Black Friday At Amazon

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Black Friday At Nealsgadgets

Neal has probably the best deals around:

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY for 35% discount on selected Flashlights.

Flashlight Extra Info
Lumintop FW3A Most popular EDC 2019
Lumintop FW3C EDC
Lumintop FW3A colors EDC
Lumintop FW3S stainless EDC
Imalent MS18 100,000 Lm, brightest in the world
Imalent R90C 20,000 Lm
Wainlight Copper
Imalent DM70 4500 Lm
Imalent DX80 25,000 Lm
Imalent DM35 2000 Lm
Imalent R90TS 36,000 Lm
Wainlight BD05 headlamp
Wainlight BD13 headlamp

Black Friday Flashlight Deals 2019 Banggood

Banggood always has some nice Pre-Black Friday deals going on. And they shared some nice flashlight deals with us for this season. Watch all their deals on our Banggood Flashlight Coupon Deals page.

Special Banggood Black Friday Flashlight deals:

Use the following codes at check-out.

Item Code Coupon price
Flashlights Black Friday Exclusive Deals BGBF19
30% off For Flashlights BGBFCR41


Black Friday Exclusive 30% Off ($100-$30) - 30% OFF BGBF19
73.99 59.99 BGBLBL 2019-11-30
Amutorch Yootoo SD2 SST20 1000lm 4000K/6500K LED Flashlight
15.79 9.99 BGASD2 2019-11-30
Gray Convoy S2+ SST40 1800lm 5000K 6500K Tactical Flashlight
17.9 11.99 BGS2PH 2019-11-30
Astrolux MF01S 18x SST20 15000 lm 616m Powerful Flashlight
119.95 82.99 BGAM1S1 2019-11-30
Astrolux MF01 Mini 7* SST20 6100 lm Type-C EDC Flashlight
64.95 45.99 BGMF01Mini 2019-11-30
XIAOMI NexTool XPH50.2 2000 lm 6500K Type-C Flashlight
46.9 29.99 BGX11 2019-11-30
Astrolux EC01 XHP50B 3500 lm 298m Anduril Type-C Flashlight
37.95 24.99 BGFLA19 2019-11-30
LUMINTOP EDC18 3x XPL HI 2800 lm Anduril EDC Flashlight
49.95 39.9 BG18 2019-11-30
Convoy M3 4300LM Temperature Protection Powerful Flashlight
39.98 31.99 BGKM3 2019-11-30
CONVOY H1 XML2 1048lm LED Headlamp L-shape Flashlight
26.95 19.95 BGDLH1 2019-11-30
Fitorch P25 4x XPG3 LEDs 3000LM 5 Modes IPX-8 Waterproof LED Flashlight
49 26.95 BGOHR 2019-11-30
4Pcs Samsung 30Q 3000mAh 20A Discharge 18650 Power Battery
23.83 19.99 page 2019-11-30
2Pcs HLY 26650 5000mAh 3.7V 3C Rechargeable Power Battery
11.69 9.99 page 2019-11-30
NITECORE UM2 LCD Screen Display 5V/2A Lithium Battery Charger
15.9 12.69 page 2019-11-30
NITECORE UM4 LCD Screen Display Lithium Battery Charger
41.47 19.69 page 2019-11-30

Black Friday Flashlight Deals Gearbest

Gearbest hasn't given us an overview yet. We will be working together to see what kind of awesome sales we can share.


There aren't many flashlight deals, unfortunately, but many other deals.

Other deals:


Black Friday Imalent announced a Black Friday discount of up to 45%.


If you don't like to order through their store, you can also order them through Amazon, without discounts.


Black Friday Klarus

Klarus just announced some Black Friday discounts.



Black Friday MechtForce

30% OFF deals..



Black Friday RovyVon

Some Black Friday discounts at RovyVon.


Black Friday Armytek

Up to 50% off!!!


Black Friday Olight Store

2019 BLACK FRIDAY- the biggest discount ever. All products up to 45% oFF! Register/Log in to get yours FREE i3E(worth $9.95).

Only from NOV. 28- DEC. 2! Never miss it out!!!


Black Friday Mecarmy

MecArmy is doing a 25% OFF with coupon code BKFD25 at their online store, and 35-45% off on selected items.


Black Friday Fenix Flashlights

Fenix store has shown some of their Black Friday 2019 deals. Some interesting lights will be on sale. Check out their sales:

Cyber Monday deals

Flash sales and regular Cyber Monday sales will be posted here.

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