Flashlight News

Interesting new flashlight announcements and info

Once in a while we will announce some exciting new products in the flashlight industry. Do you have anything you would like us to share here? Please let us know and we can post it on this page. Some articles can turn into a full-blown review.

2018 June:

Olight X9r Marauder

Olight finally gave us the date the light will be stocked. It's in stock now!
The X9 R will host 6 XHP70.2 Leds for extremely bright and floody beam. According to their specs it comes with a removable battery pack, home charger, car charger, shoulder strap and retaining ring for anti-roll. It is supposed to reach the max intensity of 25000 lumens, and max "throw" of 600 meters. 7 output levels and the lowest mode being 400 lm and no firefly..lol. But NO cooling fans? Read more about the X9R Marauder

2018 May:

Acebeam W10

Acebeam told me that the W10 is going to be available any time soon. So I guess June 2018 will be the month for one of the first "flashlights" to use a powerful white laser. It can generate up to 300 lumens of white laser light, and reach about 1km far.... useful? Don't know! Check out the Acebeam website.

2018 May:

Acebeam EC65

Acebeam EC65 is on pre-order now. 4 Nichia high-cri LEDS with 2000 lumens (1 battery). There isn't much to talk about at the moment. The first review I've read from Maukka isn't in favour of the flashlight.

2018 May:

Nitecore TIP Premium Copper

Nitecore has relased the premium version of their famous keychain light, made of copper. It will reach a max of 370 lumens and has 4 modes. You can charge it via USB port so a great gift for non-flashoholics. Read more about the Tini on the Nitecore website.

2018 April:

Acebeam X70

Acebeam X70 is going to be available in June/July. It is currently the brightest LED flashlight on paper with 40000 lumens when it is going to be put on the market..Check out more details about the X70 here on 1lumen.com

2018 February:

Astrolux MF05

The Astrolux MF05 has been announed as an active-cooled flashlight that will pump the output to about 48000 lumens (at least on paper?), and might surpass the Acebeam X70 when it is going to be released at the end of 2018. For the moment no final specifications have been released yet, so I'm eagerly waiting on some more details. This might become the brightest flashlight in 2019? Who knows

Interesting news will be reported here about well-known flashlight manufacturers and also about smaller exclusive builders.

Here is a list of Flashlight manufacturers.

  • Acebeam

  • Astrolux,

  • Armytek

  • Convoy

  • Eagletac

  • Emisar

  • Fenix

  • Imalent

  • Jetbeam

  • Klarus light

  • Lumintop

  • Manker

  • Nitecore

  • Olight

  • Sunwayman

  • Surefire

  • Thorfire

Smaller flashlight companies/brands/builders

  • Malkoff

  • Okluma

  • Oveready

  • Polarion

  • Promotheus

  • Reylight

  • Sinner