Best AA flashlight reviews + 14500

AA Flashlight reviews:

  • AA flashlight have been around for quite some time, and will stay around for quite some time. But at the meantime, they are becoming less and less popular. The main reason for it being their output. Lumen addicts tend to neglect these flashlight. I for myself enjoy using single AA lights a lot! 


Convoy T2 (budget AA)

The Convoy T2 is the first Convoy using AA batteries. See how it performs?


Enogear (stainless steel)

Stainless steel XPG-2 NW flashlight with TIR optics and clip below $20.


Lumintop ED15

Lumintop ED15 is an older model with XM-L2 led, but still a nice EDC.


Lumintop EDC05

The Lumintop EDC05 is one of the brightest AA flashlights!

Lumintop tool AA ti review

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 Ti

Titanium EDC flashlight running on AA and 14500 batteries.


Olight S15 Baton

Olight S15 250 lumen, with extender to use 2AA batteries. Can also be used with lithium batteries.


Skilhunt M150 EDC flashlight

EDC flashlight with magnetic charger built in.


Sunwayman V11R (Magnetic Control Ring)

One of the most popular lights from back in the day.

  • 2/3/4* AA and 14500 flashlight reviews

  • There are tons of multi AA flashlights that can be very useful for families and people who want to use powerful flashlight but are afraid of using lithium batteries. Lithium batteries powered flashlight will always be more powerful, but the multi AA lights can be a very good alternative. 


Imalent SA04 (dual XML, RGB colors)

Flashlght with Display, variable color output, from warm white to cold white!


Sunwayman F40 (white+blue+red LEDs)

A 4xAA battery powered Sunwayman flashlight with Police strobe, bright XML2 LED + Red and Blue.


Archon M30A

Older type 3AA flashlight with magnetic control ring.

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