2020 Flashlight deals

Save money with the best flashlight deals

Flashlight discounts are usually added to the review if we received a special discount code. Others are posted here. Deals from all kinds of sellers will be listed. Amazon, Gearbest, Banggood, Fasttech, Dealextreme.

Some will be posted here, and long-time coupons can be found in the reviews when available. These coupons will only be usable for the time the deals run. Once they expire, they won't come back until maybe a later point in time.

Olightstore 10% discount coupon

Only for 1Lumen readers, use code: 1LUMEN

Imalentstore 10% discount coupon

Only for 1Lumen readers, use code: 1LUMEN

Olight summer sales July 20 (8PM) - July 22 (12AM)

1- Limited Edition!

1) Olight PL-Pro Gunmetal Grey, 30% off (MAP: $139.95; Sales price:$97.97)
Bundle:PL-Pro Gunmetal Grey+ RPL-7 Gunmetal Grey, 40% off (MAP: $169.9; Sales price:$101.94)

2) Olight M2R Pro(Patriotic Edition), 30% off (MAP: $119.95; Sales price:$83.97)
Bundle:M2R Pro(Patriotic Edition)+ i5T OD Green, 40% off (MAP: $152.9; Sales price:$91.74)

3) Olight Seeker 2 Pro Mint Green, 30% off (MAP: $149.95; Sales price:$104.97)
Bundle:Seeker 2 Pro Mint Green + i5T OD Green, 40% off (MAP: $182.9; Sales price:$109.74)

4) Olight i5T OD Green, 25% off (MAP:$32.95, Sale Price:$24.71)

2 - Olight MEGA PACK,

40% off (MAP: $472.75; Sales price:$283.65),
Olight PL-Pro Gunmetal Grey+RPL-7 Gunmetal Grey+M2R Pro(Patriotic Edition)+ Seeker 2 Pro Mint Green+i5T OD Green

3- Free Tiers:

1) Over $99 get a FREE Olight I3E BK (MAP: $9.95)
2) Over $219 get a FREE Olight S2R Baton II (MAP: $ 69.95)
3) Over $319 get a FREE Olight SEEKER 2 (MAP: $ 109.95)

4 - Non-sales:

Items that are not on sale can still get 10% off with our 1Lumen code: 1LUMEN

Banggood Summer Sale

Discount coupon for 30% off:  BGSM30%

Some of the deals include: 

  • Astrolux EC03
  • Nextool XHP50.2
  • Convoy S2+
  • Astrolux FT03
  • Astrolux EC01
  • Astrolux MF01S
  • Astrolux MF02

Use coupon BGSM30% on selected deals.