Banggood flashlight coupon codes for 2020

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Banggood has weekly sales on flashlights and gadgets. Some will be posted here, and long-time coupons can be found in the reviews when available. These coupons will only be usable for the time the deals run. Once they expire, they won't come back until maybe a later point in time. Some older coupons will still work!


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Special Banggood deal during Corona Crisis

Banggood dedicated a whole category for UV flashlights and sterilizing lamps.

I honestly don't know how good they are or if they are medically tested.

limited time offer UV flashlights

Old flashlight deals

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ItemCodePictureCoupon priceCode works Until
Lumintop ODL20C BGL20C$ 52.82019.12.3
Lumintop BLF GT Mini

Throws more than 130kcd

BGSTM$ 39.92019.12.3
Fitorch MR26BGFT26$ 39.52019.12.3
Convoy S2+ UV 

expensive nichia LED installed! One of the best UV LEDs currently available

BGS2UV$ 15.82019.12.3
Convoy S9BGCS9$ 16.692019.12.3
Convoy S2+SCS2$9.992019.2.3
Convoy C8+

One of the best budget throwers!!!

ROFIS MR30BGWEX$392019.9.27
Nitecore MH12GTS 

Powerful tactical flashlight

Klarus XT1A

Great small tactical flashlight

Imalent DX80  32000 lumens monsterSML8$1992019.2.3

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