Flashlight News 2019

Interesting (new) flashlights + announcements

Every month we will announce some exciting new products in the flashlight industry. 

2019 December

2019 Christmas deals

The Christmas deals page is up:

Christmas Flashlight Deals

If you have found anything else to share.. let us know!

New flashlights:

Imalent LD10

Tiny keychain light with 1200 Lumens


18350 battery

OLED display

USB rechargeable

More information on the Imalent LD10 can be seen on the manufacturer’s website:

Jetbeam DM25

Titanium premium flashlight made by Jetbeam.

18350 type flashlight,

Max Output 1400 Lumen

Nitecore TM9K:

pocketable flashlight with 9500 Lumens and 18000cd of beam intensity. 9* CREE XP-L HD V6 LEDs with instant access to Strobe. The built-in battery is a 21700 Li-Ion battery with 5000mAh and can be charged with a USB-C cable.

Acebeam TK17:

2300 Lumens from a triple Samsung LH351D, Osram KW, or Nichia 2019C! Acebeam has started including more and more choices for LEDs. The battery included is a 18350, 1100mAh. If you like something more fancy, they also have a Titanium version of the TK17! Have a look:

Nitecore NM02

2700 Lumens, 4*CREE XPG-3 S3, 5,400cd/147 meters.


Tactical flashlight

1000 lumen max output with 675 yards max throw distance (618 meters)

95500 cd

21700 battery included (5000mAh) with USB port on positive side of battery.REVIEWS

Upcoming reviews:

  • Speras T1 (review in progress by Marco)
  • Acebeam GPT10-GT (review in progress by Marco)
  • Acebeam X70 (review in progress by Marco)
  • Acebeam TK18 (en route to Owen)
  • Emisar D4 v2 (en route to Owen)
  • Imalent DM35 (some problems.. it died during testing… now waiting to solve this)
  • Convoy L21 (en route to Peter)
  • Brinyte T28 (en route to Mike)
  • Magicshine MTL60 (review in progress Peter)
  • Convoy 4×18 (en route to Peter)
  • 7 UV flashlights en route to Marco for a 2020 UV flashlight review

Beamshots added to the following reviews: Fireflies ROT66, Imalent MS18, Weltool T11 and Acebeam X70

2019 November

Black friday deals are up: https://1lumen.com/black-friday-flashlight-deals-cyber-monday/


Upcoming reviews:

  • Speras T1 (en route to Marco)
  • Imalent DM35 (some problems.. it died during testing… now waiting to solve this)
  • Convoy L21 (en route to Peter)
  • Brinyte T28 (en route to Mike)
  • Magicshine MTL60 (en route to Peter)
  • Astrolux MF01 Mini (review is ready: Owen
  • Jetbeam PC20 (review is ready: Owen
  • Fireflies ROT66 II (review is ready Marco)
  • Acebeam K75 review is ready: Marco
  • Lumintop FW1A review is up

Beamshots added to the reviews of Acebeam K75, Weltool T11 and Astrolux FT03


New flashlights:

  • Noctigon K1
  • the farthest reaching handheld LED flashlights. Reaching a beam intensity of 650 kcd, which equals about 1 mile of throw. Check out the details!
  • is equipped with a single piece of LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED, or an optional LUMINUS SBT-90 RED. With POWER and ECO options, K30-GT can provide a maximum 5500 lumens brightness in Power combined with a 1024-meters beam distance.
  • Nitecore HC35,

    • 2700 Lumens L-shape USB rechargeable 21700 headlamp.
    • 2700 max lumen quad CREE XP-G2 S3 LED headlamp
      Included 21700 high performance 4000mAh rechargeable battery
      Built-in micro USB charging port (cable included)
      L-shaped body with magnetic tailcap and included pocket clip

New beamshots:

  • We’ve added a bunch of beamshots to the following reviews:
    • Fenix PD35 Tac
    • Fenix PD36R
    • Fenix TK22 v2.0
    • Lumintop FW3A
    • Wuben E10

2019 October

New flashlight announcements:

  • Nitecore New P12,
  • Tactical, upgrade version 2019:  21700 flashlight and 1200 Lumens.
  • Nitecore Tube V2.0
  • 55 lumens, faster-charging and more hours of runtime.


Upcoming reviews:

  • Imalent DM35 (review in progress by Zac)
  • Astrolux EC01 review is ready. Reviewed by Mike)
  • Fenix PD35 TAC review is ready. This is probably THE classic tactical flashlight! A couple of years old, but still very popular.
  • Fenix PD36R review is ready. It’s a super complete flashlight package.
  • Fenix TK22 v2.0 review is ready. Bright tactical flashlight with plenty of throw.
  • MecArmy SGN1 (en route to Owen) (MecArmy isn’t responding to our messages anymore, so I don’t expect this to ever be reviewed. Shame)
  • Convoy L21 (en route to Peter)
  • Magicshine MTL60 (en route to Peter)
  • Astrolux MF01 Mini (en route to Owen)
  • Jetbeam PC20 (en route to Owen)

2019 September

New Banggood Discount Codes for flashlights: https://1lumen.com/banggood-flashlight-coupon-code/

September 23: ran a few website updates and upgrades.. so the site might have been down for a few moments.. sorry about that.

New flashlight announcements:

  1. Fenix WF11E: The Fenix WF11E is an intrinsically safe flashlight that offers a variety of features for a safer work environment, and runs of 3AA batteries (200 lumens). The torch itself is made with explosion-proof and antistatic plastics including RTP 399 X 133887 Polycarbonate.  And including CSA certification.
  2. Klarus E1: Deep carry EDC flashlight with 2 mode groups: Outdoor and Tactical, 1000 lumens, including 18650 battery. Instant access to strobe.
  3. Nitecore CI7: infrared tactical flashlight with 2500 lumens and 7000mW / 940nm IR output from 4*SST10 IR Led.
  4. Acebeam TK18: copper flashlight with 3000 lumens (LED choices: 3 x OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG, 3 x SAMSUNG LH351D LED or 3 x Nichia 219C LED CRI.
  5. Acebeam K75 is available (farthest-reaching LED flashlight)
  6. Fireflies ROT66 is going to have an update ROT II
  7. Emisar D1s v2 is going to be released soon (mega, mini thrower)
  8. Astrolux EC01 is going to be released soon


Upcoming reviews:

  • Acebeam TK16 Review is ready: a great EDC flashlight (reviewed by Peter)
  • Amutorch VG10 21700 (review is ready, tactical style flashlight.
  • Imalent DM35 (review in progress by Zac)
  • Skilhunt M150 review is ready: An underperforming flashlight?
  • Acebeam K75 (maybe en route to Marco)
  • Weltool T11 Review is ready: amazing trower,less than 600 lumens and 250,000 cd of throw.
  • Convoy S12 Review is ready: Owen reviewed the Convoy S12 with a triple Nichia 219C. Great flashlight on a budget.

2019 August

Announcement August 29:

I’m back from a long summer break, so time to start publishing new reviews! The first up will be the Acebeam TK16, which Peter reviewed recently. Other reviewers haven’t been able to finish any promised reviews, unfortunately. I’ll (Marco) be doing most reviews from now on again.


Upcoming reviews:

  • Sofirn SP40 review ready: great budget headlamp with great bang for the buck (reviewed by Owen)
  • Fenix TK16
  • Amutorch VG10 21700 (review in progress: by Zac)
  • Imalent DM35 (en route to Zac)

2019 July

Acebeam K75

Acebeam announced the K75, a BLF GT killer. I knew this was going to happen, and I think they did it the right way. Instead of copying the BLF GT, as Astrolux did, they went in a different direction. Acebeam chose for the Luminus SBT-90 gen2 LED to maximize throw and Lumens. Instead of the 2000 or so lumens, a Cree XHP35 can produce, they went with the Luminous SBT-90 that can produce over 6000 Lumens. I’m eager to get my hands on one and review it against the BLF GT and Astrolux MF04…. but that is not going to happen till at least September 2019.


Upcoming reviews:

  • Sofirn SP40 (en route to Owen)
  • Acebeam TK16 (en route to Peter)
  • Amutorch VG10 21700 (review in progress: by Zac)
  • Wuben E10 review is ready. A good EDC flashlight with an Osram P9 LED.
  • Reylight Krystal review is ready. Titanium EDC flashlight with 16 Trit slots.

We have 2-3 new reviewers on the team, so hopefully, we can continue publishing them without too much problem due to the summer break.

2019 June

Acebeam W30

Emisar D4v2

Acebeam introduced the Acebeam W30. This flashlight doesn’t use an LED, but a LEP. Which is basically a white laser. The output is “only” 500 lumen but can reach 2408 meters / 1.4 miles. With the included 5100mAh 21700 battery, you can have a max of 1.7 hours or runtime.. There is no Low Medium High setting.. just On and Off.

Emisar D4V2

Hank, from intl-outdoor announced the second generation Emisar D4!

This time with more knurling, stainless steel bezel and different LED placements.


  • Review ready: Lumintop EDC05. Very bright AA flashlight, doing over 350 Lumens on a single AA battery.
  • Review ready: Lumintop FW3A, one of the most anticipated flashlight of 2019!
  • Review ready: Imalent MS18 100,000 lumens flashlight. The craziest flashlight currently available.. on planet earth.
  • Review ready: Imalent R90TS 36,000 lumens flashlight: it’s crazy bright and has crazy throw.

2019 May

Upcoming reviews!

  • Imalent MS18 100,000 lumens flashlight (waiting for arrival)
  • Imalent R90TS 36,000 lumens flashlight (waiting for arrival)
  • MecArmy CPL wristwatch light: review is ready. Small and fun flashlight for on your wristwatch band
  • Nitecore TUP Keychain light with 1,000 lumens. Review is ready: I love this light. It has some cool features!
  • Lumintop Zoom1. review is ready. One of the few high quality zoomable flashlights!


New maglite, Convoy H1, Convoy M3 and Convoy S21 announced

New Maglite

Maglite now added modes to their famous D sized flashlights, now called the ML300L with a 1000 Lumens and Eco Mode for 434 hours of runtime according to Maglite.

New Convoy

Simon (Convoy) announed a few nice budget flashlights on BLF in the last few weeks. As we all know, Convoy is an affordable flashlight brand that produces one of the best bang for the buck flashlights.

Convoy H1

The convoy H1 is Convoy’s first headlamp using an 18650 battery. It is not glued together, so you can easily disassemble the head and replace something if you need to.

Convoy M3

The new Convy M3 is a 26650 type flashlight including a XHP70.2 LED with a max output of 4300Lumens. Both springs on the driver and tailcap are bypassed to decrease resistance for max output.

Convoy M21A (host only)

This is the 21700 version of the Convoy C8+. You get the design of the C8, but without Driver or LED. This is a host only.. at least for the time being. I hope they will soon include a driver + LED.. and I’m pretty sure Simon will do that.

Convoy S11

Another 266650 type flashlight with an XHP50.2. Convoy doesn’t mention any Lumen numbers. Modes; 0.1% – 3% – 30% – 100%. Maximum of 3A current.

Convoy S21A

The 21700 version of the incredibly famous Convoy S2+. The Convoy S2+ is one of the best gems in the flashlight industry imho.

Convoy M21A

2019 April

Backlog of upcoming reviews!

  • Secret little flashlight by Mecarmy (Arrived, waiting to be reviewed)
  • Astrolux FT03 thrower : review ready.
  • Malkoff MDC Bodyguard V2 18650 … extremely impact resistant flashlight with lifetime warranty.
  • Emisar D18 review ready: Multi emitter with SST20 4000K 95CRI 10,000 lumens
  • Nitecore TUP Keychain light with 1,000 lumens (arrived, waiting to be reviewed)
  • Lumintop Zoom1 (Review in Progress Peter)
  • Acebeam X45 Review ready: 18,000 Lumens powerhouse


Acebeam X65 mini

Acebeam announced the small Acebeam X65 Mini with 5 CREE XHP35 Hi LEDs. A max of 12,000 Lumens and 1300 meters of throw! I don’t actually know in which category this fits. Medium thrower?

Nitecore TIP2

Nitecore jus announced the upgrade TIP, with 720 Lumens and a built in USB charger. Featuring a XP-G S3 LED, 720 Lumens (15 minutes) and a Low of 1 lumen for 55 hours.

Acebeam TK16 copper

The Acebeam TK16 copper is a EDC light that should reach up to 1800 lumens. This is one of the smallest flashlights Acebeam has in their lineup. It is available with 3 different LED options: XPG3, Osram, Luminus SST20. Runs off either a RCR123 (16340) or a non-rechargeable CR123A.

Fenix E30R

The Fenix E30R is compact rechargeable LED flashlight. It has an output of 1600 lumens and 70 hours of runtime max. It holds a 18650 battery and has a magnetic charge system. No finicking with Micro USB plugs. The LED used is a Luminus SST40! 5 output modes and strobe. A 4 level battery indicator finishes it all off.

Fenix WF05E

The Fenix WF05E is a Intrinsically Safe flashlight, especially made for High Risk environments. It runs off 2 AAA batteries. Max output of 85 lumens. This is definitely one of the very few intrinsically safe flashlights out there.

2019 March


  • Imalent MS12  Extremely bright flashlight, claiming 53,000 Lumens. Uses 12 XHP70 LED Diodes and a built in battery pack + charger.


Imalent MS18 + Emisar D18

Imalent is doing it again. During the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany they will be displaying the Imalent MS18! With a whopping 100,000 Lumens! The Exhibition is from March 8-11, and Imalent can be found at Booth 333, Hall 6. If you are in Germany and have some spare time, visit their booth!

Emisar also just announced their new Emisar D18 flashlight (an upgraded Meteor M43) with smaller dimensions and more output! The D18 is driving 18 pieces of SST-20 Hi CRI LEDs. We have one on pre-order..

2019 February


  • Nitecore MH25GTS : Great rechargeable flashlight! Very bright, and very versatile
  • Wuben A21: Very powerful at 4200 lumens and has more throw than the manufacturer claims.. Even double their numbers
  • Convoy S9: Review done by Richmond, and he likes it a lot. Great rechargeable budget flashlight
  • Convoy C8+:  Reviewed by Peter. Very affordable and good quality thrower. Reaching almost 100kcd!


Beamshots were added for many flashlights.. Check out the reviews of the Astrolux MF04S (XHP70.2) MF04, Astrolux FT02, Zebralight SC700d, and Nitecore MH25GTS for newly added beamshots.


Klarus HA2C

It has been a little quiet this month, but at least we have 1 interesting new headlamp show up. It’s the Klarus HA2C, with apparently 3200 Lumens (XHP70.2) from a single 18650 battery. They say its a L-angle, Flashlight, Headlamp and Tool light in 1. This is what they have to say:

“Powered by a 18650 battery with up to 3200 Lumens output, Micro-USB recharging port, the HA2C is a high performance light with bi-directional pocket clip and magnetic tail cap for multiple mounting platforms. These include handheld, pack strap mounted, magnetically attached, headlamp strap, pocket or belt clip, and more! There is always a way to use the HA2C as you see fit.”

2019 January


  • Astrolux FT02:  The Astrolux has some serious throw of 160.000cd / 160kcd. That is pretty impressive.
  • Zebralight SC700d: Didn’t think I would like this one so much. An excellent EDC, a bit on the thick side, but pocketable. Pumping out 3000 Lumens and has a runtime of over 2 hours with 1000 Lumens…
  • Wuben A21 (package en route to Marco) Likely to be reviewed in February


Lumintop GT4

Xtar D36
Nitecore P18 & P22

Are we going to see the first 100,000 lumens flashlight this year? There have been some people modding flashlights and hitting the 100,000 lumens, but no mass-produced LED flashlight has been able to reach that yet.. My prediction is still at 2020.. before we hit that number, but 2019 will be exciting.

  • Astrolux announced the Astrolux FT03… just at the moment I’m writing a review on the FT02
  • Xtar announced their new Xtar D36 dive light with 5800 lumens.
  • Lumintop showed the Lumintop GT4 picture on Facebook! It’s coming!