1Lumen & Flashlight News

2023 – November

Review status:

Maratac P16 DefenderGabrielpublished
Astrolux EC01XGabrielin progress
Fenix LD30RGabrielin progress
Fenix PD36R v2Gabrielin progress
Maratac Ti AAAGabrielin progress
Mateminco TK06Gabrielen route?
Olight Baton 4Gabrielpublished
CYANSKY H3 V2.0Matthewin progress
Emisar D1KMatthewpublished
Manker Striker MiniMatthewpublished
Wurkkos TS22Matthewpromised
Armytek Prime C2 Pro MaxNickpublished
Armytek Prime C1 ProNickpublished
Fenix HT18RNickpromised
Fenix LR60RNickpromised
Loop SK03Nicken route
NEXTORCH Saint Torch 30CNickpromised
Olight Warrior X4Nickpublished
Acebeam AA TACRobpromised
Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Max LR headlampRobpromised
Emisar D2Robpublished
Skilhunt H150 headlampRoben route
Acebeam W35Marcoin progress
Nitecore MT2A ProMarcoin progress
Olight DiffuseMarco published
Magicshine Monteer 12000Marcoin progress
Astrolux FT05waiting list
Fenix CL26R PROwaiting list
Fenix E28R V2waiting list
Fenix TK11Rwaiting list
Fenix TK22Rwaiting list
FireFlies ???Nick?waiting list
FireFlies ???Nick?waiting list
Manker F14waiting list
Nitecore MH12 Prowaiting list
Powertac M5 Gen3waiting list
Skilhunt Mix 7Rob?waiting list
Sofirn SC28waiting list
Sofirn SF26waiting list
TrustFire H6R headlampwaiting list
Wuben E7waiting list
Wurkkos TD01waiting list
Wurkkos HD50waiting list

News: Acebeam W35

news acebeam w35 flashlight
Acebeam W35

Acebeam just publicly announced the Acebeam W35, a focusable LEP flashlight.

Read more: https://1lumen.com/news/acebeam-w35/

2023 – October

Review status:

Flashlight reviews published in October:

Fenix HT32Gabrielpublished
Fenix LD12RGabrielpublished
Olight Arkfeld ProGabrielpublished
Speras E21Matthewpublished
Amutorch DM90SNickpublished
Cyansky P50RNickpublished
Fenix HP30R V2.0 HeadlampNickpublished
Nightwatch NS14RNickpublished
Olight Warrior NanoNickpublished
Acebeam Terminator M1 LEPMarcopublished
FireFlyLite LEP01 LEPMarcopublished
FireFlyLite LEP02 LEPMarcopublished
Maxtoch Archer M Pro v2Marcopublished
Trustfire T30R LEPMarcopublished
Weltool W5 Pro LEPMarcopublished

2023 – September

Review status:

Flashlight reviews published in September:

Cyansky H5GTGabrielpublished
Haikelite HK08Gabrielpublished
Maratac Mini LEP CosmosGabrielpublished
Olight Olantern MusicGabrielpublished
Wurkkos TD02Matthewpublished
Loop SK01S LEDNickpublished
Lumintop X0Marcopublished
NEXTORCH TA30C MaxMarcopublished
NEXTORCH TA20Marcopublished
NEXTORCH E52CMarcopublished
NEXTORCH UT41Marcopublished
Olight OclipMarcopublished
Olight Seeker 4 ProMarcopublished
Wuben X3Marcopublished
Wuben L1Marcopublished
Maratac LEP DX Reach rev2Marcopublished


2023 – August

Review status: en route, in progress, or published >

Reviews for June, July and August are taking a bit longer due to the holidays and availability of each reviewer.

ThruNite Catapult Mini v2Gabrielpublished
Acebeam E75Nickpromised
Fenix E03R v2Nickpublished
Fenix TK20R UENickpublished
Lumintop Thanos 23Nickpublished
urFLAMP V63 SMarcopublished


Acebeam Terminator M1 LEP is released.

It’s a hybrid LEP flashlight with a focusable LEP beam.

2023 – July

Review status: en route, in progress, or published >

Reviews published in July:

Reviews for June, July and August are taking a bit longer due to the holidays and available time of each reviewer.

Olight Olantern Classic MiniGabrielpublished
Speras TH12Gabrielpublished
Sofirn SP60Matthewpublished
Cyansky HS7RNickpublished
Manker E14 IVNickpublished
Olight Warrior Mini 3Marcopublished

2023 – June

Reviews published in June:

Olight Seeker 4 MiniGabrielpublished
Zebralight SC53c NGabrielpublished
Sofirn IF23 Matthewpublished
Sofirn SC02Matthewpublished
Lumintop MachNickpublished
Lumintop Petal (LEP)Marcopublished
Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO v2Marcopublished


Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO v2 is available.

Great news! Maxtoch updated the Owleyes W PRO, to a v2 version. Instead of 2 batteries in series (making it a long battery tube), they decided to go 3 batteries next to eachother.

22 LEPs comparison video is live!

New LEP video is published;

2023 – May

Reviews published in May:

Fenix E35RGabrielpublished
Fenix LR40R v2Gabrielpublished
Fenix HM61R V2.0Gabrielpublished
Olight O’pen GlowJoshpublished
Amutorch XT45 RC90Matthewpublished
Fenix HM71RNickpublished
Manker MC13 II SBT90.2Nickpublished
Mateminco MT-911Nickpublished
Nightwatch NS14Nickpublished
Nightwatch NI03SNickpublished
Wurkkos TS30S ProNickpublished
Skilhunt M300 v2 Nichia 114ARobpublished
Skilhunt H300 Nichia 144A Robpublished
Imalent SR32Marcopublished
Weltool W3 PRO Tac (LEP)Marcopublished

Quick unboxing video of the Imalent SR32. Full review coming soon!

2023 – April

Reviews published in April 2023

Maratac Tri Flood ProGabrielpublished
Maratac Titanium PeanutGabrielpublished
Cyansky P10Joshpublished
Convoy S21FMatthewpublished
Convoy T3Matthewpublished
Lumintop AD01Matthewpublished
Manker MC13 IINickpublished
Mateminco LT40Nickpublished
ThruNite Archer ProRobpublished
ThruNite Archer MiniRobpublished
ThruNite TT20Robpublished
Acebeam Pokelit AA GrayMarcopublished
Olight Obulb PlusMarcopublished
Vosteed RookMarcopublished
Wuben X2 copperMarcopublished


Opple Light Master 4

In the past few years, there is no tool that has been more useful for flashaholics like us than the Opple Light Master 3 (pro). It’s a very affordable device that can measure CCT (the temperatre of the beam) including CRI Ra (this is the average of the lowest CRI readings) as well as flicker etc.

Now, they introduced the Light Master 4, an upgraded version with USB-C, and more CRI levels. For the price of $40-$50 it may not be a direct replacement of a Spectrometer, but even if it was less accurate, it would still be of great value for us. I ordered one, and now the waiting has begun.

Want to read more, check out here: https://1lumen.com/gear-review/opple-light-master-4/

2023 – March

Reviews published:

Fenix CL28RGabrielpublished
Fenix HM60RGabrielpublished
Olight Arkfeld UVGabrielpublished
Speras P4Gabrielpublished
Lumintop PK25Joshpublished
Fenix HM70R Nickpublished
Fenix PD40R v2.0Nickpublished
Killzone BLF 348Nickpublished
Speras P10R v2Nickpublished
Nitecore P23iRobpublished
Nitecore SRT6iRobpublished
LOOP SK01SMarcopublished
Speras M10Marcopublished
Speras M10 PlusMarcopublished


NEW collaboration with Countycomm

  • We are happy to announce we are starting a new collaboration, with Countycomm! At first, we will be reviewing the Tri Flood Pro and the Titanium Peanut, and hopefully, more will follow soon.

2023 – February


Published in February

Lumintop RattlesnakeGabrielpublished
NEXTORCH K40 Gabrielpublished
ThruNite TC20 proGabrielpublished
Olight WyvernJoshpublished
Olight GOTORCH XJoshpublished
Mateminco FT02Matthewpublished
Acebeam P18Nickpublished
Nitecore EDC27Marcopublished
Olight i3TMarcopublished
Olight H67Marcopublished


New flashlights

Imalent SR32
  • Imalent SR32 news
  • A new Imalent MS18 killer
  • It dethrones the MS18 from the top of the brightest flashlights list

2023 – January

Reviews in January

Published in January

Acebeam P17Nickpublished
Mateminco FW3SRobpublished
Nitecore NU25ULMatthewpublished
Nitecore NU25Matthewpublished
NEXTORCH E51CJoshpublished
Fenix WF26RJoshpublished
Sofirn SC32Robpublished
Biolite Headlamp 800 ProNickpublished
Lumintop RattlesnakeGabrielpublished
NEXTORCH TA30CJoshpublished
Olight Baton 3 PRO MAXGabrielpublished
Wurkkos TS25Nickpublished


A new round of giveaways! Win one of the 20+ Free Flashlights

New flashlights

  • Lumintop GT98