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Banggood has weekly sales on flashlights and gadgets. Some will be posted here, and long-time coupons can be found in the reviews when available. These coupons will only be usable for the time the deals run. Once they expire, they won't come back until maybe a later point in time. Some older coupons will still work!

July 2019 Banggood Summer Deals Flashlight coupons

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Some are only valid till July 14, some till July 31

Item Code Picture Coupon price
Astrolux MF01S (15000 Lumens)  BGMF01S $ 82.99
Astrolux FT04 BGFT04 $ 39.99
XANES XT01 BGXT01 $ 11.99
Astrolux FT03 (XHP 50.2) promo $ 33.99
Astrolux C8 (best budget thrower) BG7A6 $15.99
Astrolux MF04 NW BGSPS04 $ 139.99
Astrolux MF04 CW Farthest throwing flashlight on the market! BGSPS04 $ 139.99
Astrolux MF04S (XHP70.2) BGMF04SL $ 155
Lumintop GT Mini (best pocket thrower) BGLGT $ 29


Item Code Picture Coupon price
Lumintop BLF GT (second best thrower in the world) - $ 188
Lumintop FW3A  (Most popular flashilght of 2019) promo $ 36.99
Nitecore T series (keychain lights) BG7TS $ 6.89
Nitecore UM2 (USB charger) BGUM2 $ 12.99
Convoy S2+  SST20 BGGS2 $ 11.99
BLF A6 BG7A6 $ 14.69
Lumintop EDC05C - $ 31.99

May 2019 Banggood flashlight deals

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Imalent MS12 deal: $319

no code needed. Visit this link

April 2019 Banggood flashlight deals

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Item Code Picture Coupon price
Nitecore Tini SS BGTSS $25.69
Nitecore BP20 20L 1000D Wearproof Waterproof Tactical Bag BGBP20 $ $62.95
Nitecore MH12GT 1000LM Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight BGMH12GT $62.98
NITECORE EC4GTS Long Thow Searching 18650 Flashlight BGVXD $79
Nitecore TM06S PALMTOP MONSTER 4x L2 U3 4000LM LED Flashlight BGTM06S $125
NITECORE EC30 1800lm Mini Torch BGEC30 $53
Nitecore TM03 XHP70 2800LM Tactical LED Flashlight BGTM03 $97
Lumintop BLF GT BGBLFGT $235
Lumintop ODL20C 2000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight BGL20C $59

March 2019 Banggood flashlight deals

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Item Code Picture Coupon price
IMALENT DX80 8x XHP70.2 32000LM  BGYYL 229.29
Imalent R90C 9 x XHP35 HI 20000Lumens BGOR90 332.16
IMALENT HR70 XHP70.2 3000LM Brightness Magnetic Charging LED Flashlight Hiking Headlamp Torch JKLH1 53
Imalent R70C XHP70 6500LM 6Modes Easy Operation Brightness IPX8 Waterproof Magnetic USB Charging LED Flashlight 4 x 18650 BGAKL 185.99
HaikeLite MT03 TA Devourer XHP70.2 P2 21000LM CW/NW High Power LED Flashlight BGAO 95.99
HaikeLite HT35 XHP35 HD CW/NW 2300LM 3Modes Zoomable LED Flashlight 1000LM BGRA 39.99
Rofis MR70 XHP70.2 CW+XP-G2 NW 3500LM Dual Light Multifunction Rechargeable LED Flashlight +26650 RFLP 69
Wuben E05 XPL 6Modes 900Lumens Magnetic Tail EDC LED Flashlight Reading Light with Diffuser 14500 BGYLKA 23.99
Lumintop EDC05C EDC Flashlight, XHP35 HI + 4x Nichia NCSLE17 BGECE 31.99
Sofirn C01S Keychain Light, 95 CRI, Twisty Control BGC01S 10.99
Nitecore P12GTS 1800LM 12760cd Tactical Flashlight BG12S 52.99
Nitecore LA30 Bi-fuel USB Mini Lantern BGLA30 19
Nitecore P30, 1000LM 618M, Hunting Flashlight Flash Deal 50

January 2019 flashlight deals 2nd round

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Item Code Picture Coupon price
Nitecore EC4S BGEC4S 58.99
XTAR VC4 charger 14.8
NEW Convoy L2 35.49
Astrolux MF02 CW BGMF02 75
Astrolux MF02 NW BGMF02 75
DQG 4th BGDQG2 24.5
DQG Hobi 10180 BGDQG3 16.99
DQG Fairy Brass BGDQG4 16.99
DQG Slim BGDQG5 23.75
DQG XP-G2 BGDQG6 31.99
DQG Capsule Mini BGDQG7 6.69
ThorFire VG10S 18650 BGS70 15.99
ThorFire TG06S AA flashlight BGT6S 11.9
ThorFire TK05 BGTK05 14.99

January 2019 flashlight deals

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Item Code Picture Coupon price Code works Until
Lumintop ODL20C  BGL20C $ 52.8 2019.12.3
Lumintop BLF GT Mini

Throws more than 130kcd

BGSTM $ 39.9 2019.12.3
Fitorch MR26 BGFT26 $ 39.5 2019.12.3
Convoy S2+ UV 

expensive nichia LED installed! One of the best UV LEDs currently available

BGS2UV $ 15.8 2019.12.3
Convoy S9 BGCS9 $ 16.69 2019.12.3
Convoy S2+ SCS2 $9.99 2019.2.3
Convoy C8+

One of the best budget throwers!!!

SCC8 $15.8 2019.6.3
ROFIS MR30 BGWEX $39 2019.9.27
Nitecore MH12GTS 

Powerful tactical flashlight

BG12GTS $83 2019.12.3
Klarus XT1A

Great small tactical flashlight

BGXT1A $35.99 2019.1.15
Imalent DX80  32000 lumens monster SML8 $199 2019.2.3

October 2018: banggood flashlight discount codes:

Item Code Original price Coupon price Expire Time
Nitecore Tini SS (bright keychain light)  BGTSS $25.99 2019.10.15
Astrolux S43s (Bright pocketable flashlight)


BGS43S $29 2019.10.20
Astrolux MF02 XHP35 HI 8aadd0 $79.95 2020.10.11
Astrolux MF04 XHP35-HI (best LED thrower 2018)

FAAA4 $169 2020.10.18
XTAR VC4 (popular battery charger

BGVC4 $16.99 2019.10.19

older codes

Item Code Original price Coupon price Until
Discount for Nitecore TINI copper flashlight d156ca $26 2019.7.31
Astrolux S1 59596c $16 2019.7.31
Astrolux S42 bright pocket rocket 1149 $27.99 2019.7.28
Jetbeam WL20 121d63 $70 2019.7.26
Jetbeam IIIM2017 XHP35 524355 $78 2019.7.26
Rofis MR50 b2d05a $56 2019.7.26
Nitecore TIP 921688 $32 2019.7.26
Wuben A21 XHP70 3b667f $99 2019.7.26
Astrolux MF04S extremely bright thrower  ef0b79 $179 2019.7.26


Discount for Fitorch MR15 84dad0 $58 2019.8.10
JETbeam II PRO (Titanium flashlight) jet2 $69 2019.8.10
deleted deal
BlitzWolf® BW-ET1 (AA flashlight) 51517a 39.95 $ 11.19 2019.8.10
Nitecore TM38 c9ded8 448 $ 224 2019.8.10
NITECORE TM36 d81739 399 $ 199 2019.8.10
SKILHUNT H03 (headlamp) d578c0 58 16% off 2020.8.10
SKILHUNT H03R(headlamp) d578c0 58 17% off 2020.8.10
SKILHUNT H03F (headlamp) d578c0 58 18% off 2020.8.10
IMALENT RT70 (XHP70.2 6500 lumens, magnetic charging) d32410 194.95 136

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