Olight Arkfeld Pro

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This particular model – the Olight Arkfeld Pro – is the third version in the relatively new and popular line of Arkfeld models. There’s the original Arkfeld – a flat flashlight that let you quickly switch between white LED and a green laser. Then Olight switched it up with the Arkfeld UV, replacing the laser model with a UV LED. But what if you wanted both UV and a green laser? That’s when you reach for the brand new Arkfeld Pro! It has a white LED, green laser, and a UV LED.

Flashlight in use, Build Quality, and Warranty

Fill in some textLike I mentioned in the Intro, the Olight Arkfeld Pro is the third Arkfeld iteration. I’d say that the Arkfeld line of lights is something truly new and unique. While most flashlights are pretty basic cylindrical (or cylindrical with cones at the end) kind of affairs, the Arkfeld is a self-contained light with an integral battery and charging, unique shape, and intuitive mode switching between white light,UV, and green laser. The original Arkfeld featured a white LED and a laser. Then Olight released the Arkfeld UV, which as you can guess, traded the laser module for a UV LED. But what if you want both UV and a laser? Well then, you want the new Arkfeld Pro!

It used to be that people hated on Olight for offering nothing but cool white emitters. Thankfully, those days are behind us; Olight offers neutral white versions of most of their recent flashlights. Sure, some of you may still be holding out for High CRI… time will tell on that one. The Arkfeld Pro is offered in both Cool White (5700-6700K) and Neutral White (4000K-5000K) options. The LED version is clearly labeled on the underside of the flashlight. This primary LED is an OSRAM P9, which isn’t anything particularly special, but is perfectly fine.


Aside from the light source selector ring, the UI is pretty standard stuff and easy to get the hang of if you’ve spent any amount of time with an e-switch light. Available modes: – Moon, Low, Med, High, Turbo


Moon1 lm–––Low15 lm––– Med100 lm82 lm82 lm82 lm High420 lm398 lm397 lm397 lm Turbo1300 lm1290 lm1264 lm394 lm

Final Verdict

The Olight Arkfeld Pro is a handy EDC-type flashlight. Its flat design helps it fit comfortably in your pants pocket, even if this new generation is a bit larger and heavier than its predecessors. And with this “Pro” version, you no longer need to choose between UV and laser – you get both! Olight also bumped up the output on all 3 light sources: 30% more lumens, 55% more UV power, and, where allowed, a more powerful Class 3R laser instead of a Class 1 laser. All of that adds up to one pretty cool flashlight.

Final Verdict