the Weltool FH6.

With the shape of the head and tail + switch, you can hold it in an overhand way so your thumb is resting on the tail cap switch. This way it operates very easily. The rough knurling on the T11 helps a lot with the grip.

They did, however, include a yellow clip-on filter. The lens filter helps in 2 ways: 1, to protect the glass lens from scratches, and 2, you can easily switch between white light and yellow light by flipping the filter.


  • Totally not. The tail cap protrudes.

Build Quality, knurling and anodization

Although this is the first Weltool I am personally reviewing, I really can’t complain about the build quality. I’ve looked around the flashlight to try and find some problems with the anodization, but couldn’t find anything wrong with it. The anodization doesn’t look as luxury as Jetbeam but on par with all other flashlight brands in this segment.

The knurling on the Weltool T11 is pretty rough, and it helps perfectly improve your grip.

All parts are glued (except for the clip-on filter) and only the tailcap can be unscrewed. Weltool did that on purpose, and I don’t blame them for it. It just makes it harder for people like us, flashoholics, to take them apart to replace the LED or driver.

Threads and O-rings

As you can see in the following images, the tailcap has 2 O-ring to keep water out. This is great, as the T11 is rated at IP67. IP67 means that the flashlight should be protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) for up to 30 minutes.

LEDs, Lens, Bezel and Reflector

This is going to be exciting. We are finally reviewing a flashlight with the Osram KW CSLNM1.TG. I’m glad I can just copy and paste that instead of saying it out loud. I really have no idea why they gave it such a difficult name. The phosphor layer is really tiny at 1.03mm by 1.03mm.K= Automotive and Industry Product
W= Wavelength = White C= Ceramic package w/o reflector
S= Lead / package properties: TOPlooker: S:3131 Ceramic packages: S3030
L= Encapsulant Type / Lens properties: L : No lens (Lambertian)
N= Chip Technology: N: Standard power class
M= Technology Concept: M : Silicone encapsulation (molding) Platform: Ceramic
1= Product version
T= Special Characteristics: T : Greenish cold white
G= Binning information: G : ECE binning:IEC 62707 (ebxD46 System)

For more information on this LED take a look at the Datasheet here: https://dammedia.osram.info/media/resource/hires/osram-dam-5515672/KW%20CSLNM1.TG_EN.pdf

The T11 has a fairly deep reflector with a very well-centered LED. I’m curious whether the placement of the LED is the best for a maximum throw or not. Since I can’t open the head I won’t bother looking into this. But the washer around the LED is rather thick and from my experience, the thickness of the washer influences the ‘throw’ of the flashlight. Anyways, let’s continue with the stock light and see how well it performs.

The bezel is one-of-a-kind. I honestly haven’t come across this type of bezel…. yet. Instead of the usual crenulate bezel or smooth bezel, this one is rather aggressive. It must be great to keep off any intruders or break a window or whatnot.

The yellow clip-on filter adds to the protection of the glass lens.


Compared to the Astrolux FT02 and Lumintop GT Mini, the T11 is quite a bit bigger. Have a look at the pictures below.

  • Length T11 : 163 mm (6.4″)
  • Length GT Mini: 132 mm  (5.1″)


  • Weight empty without filter: 250.3gr / 8.83 oz.

From left to right: Weltool T11 (18650+ Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED), Astrolux FT02 (21700 + XHP35-Hi LED) and Lumintop GT Mini (18650+XPL Hi LED).
The Weltool’s LED is really small compared to the XHP35 and XPL LEDs.


User Interface:

A very simple user interface, without any bells and whistles. It uses a mechanical forward-clicky switch, so you can use it for morse coding. Just keep in mind you are actually changing modes. The difference in modes is minimal, so you wouldn’t even notice the difference between the med and high mode. There is no low mode!

From OFF:

  • Single full click: ON
  • Half click: signaling
  • Double click: Off

From ON:

  • Single-click: Off

In order to change modes, you need to half-press the switch and use a full click to enter that mode.
Mode sequence: Medium – High – Beacon.

Personally, I would have changed the order of modes, starting from High, instead of starting from Med.

Protection Features (Low Voltage Protection)

During the runtime test, when the light started to fade is also started to flicker. This is probably part of the low voltage warning system. When the light switched off by itself, the battery was at 3Volts. This is on the safe side! So LVP works as expected.

Batteries and charging:

The manufacturer’s website mentions a USB charging port, but I couldn’t find any. You can either use 18650 batteries (protected and non-protected, button tops and flat tops) or 2*CR123A (3 volts) batteries.
There is no low voltage protection when using CR123A batteries, nor is there any over-discharge protection.


Amp measurement:

  • Medium: 0.8A
  • High : 2.51A


Runtime was done with a Samsung 18650 25R, and the Extech HD450 Lux meter. Inside the integrated sphere.
High setting:

weltool t11 runtime graph

From about 1 minute it starts to drop slowly to 420 Lumens (4 minutes 15 seconds). At 1 hour and 12 minutes, the output starts decreasing till about 200 lumens and at 1 hour and 23 minutes the light turns off.

Lumen measurement:

Measured with the Extech HD450 lux meter instead of the regular Lux Meter. But I calculated it against the Convoy S2+ at 137 lumens.

High mode: 571 Lumens

The output is lower than the manufacturer tells.

Low Voltage Warning

When the battery becomes low, the light starts to flicker. The Extech HD450 only measures output every 3 seconds. So the blinks aren’t visible in the graph.


  • Nope. At least I couldn’t detect it by eye.

Throw: Lumintop GT MINI KILLER?

Throw was measured both indoors at 5 meters and outdoors at 10 meters.  The battery used was both a Panasonic NCR18650B protected and a Samsung 25R 18650. Both of these batteries performed very closely since the emitter is not driven with many Amps. Both of the times I measured with the Skytronic LX101 Lux meter.  The highest lux number I got, I recorded.
I added the Lumintop GT MINI to test them side by side.

Indoor measurements:

  • Weltool T11 +NCR18650B protected,  throw measured at 5 meters: 271,250 cd / 271 kcd
  • Weltool T11 +25R unprotected,  throw measured at 5 meters: 269,750 cd / 269 kcd
  • Lumintop GT MINI +25R unprotected,  throw measured at 5 meters: 157500 cd / 157 kcd

Outdoor measurements:

  • Weltool T11 +NCR18650B protected,  throw measured at 10 meters: 255,250 cd / 255 kcd (1010 m / 0.628 miles)
  • Lumintop GT MINI +25R unprotected,  throw measured at 5 meters: 141,500 cd / 144 kcd (751 meters / 0.467 miles)

To sum it all up.. The Weltool T11 destroys the Lumintop GT Mini by more than 70%. This Osram Led is a real screamer…uhm thrower. Looking for a great long-distance flashlight, look no further.


Distance to the first tower is about 650 meters

The second tower is about 450 meters. You can see that the Weltool T11 has almost no spill and therefore looks less bright, but it has the most throw of all these lights. Also, it looks like I was pointing a bit higher than the clock on the tower….which I tried to focus on.

Disclaimer: The Weltool T11 was provided by the manufacturer for testing. 

Overall conclusion


  1. Very simple UI
  2. Dedicated for throw and hunting
  3. Includes a yellow filter
  4. Built very well
  5. Can use protected as well as unprotected 18650 batteries


  1. Dedicated for throw and hunting so no low modes
  2. Beam is very narrow (but that is rather usual for a “thrower”, but just so you’d know
  3. UI isn’t my favorite, I rather start at High – Med – Low instead of Med-High-Beacon
Author: Marco

Overall Rating: very good ★★★★

If you are looking for a high-quality thrower that doesn’t break the bank. The Weltool T11 might be your choice! Because of this Osram LED, the light throws farther than any Cree flashlight currently on the market… in this segment. It destroys the Lumintop GT Mini, but the beam is also much more narrow. The UI isn’t my favorite, but probably fine for this kind of flashlight (read: thrower)

Weltool T11 for sale

Discontinued. Definitely make sure you look into the Weltool T12

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