2018 Deals and Coupons

Ready for Black Friday?

Find the best flashlight deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday below.

Black Friday At Amazon

No interesting deals so far..... but we can't keep an eye 24/7, so have a look yourself at

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Black Friday Flashlight Deals 2018 Banggood

Banggood always has some nice deals going on. And they shared some nice flashlight deals with us for this season. Watch all their deals on our Banggood Flashlight Coupon Deals page. Use the following code: AC18 for 30% off all flashlights (that are not discounted for the Black Friday sale)

Special Banggood Black Friday Flashlight deals:

Use the following codes at check-out.

Item Code Coupon price
ThorFire TG06S
Cheap AA flashlight! 
57d918 $ 9.9
ThorFire TK05

USB rechargeable flashlight

399050 $ 15
ThorFire C8s

Best budget thrower!!!!!

9e144f $ 16.99

32,000 lumens!!!!! 8*XHP70

53eeeb $ 210
Imalent R90C

20,000 Lumens, thrower 9*XHP35

f72fd6 $ 242
Imalent MS12

53,000 lumens!!!!!!! 12*XHP70

57400d $ 375
Imalent RT35

Great allround flashlight XHP35

31956d $ 90
Jetbeam IIIM2017


347252 $ 61.99
Jetbeam WL20 2d9c6e $ 64.99
Jetbeam RRT2 aad4c9 $ 34.99

Black Friday Flashlight Deals Gearbest

Gearbest hasn't given us an overview yet. We will be working together to see what kind of awesome sales we can share.


Nitecore HC60 Headlamp $53.99

Nitecore HC33 Headlamp $46.99

Opus BT C3100 charger $34.99

Xtar VC4 4-bay charger : $14.99

Jetbeam RRT1 SST40: $22.99

Black Friday Solarforce Deals

Solarforce sales has a few nice deals out there as well. Check them out! Unfortunately Solarforce has stopped making interesting new lights, so the current models are a little dated! But there are some good deals going on.


Black Friday + Cyber Monday Manker Deals

Manker announced a 30% off discount coupon on ALL flashlights. The deals run till November 26.
Use code: BLFCPF


Black Friday Olight Store

olightstor has some Black Friday deals for US customers only. They include a Olight PL-Mini for $79, and the Olight S1R II Titanium for $99, and when you spend over $159 you'll get a Olight M1T for free, and if you spend of $349, you'll get a M2T for free.

Black Friday Fenix Flashlights

Fenix store has shown some of their black friday 2018 deals. Some interesting UC35 v2.0 cerakoted special edition lights will be on sale. Check out their Candlepower forums thread:

Cyber Monday deals

Flash sales and regular Cyber Monday sales will be posted here.