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The best Titanium AAA flashlights we reviewed

Pineapple Mini Titanium

Max output90/240 lumens
LED typeNichia 219B 4500K
Battery configuration1*AAA/104440
reylight pineapple mini runtime eneloop

Not only is this one of the most affordable flashlights, but it’s also made by a 100% dedicated flashlight builder. He goes by the nickname Rey, and a good friend of ours. The Reylight Pineapple Mini is a nice little titanium flashlight that doesn’t break the bank. For its price you shouldn’t expect the brightest flashlight on earth, but you get a very good-looking, high-quality small flashlight with good customer service. Since Reu is a small manufacturer, you can actually talk to him if you have any problems with the flashlight, instead of going through hoops with customer service etc.

In my test, I measured a max output of 73 lumens at start (with Eneloop battery) and a runtime of 5 hours and 40 minutes. For more details, I’ll refer to our Reylight Pineapple Mini Ti review.

His stock runs out very quickly, so better get it while it’s available.

Best Titanium AA flashlights

Lumintop Tool 2.0 AA Titanium

Max output650 lumens
LED typeCree XPL-HD
Battery configuration1*AA/14500
lumintop tool titanium runtime graph

Before you head out and start searching for this flashlight, make sure you get the 2nd generation with the copper pill. We reviewed both the original Lumintop Tool 2.0 Ti and the Lumintop Tool 2.0 Ti Upgraded.

The first one had thermal problems. (Other “top 10 flashlights” sites really know about this, because they haven’t ever owned any of these flashlights”. But during our test with a 14500 lithium battery the wires just detached because of the extreme heat. The second generation is a great flashlight and received 4.5 stars from our reviewer Peter.

The Tool 2.0 titanium has 4 output modes which is the best balance between too few and too many outputs. Turbo is even able to produce almost 1000 lumens at the start (974 lumens measured) with a 14500 battery but drops very quickly because of the heat and battery drain.

With an AA battery, you can expect about 140 lumens, which is not as bright, but plenty bright for most use cases indoors and around the house. Definitely check out the full review of the Lumintop AA 2.0 Titanium upgraded for all the details.

You can buy it the following store:

Best Titanium 18650 flashlight

Olight Warrior Mini2 Titanium (limited edition)

Max output1750 lumens
LED typeLuminus SST40
Flashlight styleHybrid Tactical/EDC
Battery configuration1*18650
Olight Warrior Mini Titanium vs normal runtime

When it comes to high-quality brands, Olight is definitely one to keep in mind. The build quality and the attention to detail are so high with Olight flashlights that they are often mentioned in our buyer’s guides.

One of them is the Olight Warrior Mini 2 titanium. It’s a tactical flashlight with a rear switch and a side switch that can be used interchangeably. That means that you can either use it with an overhand position or underhand position with access to the most important modes.

Although Turbo drops rather quickly from 1750 lumens to 500 lumens, it still produces more than 3.5 hours of light in Turbo and High mode at 500 lumens. This is very, very good in terms of battery life and sustained output. Since these are limited edition flashlights, they are hard to get, but you can still buy the normal aluminum version that works the same. The only problem with this flashlight is the accidental activation, so always make sure you carry the flashlight in lock-out mode.


Best Titanium EDC Flashlights

#3 Lumintop GT Nano Titanium

Max output450 lumens
Max intensity23400 cd / 300 meters
LED typeOsram KW CSLNM1.TG
Battery configuration1*10180 (80mAh) included

Yes, it looks like a miniature flashlight toy, but in reality, it’s the farthest throwing mini flashlight on the planet. That’s not exaggerated. At this size, there is no other mass-produced flashlight that can throw farther!

During our Lumintop GT Nano Titanium review, we noticed that the titanium version has a higher initial output than its aluminum sibling. And we also measured the beam, which it is able to throw for about 400 yards. Of course, the 80mAh battery gets depleted really quickly, so after 30 seconds it can only reach up to 230 yards.

Still kind of crazy for this size of a flashlight. Get the Lumintop GT Nano Titanium here:

#1 Lumintop FW3T

Max output2800 lumens
LED typeSST20/XP-L/Nichia 219c
Battery configuration1*18650
runtime graph of lumintop fw3a

For some people, a 18650 style flashlight is too big, but the Lumintop FW3T is so small, you can compare it to an average 18350 light. The Lumintop FW3A is being produced with several materials, including copper and titanium.

It’s running the very advanced firmware, namely the Anduril. If you keep it with the basic features, you should be okay, but you better not start playing around with configuration settings because you’ll end up needing a factory reset, which is fortunately rather easy to perform when you know what to do.

We reviewed the FW3A as well as the FW1A, so for all the details, we refer to those 2 reviews. The Lumintop FW3 is one of the most popular EDC flashlights currently available.

FAQ: Titanium torches, flashlights and more

  • Why are titanium flashlights so popular?

    Titanium flashlights are popular because of a few reasons. 1 of them is their durability because Titanium is stronger than aluminum. There is also no coating that will wear and will still look good after 1 year of use. And lastly, it’s easy to polish and make the flashlight look like new again.

  • What are some disadvantages of Titanium flashlights?

    Titanium flashlights don’t have the same thermal conductivity as copper or even aluminum, and therefore heat can become a problem in titanium flashlights. A few titanium flashlights include a copper pill, as a workaround.

  • Why are titanium flashlights more expensive?

    Titanium is more difficult to process and make, so the cost of producing titanium is by itself already more expensive. And because of this complexity, the end product usually has a much higher price than its aluminum counterpart.

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