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Name: Marco

Admin 1 Lumen / Flashlight collector

About myself: I have been active in the flashlight community since 2009 when I first signed up to Candlepowerforums. 2 years later I joined the clan at BLF (budgetlightforum) where I stayed most of my time.
Country: the Netherlands
My first LED flashlight: a 2006 Taskforce Super 1 watt flashlight with Luxeon LED. (direct drive). See the link for the picture.
Current favorite flashlight: Depends on the situation. For a large thrower, I like the Acebeam K75. I have an old Fenix LD01 on my keys, that sometimes gets replaced with the MBI HF. Favorite tactical flashlight: Malkoff MDC bodyguard v2. I have the Malkoff in my pocket when I do beam shots at night, in the middle of nowhere. I basically have a flashlight for each occasion. And my 'nicest' flashlight is currently the Reylight Krystal.
Favorite flashlight brand: I have been very fond of Sunwayman in the past, but they dropped the ball a few years ago. Acebeam is probably in the top 3 of my list as of now.
Other hobbies: Photography and eneloop batteries (I'm ChibiM)


Name: Peter

Crazy flashoholic 

About myself:Working as a Control an Automation Engineer, i work with all kinds of technical stuff, IT, Functional Safety Related, software and hardware related, but flashlights are my favorite
Country: The Netherlands
My first LED flashlight
: The famous sipik sk68 with a Q5 LED
Current favorite flashlight: I find it very hard to name just one light being my favorite, because they all have elements I like or dislike.
I like Convoy lights because they're very well built and affordable. Currently I like my Convoy L21a very much, but it's difficult to EDC, that's were my Acebeam TK16 comes in, but the tint is a little cold, so thats were my Emisar D4 with 18350 and 3000K SST20 comes in, but that has a sideswitch which is easily turned on by accident. I could go on and on, talking about flashlights with their pros and cons LOL.
Favorite flashlight brand: Convoy, Acebeam, Jaxman, Emisar, Reylight, oops, did I have to name only one ?
Other hobbies: I'm a volunteer for the yearly flower parade event in my town. I help with several technical things like building, welding, painting, etc.

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Name: Owen

Avid flashoholic 

About myself: IT worker by day, daddy by night. I stumbled across the deep hole that is the flashlight enthusiast world early 2019 via /r/flashlight, and the smoking crater that used to resemble my wallet is evidence of how deep the addiction runs.
Country: Australia
My first LED flashlight: First real light was the Olight S Mini Cu; it’s still in pieces on my workbench after the e-switch decided to implode (Olight, if you’re listening, I’d love to be able to get a new driver for it!)
Current favorite flashlight: Primary carry is my FW3A with sw45k 219B; the BLF C01S is on my keys, and headlamp rotates between Sofirn SP40 (4000K LH351D) and Wowtac A2S (5000K LH351D).
Favorite flashlight brand: I’m very impressed with the way Convoy, Sofirn, and Astrolux take on feedback from the community, and they’re definitely in the price range that works best for me at the moment. Lumintop have also been very helpful when I’ve had a question! Looking forward to branching upwards and seeing what the big hitters have.
Other hobbies: I’m a volunteer firefighter in the NSW RFS in my spare time.

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Name: Gabriel

Flashlight enthusiast

About myself: I joined BudgetLightForum in 2016 after a very short stint at CPF. I love just about anything and everything that lights up. When I’m not busy illuminating things, you can find me at my day job (a business intelligence and systems analyst). I’m also a full-time family man with a great wife and five energetic kids.
Country: United States of America
My first LED flashlight: Dorcy Metal Gear model 41-4282, circa 2008. Years later, I got my first “modern” LED flashlight – a Fenix E25 at the advice received from CPF. It’s a nice light, but I knew there had to be more out there, and that’s when I discovered BLF and the rest is history!
Current favorite flashlight: This is like choosing a favorite child! My current EDC is a ReyLight Ti LAN with a sliced LH351D and 10 ice blue trits. When I need more lumens, I reach for my Mateminco MT07 or Wuben TO50R (with custom aux board). If I need a true thrower, I go for my Emisar D1S with a custom 5 amp linear driver and a OLSON White Flat.
Favorite flashlight brand: I really like Convoys because the customization options are endless. I also really appreciate Emisar/Noctigon for what Hank has done in terms of compact, high-power, attractive lights at an affordable price. Sofirn/Wurkkos has to be mentioned though because of their interaction with flashlight enthusiasts on BLF and their constant push for redefining what can happen in a budget flashlight.
Other hobbies: I’m an outdoorsman and a maker. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and being out in Mother Nature. Around the house, you’ll find me working on electronics, doing 3D design, or tinkering on a car.

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Name: Mike

Flashlight enthusiast

About myself:  I have been intrigued by flashlights since I was very little when I picked up my first Maglite and started shining it around the back yard to see how far it goes. I became engaged in the community first through BLF in 2017 and now I have my own growing YouTube channel (LumenChaser) where I do flashlight reviews.
Country: United States of America
My first LED flashlight: Ultrafire Zoomie
Current favorite flashlight: Foursevens Mini TURBO Mkiii
Favorite flashlight brand: Acebeam
Other hobbies: I also make custom modded flashlights

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Name: Nick

Collector and modder 

About myself: I dove headfirst into the flashlight hobby in 2017 when I built my first flashlight, a floating lantern I converted to lithium-ion batteries and 100 watt COB LED. After I saw how bright it was, I was hooked. I joined the Candlepower Forum first, then Budgetlightforum a week later in 2019 where I am a regular. When I’m not building flashlights I’m a husband and dad to a 19 year old. I work in the medical field as a credentialer and accounting specialist.
Country: United States
My first LED flashlight: Probably a 2 AA Maglite with TerraLux LED conversion, or Nebo Redline zoomie with Cree XR-E
Current favorite flashlight: Really liking my modified Thorfire C8 with xhp50.2, but I like all my lights!
Favorite flashlight brand: Convoy or Sofirn
Other hobbies: I love the outdoors, camping, and I’m an avid kayaker. I love hiking, exploring, and any kind of general tinkering.

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Name: Tom

Flashlight crusher

About myself: My friends describe me as a weird person. Maybe it’s because I enjoy sleeping in a tent in the middle of the forest all alone and listen to country music. Or, maybe it’s because I watch anime… hard to tell. I also enjoy listening to music – sad thing about life is that there is no background music.
Country: Poland
My first LED flashlight: Modded Solarforce L2P I bought – it was a really good and bright flashlight back then. I still have it – great flashlight, it even survived my bike accident in which I nearly died.
Current favorite flashlight: Armytek Wizard Pro Nichia + FW1A Pro or Imalent DM70 is my favorite combination for hiking.
Favorite flashlight brand: Armytek for headlamps, Convoy and Lumintop for other flashlights.
Other hobbies: Hiking, especially in the mountains, and traveling.

Reviews by Tom: