Best rechargeable flashlights of 2024

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1lumen selects and reviews products personally. We may earn affiliate commissions through our links, which help support our testing.

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Unlike most of the “Top 10 best rechargeable flashlights” lists you will find on the internet, our team has collectively owned and reviewed hundreds of flashlights with decades of experience. Many of those Top 10 lists are written by people with little knowledge of flashlights or first-hand experience with them, evidenced by their very poor recommendations (no, that 1,000,000 lumen zoomable flashlight you see on Amazon is not a great flashlight). Below are our recommendations for the best rechargeable flashlights on the market. So, if you want the best suitable for your situation, make sure you read the full review to see if it fits your needs.

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Best small USB flashlight

Olight i1R 2 PRO

A compact rechargeable flashlight that fits on your keyring.

Olight i1R 2 PRO in my hand
Olight i1R 2 PRO runtime first 1 hour

Nice small flashlight with USB-C charging

Max. brightness:180 lumens (we tested 226 lumens at turn on)
LED type:Unkown
Battery type:Built-in
Charging:USB-C charging
Best for:Every Day Carry

At just 2 inches long and 0.64 inch wide weighing in at 22 grams, the Olight i1R 2 PRO is a small rechargeable light with an easy UI and great performance.

In hand, it feels tiny, but very well built. However, when you turn it on, you still get over 200 lumens in high-setting, and 8 lumens in low-setting. And since we tested every flashlight extensively, we noticed that the Low mode is advertised as running for 12 hours, but ours kept running for more than 15 hours. At that point, the output is so low, that we recommend recharging the battery. High mode is only usable for 30 minutes-enough for quick, but important tasks.

It’s definitely a worthwhile upgrade from the original Olight i1R EOS, which we also reviewed. The i1R 2 PRO has a higher brightness, longer runtimes, and USB-C charging instead of micro USB. Well worth the extra few dollars. And if you want to compare them, check out both of our flashlight reviews.

One more note: the one we tested is a limited edition with stars and stripes, but the regular versions have the same performance.

If you don’t need a 1000 lumen flashlight and want something small, check out the full review of the Olight i1R 2 PRO here. 

This is why I would recommend this little rechargeable keychain flashlight:

  1. It has a very simple user interface with only 2 modes
  2. You can put it on your keychain, so you always have a flashlight on you
  3. Plenty bright for such a small light
  4. It is available in different colors, even though the “Stars and stripes” in the picture is a limited edition, and not available anymore. You have to be quick to get the next limited edition.

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Best rechargeable LED flashlights (18650)

Olight Warrior Mini 3

Great rechargeable tactical flashlight with 18650 battery

olight warrior mini 3 in use 1
olight warrior mini 3 runtime 10minutes

The Olight Warrior Mini 3 is a short rechargeable 18650 flashlight with a magnetic charge system. Its primary LED is a powerful Luminus SFT40 for maximum brightness.

During our test, we noticed that the runtime of the Warrior Mini 3 was rather exceptional. It runs for 19+ hours at 100+ lumens in Medium mode, while Turbo and High mode last more than 3.5 hours. In terms of performance, the Warrior mini 3 does an amazing job. 

It features 2 different mode groups, for general use and tactical use. The tactical mode group has an instant strobe feature.

As a safety feature, Olight incorporated a proximity sensor that detects when objects are close to the lens. At a preset distance, the output drops, reducing the chance of burning your finger or pockets.

To learn more about this flashlight, check out the complete review of the Olight Warrior Mini 3 here.

This is why I would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Maximum output of over 1600 lumens
  2. High power Olight 18650 battery is included. But I recommend getting a spare one!
  3. UI: Standard modes and Tactical modes for instant strobe and turbo
  4. Proprietary magnetic USB charging system (no USB port) for maximum waterproofing.

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Some of the best USB-C rechargeable flashlights

Acebeam Terminator M1

Hybrid LEP flashlight with 21700 battery

If you can’t decide between a thrower flashlight, and a flooder flashlight, you should pay attention to this little bugger.

The Terminator M1 is a unique flashlight in many regards.

First of all, it is a hybrid LEP flashlight. This means that there are 2 light sources: LEP and LED.

LEP stands for Laser Excite Phosphor and basically means that the lightsource is a blue laser. But with the help of phosphor and a convex lens, the beam looks similar to a normal LED flashlight, albeit narrower. This results in an extremely far reaching beam. And to top it even off, you can use its zoom feature to focus its beam to your desired width.

The second light sources consists of 4 LEDs to produce a nice, wide and floody beam. And Acebeam didn’t used just some random LEDs from the shelves. No, they give you 2 choices: CW 6500K LEDs or NW Nichia 519A 5000K LEDs.

If you don’t know which to get, get the Nichia 5000K version. It will be a little less bright than the Cool White version, but the beam color and beam quality is better.

With all these features, you can expect top-notch performance with top-notch build quality.

This is why I would recommend this flashlight:

  1. It comes with a rechargeable 21700 battery
  2. USB-C charging
  3. LEP module for extreme distances
  4. LEP module has a focus system to widen or tighten its beam
  5. LEDs for nice floody beam for close up work
  6. Very nice build quality, and anodization
  7. 2 unique switches: 1 for mode switching, and 1 for switching between the 2 light sources

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Olight Warrior X4

One of Olight’s first tactical flashlight with USB-C charging

The Olight Warrior X4 is one of the few flashlights with a vibration Low Voltage Warning. When the battery goes down to 30%, it starts vibrating once every few minutes. And the more the battery depletes, the more often the flashlight vibrates.

The Warrior X4 represents a paradigm shift for Olight with the onboard charging. It’s nice because now you aren’t stuck with the MCC system, and now you can plug into any USB type C cable when needed (oh, and the MCC still works also!). You also get a delightfully-simple, but very functional UI, and a noticeable performance boost with more throw.

All the Olight pleasantries are here also, the fantastic build quality, attention to detail, and great handling as well as repeatable and verifiable advertised specs. There’s really nothing to nit-pick here, other than some somewhat-subjective points against the somewhat-too-simple UI and the continued use of proprietary batteries.

If you’re looking for a tactical-use rechargeable flashlight with an innovative low voltage notification and super-simple UI, check out the Olight Warrior X4.

This is why I would recommend this flashlight:

  1. The Warrior X4 includes a high-quality 21700 rechargeable battery
  2. It has 2 ways of charging: onboard USB-C charging, and magnetic charging
  3. It has a unique low voltage warning vibration system, so you don’t need to look at low battery warnings via small LED indicator
  4. It has a simple and straightforward UI, which works great for tactical use.

Best rechargeable flashlight with 32650 battery

Olight Marauder Mini

One of the most interesting 32650 lights currently available

Olight Marauder Mini in hand
Olight Marauder Mini runtime 

I can’t help, but say that the Marauder Mini is a phenomenal rechargeable flashlight with phenomenal performance combined with exceptional battery life. With a physical switch, you easily toggle between spot mode and flood mode. Both light sources have 7 modes, while you have access to 3 colored modes with 4 modes each.

And like most other Olight flashlights, its performance is outstanding. Turbo mode (L7) is approximately 6000 for 5 minutes before dropping to 2,000 lumens. And Level 6 is 3,000 lumens for more than 26 minutes before dropping to 1000 lumens. No other flashlight in this class has been able to achieve this. If you find one, let us know.

For more details, check out our Olight Marauder Mini review.

This is why I would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Has great maximum output of over 6,000 lumens, and almost 700 yards (632 meters) with the spotlight
  2. Easy switching between a narrow beam to throw far, and a wide beam for close up stuff
  3. Runs for extremely long, and should last for a whole week, when you just use the light in the lowest setting, each night. (Total runtime is over 35 hours on lowest mode, which is 100 lumens)
  4. Has different colors of light, if that’s your thing. Blue green and red.

Magnetic charging

Olight Arkfeld Pro

A new design with LED, Laser pointer, and UV light

Olight Arkfeld PRO in use
Olight Arkfeld PRO runtime 10min
Max. brightness:1300 lumens
LED type:Unkown
Battery type:Built-in
Charging:USB-C charging
Best for:Every Day Carry

The Olight Arkfeld Pro is the latest iteration in the Arkfeld series, offering a unique design combined with an internal battery, magnetic charging, and intuitive mode switching between white light, UV, and green laser.

It kind of looks like a small remote for TV’s but it’s pretty comfortable in use. The Pro model is larger than its predecessors, and one reason is probably that it has three light sources instead of 1 (or 2), and a 43% increase in battery capacity.

The switch mechanism involves an outer ring for selecting modes and a center switch for standard functions. With 1300 lumens, the Arkfeld Pro serves well as an everyday carry light, and its UV and green laser functions cater to various detection and entertainment scenarios.

Olight’s updated lifetime warranty, further enhances the product’s value by covering built-in batteries.

This is why I would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Olight’s lifetime warranty
  2. 3 light sources in 1: white light, laser pointer, UV light.
  3. Battery increased from 1050mAh in the original Arkfeld, to 1500mAh in the Arkfeld Pro
  4. Easy to use UI
  5. Easy to switch between light sources
  6. Uses USB-C for charging

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4 Brightest rechargeable flashlights

Acebeam X75 (USB-C charging)

A 80,000-lumen rechargeable flashlight

Acebeam X75 inhand
Acebeam X75 runtime 1 hour
  • Max output: 80,000 lumens (we measured over 80,000 lumens)
  • LED: 12 CREE XHP70.2 LEDs
  • Light mode: 6 modes + strobe
  • Replaceable cooling fan
  • 4×21700 battery pack built-in
  • Built-in charging USB-C PD

If you’re looking for a high-lumen rechargeable light that can sustain its brightness the longest, it’s the Acebeam X75. Check out the runtime graph to see how long and how high it can sustain its brightness. At the moment, this is the highest sustainable output in any flashlight! No joke.

In our test, we noticed that it can sustain more than 20,000 lumens for 20 minutes. No other flashlight can do this, including the more powerful Imalent MS18. And keep in mind that it’s even waterproof, even with the fan.

Here’s some reasons why you should consider the Acebeam X75 as your next high-power rechargeable flashlight.:

  1. Extremely fast charging (65Watt charger is included, but an optional 100W charger is available)
  2. Highest sustainable output in the world, with over 20,000 lumens for 20 minutes
  3. Includes a replaceable cooling fan (and it includes a spare one) to keep the flashlight cooled
  4. Has a powerbank feature to charge any USB device on the fly
  5. The carry handle has a switch built-in.. so you only need to use 1 hand
  6. Get direct access to Turbo mode, Ultra Low mode, and Strobe mode.

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Imalent MS18 (19V DC charging)

At 100,000 lumens, it is the second brightest rechargeable flashlight in the world.

Imalent MS18
Imalent MS18 runtime

This is the brightest rechargeable flashlight in the world, with a whopping 100,000-lumen output in Turbo mode, and 70,000 in the high lumen setting. This would be our top pick if you want the highest brightness.

No other flashlight can claim the MS18’s output claims, and no other brand has fielded a competitor, so the Imalent MS18 occupies a special niche in the flashlight market. With the included quick charge adapter, charging takes about 4 hours from empty to fully charged. The output is really breathtaking. If you are into high-powered flashlights, the Imalent MS18 is one you should consider. It has a hefty price tag, but you are buying the most powerful flashlight in the world. If you can handle the noisy built-in fans, you won’t be disappointed. It’s about 100 times as bright as the Maglite ML150LR!

Don’t forget to check out our review of the Imalent MS18 for more information, runtime graphs, output tests, lumen, and throw distance tests with beamshots to see what 100,000 lumens look like. Oh and you don’t need to use 100,000 lumens all the time, you can choose any brightness level between 10K and 100K.

Here’s some reasons why you should consider the Imalent MS18

  1. It has the highest lumen output of all flashlights currently available
  2. Come with a carry case for maximum protection during storage and carry
  3. Uses (noisy) fans to keep the temperature in check

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Imalent SR32 (USB-C charging)

At 120,000 lumens, it is currently the brightest rechargeable flashlight in the world.

imalent sr32 inhand2
imalent sr32 runtime comparison sustained v2

Just like all the other flashlights on the list, we don’t go by specifications. And during our test, we measured just over 100,000 lumens, which is on par with the Imalent MS18.

In fact, the maximum output was just a few hundred lumens higher than the MS18, and also the rest of its performance is much better. The SR32 can sustain a higher output for much longer, and the overall beam distance is much, much better than the MS18.

I actually have 2 copies now of this light. The second copy is performing much better. Please know that these are extremely high output flashlights.

Some people have actually burned some LEDs on their SR32, so you choose if this is the risk you want to take.

This is why I would recommend the SR32 over the MS18

  1. The SR32 has a carry handle with built-in switch
  2. The SR32 charges via USB-C at a maximum of 100Watt.
  3. The battery pack also serves as a power bank, via a USB-A output
  4. A full charge only takes 1.5 hours
  5. The beam throws farther than the MS18

Buy the Imalent SR32 at one of these stores. And if you buy from Imalentstore, use our discount code to get an extra 10% off. Use coupon code: 1lumen

Imalent MS32 (USB-C charging)

imalent ms32 in use 1
imalent ms32 runtime comparison sustained 90min
Max. brightness:200,000 lumens (we measured 179,000+)
LED type:32* CREE XHP70.2
Battery type:12*21700 battery pack
Charging:USB-C charging (100 watt fast charge)
Extra:3 active cooling fans

We tested the Imalent MS32 and I almost can’t believe the performance results. During our testing we saw that the highest 3 modes can keep up with all the other brightest flashlights on this list..

So far, Imalent has been lonely at the top of this list for quite some time, and now it becomes even harder for any other brand to top it. The new MS32 is twice as bright as the MS18 on paper, and I measured almost 180,000 lumens at turn on. In reality this is even more, because my testing setup (homemade integrating sphere) isn’t large enough for this output.

Charging was also pretty fast, since Imalent includes a 100Watt USB-C charger, that charges the battery pack in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. I measured the charging time 6 or 7 different times, and each time it was somewhere between 1h43min to 1h53min.

Besides having the highest output of all flashlights, even important, it can also sustain the highest output of all. It can do about 36000+ lumens for 30+ minutes in Turbo mode, and roughly 18,000 lumens in High 1 mode (without the use of the fans) for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. That’s insane, because it’s about the same sustained output as the Imalent SR32 in Turbo, but twice as long and without the noise of the cooling fans. And compared to the Acebeam X75 turbo mode, it’s slightly lower (but likely impossible to notice in person) but runs 4 times longer.

If you are looking for the brightest flashlight, this is it! It dwarfs its competition.

It’s a true lumenmonster!

This is why I would recommend the MS32

  1. Brightest flashlight on planet earth in 2024
  2. Highest sustained output flashlight on planet earth
  3. High 1 mode, has a longer sustained output that all other flashlights on this list, and without the use of its internal fans. This means a quiet flashlight, but extremely bright.
  4. Fast 100Watt charging, and finishes charging in 1 hour 45 minutes
  5. We measured almost 40,000 lumens for more than 30 minutes, with 700 meters beam distance in Turbo mode.
  6. It has built in cooling fans to sustain its high output

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FAQ about Rechargeable torches

Are these really the best rechargeable flashlights?

Although new flashlights are popping up in online stores almost daily, it’s impossible to test and review every single flashlight on the market. This list is not exhaustive but represents the best and most-requested flashlights. 1Lumen strives to provide you with the latest and most thorough reviews, so if you would like to see a particular light tested, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll have a look. We are always open to suggestions and try to provide you with the best and brightest. Our goal is to have the “best rechargeable flashlight list” on the Internet.

Any words of caution?

When looking for a rechargeable flashlight, proper care and handling are important factors to consider. Although rechargeable flashlights are pretty safe, most of them still contain lithium batteries, and lithium-ion batteries can cause fires or even explode if mishandled. Always consult the user manuals for safe handling and use of lithium batteries. It’s dangerous to try charging disposable batteries in a flashlight! 

Should I buy a rechargeable flashlight or lithium ion batteries on eBay, Amazon, Banggood, or Aliexpress?

A word of advice: Buy at your own risk. Most flashlights sold on eBay are an unknown brand and rely on slow Micro USB or USB-C charging systems, non existent low-voltage protection for the lithium battery, dodgy electronics, and sometimes really poor quality. Spend the extra money and get a rechargeable flashlight from a reputable brand like Thrunite, Astrolux, Mateminco, Fenix, Olight, and Acebeam. The same rule applies when buying lithium ion batteries. Always buy batteries from reputable sellers, and be sure to only purchase name brand batteries from Samsung, Sony, LG, Molicel, and Sanyo/Panasonic.

Types of rechargeable flashlights

There are currently 3 main charging solutions for flashlights, and each of them has pros and cons. So, before you purchase a flashlight, make sure you know what type of rechargeable flashlight fits your needs. You only know how you want to use your flashlight. Choosing ‘the best ones’ depend solely on your requirements. 

Here are the 3 types:

  1. With USB ports (Micro USB, USB-C)
  2. Magnetic charging (Proprietary systems)
  3. DC Power adapter (Kind of proprietary)
  • What are the Pros & cons of Micro USB and USB-C Charging

    Micro USB and the newer USB-C are the most common charging solutions for flashlights. The issues with these are they aren’t particularly waterproof because they are built inside the flashlight, and the charge ports can break or wear out over time. Moreover, the charge ports are usually covered with a rubber cover to keep water out, so if this cover gets damaged or lost, it creates an entry point for moisture, dust, or dirt.
    The benefits of USB-C over Micro USB include the ability to charge batteries quickly thanks to quick charge and PD (power delivery) protocols can put out up to 45 watts or more compared to the typical 10 watts. It’s great for high-capacity battery packs found on high-lumen lights like the Fenix LR80R.
    Most of these flashlights are using lithium-ion batteries, instead of rechargeable AA or AAA batteries.

  • What’s the deal with Magnetic charging?

    The other method is magnetic charging. Two popular brands employ magnetic charging: Olight and Armytek, and both have their own proprietary charge system. The main benefits of these systems are durability and waterproofness. There are no ports or openings, so water and debris aren’t going to get into the light. There’s also no physical connector or plug to break or wear out.
    The downside of these magnetic charging solutions is the magnetic base. It can stick to your keys, or other small metal things. Depending on the flashlight, it could potentially activate the light by accident. The other negative is if you lose the proprietary charging cable, you cannot use a generic one, so you will have to buy a replacement. Unless, you take the battery out and charge it in a normal lithium-ion charger.
    A magnetic Olight or Armytek flashlight comes with a battery, by default.

  • What are some benefits of DC Power Adapters/Barrel Jacks?

    Some lights, particularly high power lights, use a DC power adapter paired with a traditional barrel jack and connector for charging, like the Imalent MS18, Imalent MS12 Mini, Acebeam X70, Wuben A1, and Thrunite TN50. They all ship with their own power adapter that can charge a high-capacity battery pack (the MS18 has 8, 4000 mAh 21700 cells in its battery) quicker than standard USB can manage.

  • Anything else interesting to note?

    Not too long ago, a 1 amp Micro USB charging solution was considered ‘quick.’ However, with the rise of USB-C with PD (power delivery) and quick charging, recharging times have dropped quite a bit in the last two years. Now, 10 watts is on the low end, and it’s becoming commonplace where manufacturers are fielding QC and PD charging on their lights, with 18 and even 24 watt recharge rates. Even high-capacity batteries can be charged very quickly.
    Also, make sure you get a rechargeable battery shipped with the flashlight. Not all rechargeable flashlights include a battery. Most magnetic and DC-powered chargers come with a battery or built-in battery pack.

  • How about rechargeable headlamps?

    Best rechargeable headlamps
    We also made a list of the best rechargeable headlamps. These lists contain flashlight and headlamps we reviewed personally.