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Banggood has many sales on flashlights and gadgets throughout the year. Most deals will be posted here, but some specific coupons will only be posted in the review itself. The coupons on this page are usually limited to a certain time frame. Once they expire, they won’t come back until maybe a later point in time. Some older coupons will still work!


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FlashlightCouponPriceExp Date
Astrolux EA09BG7f657f$69.99April 15
Astrolux MF05$427

How to apply your Banggood coupons:

  1. Place your order
  2. Proceed to checkout
  1. Click on Coupons in the right window, and a drop-down window appears
  2. Add your coupon code
  3. Click the button: Use

Banggood flashlight coupon code not listed?

Wait and relax. We are no coupon dealership. Just once in a while, we share some codes. You could always just get in touch with support at the online store and ask for a specific coupon. You may or may not receive one.

Some codes can be used for a long time, even up to 1 year. But other ones may only be available for 3 days-7 days. Just try the coupon codes out, and see for yourself if they still work.

I try to show the most interesting LED flashlight deals only! Not the cheapy cheap stuff that breaks within 1 week.

I mainly focus on: