Black Friday 2022 Flashlight deals, discounts and coupons

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Black Friday Deals of 2022 already started!!

Some deals already went live on November 15, 2022 !!!

Acebeam, Olight, Fenix, Lumintop, Nealsgadgets, Flashlightbrand, and many more

Nealsgadgets: black friday 2022 deals

50% off selected lights

Date starting: November 15, 2022


  • Olight Baton 3
  • RovyVon Aurora A5
  • RovyVon A23
  • RovyVon A8
  • COB working light

35% off (159) flashlights


Some examples:

  • Lumintop Ant Man
  • Lumintop GT3 Mini
  • NlightD L1
  • NightWatch NS59v2
  • Mateminco FW3
  • Lumintop Rattlesnake
  • Lumintop GT94X
  • Lumintop Thor 3
  • Haikelite HK05
  • Imalent MS18
  • and 150 more

Olight Black Friday deals

Up to 50% off!

New flashlights and great deals!

FREE Gifts for everyone!


Starting: November 22

New models, including the Olight Marauder Mini!

  • Olight Marauder Mini (available in 3 colors)
  • Olight baton 3 PRO (in several colors)
  • Olight Arkfeld (titanium and copper)
  • Olight Array 2 PRO headlamp
  • Olight i3T EOS (new ltd edition)
  • Olight i5R EOS (new ltd edition)
  • Olight Odin GL (weapon light)
  • Olight Obulb Pro
  • Olight Perun 2
  • Olight Warrior 3 S (new ltd edition)
  • etc.


New to Olight? Or already member?

These are the free gifts!!!

Weltool deals: 20% off

20% off selected flashlights

Use coupon: dQckAl

  • Weltool W1 LEP,
  • Weltool W35L/W65L Weapon Light,
  • Weltool T14B/C Tactical Light,
  • Weltool T2 Torch,
  • Weltool T13B/C Torch

Date: November 20 to November 27

Flashlightbrand Black Friday deals

20% off 30+ flashlights

Date starting: November 15, 2022

Use coupon: FRID

  • Lumintop Ant Man (Titanium)
  • Lumintop Thor 1
  • Lumintop Thor 2
  • NItecore TM20K
  • Nitecore P20i
  • Nitecore TM39
  • Nitecore TM39 Lite
  • Nitecore TM28
  • Wuben A1
  • etc.

Imalent Black Friday 2022

32 deals:

Up to 70% OFF

November 17-November 30

Amazon store deals as well.

15% off, and $100 off

Starting November 21
See links below...

Acebeam Black Friday deals: 25% off

25% off selected flashlights

Starting: November 24

No coupon needed!!

  • Acebeam Pokelit 2AA
  • Acebeam X50
  • Acebeam Rider RZ
  • etc.

Lumintop Website Black Friday 2022

Up to 50% OFF

Starting November 19


  • Lumintop GT Nano
  • Lumintop Frog
  • Lumintop Rattlesnake
  • Lumintop THor 4
  • Lumintop GT3 mini
  • etc

Lumintop AMAZON Black Friday 2022

Starting November 16

Lumintop PK27  35%OFF new price $16.89   11/16-11/29

Code: 35DK7O7X

Lumintop GT3   30%OFF new price $97.97    11/24-11/28

Code: 30Q6WSAQ

Lumintop EDC 2AA   25%OFF  new price  $20.24   11/15-11/30

Code: 25GKUDIX

Lumintop GTA  30%OFF  original $35.95   new $25.17    11/21-11/28

Code: 3099FOXL

Lumintop EDC AAA   50%OFF  original $15.95   new $7.98   11/21 - 12/4

Code: 50TSZIY4

Fenix Black Friday 2022

Get 20% off EVERYTHING


  • Fenix LR80R
  • Fenix LR50R
  • Fenix PD36R
  • Fenix PD25R
  • Fenix PD36r PRO
  • Fenix TK20# V2
  • Fenix E Spark
  • Fenix PD36 Tac
  • Fenix E12 v2
  • and everything else!...

Date: November 25-28

Use coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY20 

Sofirn Black Friday 2022

Website: 15% off everything

Start date: November 21

Use coupon code: 1LUMEN15-BF

Sofirn Black Friday 2022


Start date: November 21

Nextorch Black Friday 2022

1. Shipping is free on all orders from (US, UK, CAN, EU);
2. Enjoy free P5B flashlight valued $115.59 on first ten order over $199;
3. Free accessory or gift for every flashlight order


Nextorch Black Friday deals at their Amazon store


ThruNite Black Friday 2022

10-15% off, and $49  off

ThruNite Archer Pro - - 1000 lumens EDC flashlight(25% off )
Time:to Nov 28: 11:59 PM
Sale Price:$29.99
ThruNite T1 magnetic tailcap mini flashlight(20% off)
Time:to Nov 28: 11:59 PM
Sale Price:$31.99


ThruNite TC15 V3 - 2403 high lumens bright flashlight (20% off)
Time: till Nov 28: 11:59 PM
Sale Price:$47.99
ThruNite TN12 Pro - Tactical bright flashlight (20% off)
Time: till Nov 28: 11:59 PM
Original Price:$49.99
Sale Price:$39.99
ThruNite Catapult V6 - Long thrower flashlight (20% off)
Time: till Nov 28: 11:59 PM
Original Price:$74.99
Sale Price:$59.99
ThruNite Catapult Pro - Tactical thrower flashlight (20% off)
Time: till Nov 28: 11:59 PM
Original Price:$99.99
Sale Price:$79.99

Nitecore at Aliexpress Black Friday 2022

Starting November 21


Wuben Black Friday 35% off with orders above $59

  • 35% off coupon code: Wuben35, which works when the order is over $59
  • Special coupon code 5% off: EXTRA5, which may be used with other coupons;
  • Free shipping with orders over $69

Get Wuben A1 for 50% off

Wuben A1

Use coupon code: OSCAR

Armytek Black Friday deals:

Up to 41% off!

-41% off classic tactical, multi and EDC flashlights of Viking, Dobermann, Wizard and Prime series.
-31% off demanded multi and EDC models, searchlights and updated tactical flashlights: Wizard C2 Pro Max, Wizard C2 WR, Predator Pro Magnet USB, Barracuda Pro, etc.
-21% off all compact multi flashlights of Crystal and Zippy series + professional kits for hunting.


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