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This list gets updated frequently, especially during the darker months of the year.

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Use the following discount codes anytime throughout the year!
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Brand/storeDiscountCodeVisit store
Olight10% discount1LUMENOlightstore
Fenix10% discount1Lumen10Fenix Lighting US
FireFlyLite10% discount1lumenFireFlyLite
FlashlightGO10% discount1lumenFlashlightGO
Imalent10% discount1LUMENImalentstore
Lumintop10% discount1lumenLumintop
Acebeam15% discountAE15Acebeam
Armytek15% discountLumen15Armytek
Nebo15% discount1lumenNebotools UK
Nealsgadgets15% discount1lumen711Nealsgadgets
Wuben20% discount1lumen20Wuben
(LEP lights only)
25% discount1lumenLEPNealsgadgets
Brand/storeVisit storeCode
Olight -10%Olightstore1LUMEN
Fenix -10%Fenix Lighting US1Lumen10
FireFlyLite -10%FireFlyLite1lumen
FlashlightGO -10%FlashlightGO1lumen
Imalent -10%Imalentstore1LUMEN
Lumintop -10%Lumintop1lumen
Acebeam -15%AcebeamAE15
Armytek -15%ArmytekLumen15
Nebo -15%Nebotools1lumen
Nealsgadgets -15%Nealsgadgets1lumen711
Wuben -20%Wuben1lumen20
Nealsgadgets -25%
(LEP lights only)

Flashlights on sale

Amazon.com February deals

These are usually one of the following: Limited Time Deals, Amazon Prime Day Deals, but also many just normal discounts throughout the year.

Nitecore MT2A Pro20% discount already applied
Nitecore EDC2717% discount already applied
Imalent MS0315% discount already applied
Imalent LD7025% discount already applied
ThruNite Archer 2A v336% discount already applied
ThruNite TC15 v326% discount already applied
ThruNite TH20 Pro headlamp17% discount already applied
ThruNite TH30 v2 headlamp14% discount already applied
Fenix E18R v2 17% discount already applied
Fenix PD25R 17% discount already applied
Sofirn SP35TApply 20% discount coupon on the page
Sofirn SC28Apply 50% discount coupon on the page
Sofirn IF22Apply $8 discount coupon on the page
Wuben X3Apply 20% discount coupon on the page

To apply the discount coupon, you just need to tick the box, that looks like this:

deal amazon discount coupon select box

We try to update this list a few times per month. But remember that most Amazon deals have a short expiry date!

Note: if your favorite light is not on sale, check out our other deals on this page.

Wuben January sales

wuben deal 2024 january

40%off for WUBEN H1, Code: wubenh140
30%off for WUBEN X0, Code: affx030
35%off for WUBEN X2, Code: affx235

FlashlightDiscountCoupon code

Just add the coupon code at checkout

Note: if your favorite light is not on sale, use our exclusive 20% off coupon: 1lumen20

January mystery box

  1. Flashlight models are randomly selected, with discounts up to 50%, limit one piece per person.
  2. Surprise boxes are non-refundable except for quality issues.
  3. Surprise boxes may contain 1 or 2 products.
  4. Every day, the 5th person to order a surprise box will receive a limited-edition X3 or E7. Only 10 lucky customers will win this exclusive prize, so don’t miss your chance! Now quickly follow us on Facebook to see who the lucky winners are. 

Nealsgadgets January sale

50% coupon code: ND50F

Add discount code at checkout

50% off Flashlight
NlightD L1 LEPa great LEP for only $150… amazing!!!!
Nitecore TM9K TACMonster
Jetbeam RRT1Tactical flashlight
Nitecore TM12Kkeychain for only $23
Lumintop CL2lantern

35% coupon code: ND35F

35% off Flashlight
Imalent SR32120,000 lumens flashlight
Amutorch XT35Tactical LED
Mateminco MT001General use flashlight
Lumintop Thor PRO (LEP hybrid)Hybrid LEP
Mateminco FW3 (LEP)Hybrid LEP
Speras M4Tiny thrower
Nealsgadgets C8HCheap thrower
Mateminco FT01classic style light

25% discounts

100 + flashlights

Coupon code: ND25F

LEP Flashlight discounts

Get 25% off CODE: 1LumenLEP

25% off Flashlight25% off LEP FLAHLIGHTS!!!
Amutorch BT35Tactical style LEP : couponcode 1LumenLEP
Amutorch BT60Large LEP: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Jetbeam RRT1 M1XRotary ring big: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Jetbeam RRT M2SRotary ring LEP small: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Lumintop X0Titanium 26650: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Lumintop Petal Small LEP with petal shape LED : couponcode 1LumenLEP
Lumintop Thor 1Small LEP: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Lumintop Thor 2 v2 Medium sized LEP: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Lumintop Thor 3Large LEP: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Fenix HT30RBest single cell 21700 medium-sized thrower: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Nitecore P35i Hybrid LEP: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Weltool W1Small LEP: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Weltool W2New small LEP: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Weltool W3 Pro TacBrightest single cell 21700 LEP: couponcode 1LumenLEP
Weltool W5 ProDual cell flashlight: couponcode 1LumenLEP

Get 15% off CODE: 1Lumen711

15% off Flashlight
Imalent MS32Brightest flashlight in the world
WeltoolTactical flashlight
Nitecore TM12Kkeychain for only $23
Lumintop CL2lantern

If the coupon expires, use our exclusive discount coupon: 1lumenLEP for LEP flashlights, or 1Lumen711 for other flashlights

AliExpress deals

LEP Flashlights deals at AliExpress

(There is a $9 discount on flashlights above $90)

FlashlightDiscount (before extra discounts applied)
Fenix HT30R LEP$206!
Natfire SF2 LEP Cheapest LEP: $74.83
Lumintop Thor 2 v2 LEP$111 (small pocket LEP)
Lumintop Thor 3 LEP$105.47 (arguably the best deal on this list. Much better than the Natfire SF2, see our review)
Nitecore P35i Hybrid LEP$167 (probably the lowest price I have ever seen)
Mateminco FW3 Hybrid LEP$136 (not my favorite, but check out our review)
Weltool W3 Pro TAC LEP$266 (normal price is about $298)
Weltool W5 Pro LEP$384 (normal price is about $400-420)

Note: if your favorite light is not on sale, check out our other deals on this page.

Imalent deals

Date: till December 31!

Imalent SR32 (120,000 lumens)$611.95
Imalent MS18 (100,000 lumens)$569.45
Imalent MS03 $116.95
Imalent MS12 mini (65,000 lumens)$348.45
Imalent SR16 (55,000 lumens)$314.45
Imalent MR90 (50,000 lumens)$305.95
Imalent DL70$53.95

If you don’t see your favorite light discounted, use our 10% coupon code, at anytime. Our exclusive coupon code for our readers is: 1lumen

Banggood deals

Banggood is back in town with many flashlight deals.

Runs till December 31st

Olight sales (ended)

Start date: December 11th to December 16th

Note: if your favorite light is not on sale, use our exclusive 10% off coupon: 1lumen

Flashlight GO

Till November 30!

Date: November 24 – November 30, 2023

I selected the nicest flashlight from their list

Eskte MiX-7 code: Eskte MiX-7 40% off
Nitecore MT2A Pro code: Nitecore MT2A Pro 30% off
Weltool T1 code: T1 Pro TAC 20% off
Manker E05 IIcode: E05II 40% off
Armytek Wizard C2 PROcode: Wizard C2 PRO Max 20% off
Acebeam E75code: Acebeam E75 20% off
Lumintop Mach 4695code: Mach 4695 20% off
Manker F14code: Manker F14 30% off
Weltool T8 Pluscode: T8Plus TAC, get 20% off
Cyansky H5GTcode: Cyansky H5GT, get 30% off

Found something not on sale? Use our unique discount coupon: 1LUMEN for 10% off

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1lumen selects and reviews products personally. We may earn affiliate commissions through our links, which help support our testing.