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Unlike most of the "Top 10 best rechargeable flashlights" websites you have found in Google, we have actually owned and reviewed hundreds of flashlights on our team. 426 to be precise. Many of those lists are written by people who know nothing about flashlights! In fact, many of these people do not even own a flashlight. How we can tell?

First of all, they show utterly ridiculous flashlights that should never ever be recommended. I and my team hope to give you some real insight with many in-depth reviews covering all types of flashlights. Please ignore my non-native English, because I'm actually Dutch.. ; --)

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Most popular small rechargeable LED flashlights

Holding Nitecore TUP in hand 3

Nitecore TUP : 1000 lumen flashlight

Looking for a 1000 lumen rechargeable flashlight on your keys?

  • Max output: 1000 lumens (we tested this)
  • Two user modes: Constant and Press-only.
  • Built-in Micro USB charger

The Nitecore TUP is a performer. In hand, it looks a little unusual with the buttons and OLED display. But when you press that button.... you will blind yourself with 1000 lumens. We have reviewed the Nitecore TUP, please check out the review. It reached 1000 lumens, no joke! Unlike many other brands on eBay or Aliexpress, this is a real 1000 lumen flashlight.

If you are looking for something lightweight, but don't mind the bit chunky-sized keychain light, this is a great way to get ahead of the game. The OLED display tells exactly how many more minutes the battery will last. You can achieve maximum brightness only by pressing the button continuously. The highest constant output mode is 200 lumens.

18650-battery powered rechargeable LED flashlights

Olight warrior Mini 2 in hand

Olight Warrior Mini 2

Rechargeable and tactical 18650 flashlight

  • Maximum output: 1750 lumens (we measured 1658 after 30 seconds)
  • High power Olight 18650 battery is included
  • UI: Standard modes and Tactical modes
  • Proprietary charge system

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is a short tactical 18650 flashlight with an inbuilt charge system. Its primary LED is a powerful Luminus SST40.

During our test, we noticed that the runtime of the Warrior Mini 2 is rather exceptional. It runs for 18+ hours at 100+ lumens in Medium mode, while Turbo and High mode last more than 3.5 hours. So in terms of performance, the Warrior mini 2 is doing an amazing job.

But with those high output numbers comes responsibility. Olight decided to build a proximity sensor inside, so it can see when objects are getting close to the front. If it does, it lowers its output and reduces the chance of burning your finger, or pockets.

Please find out more about the Olight Warrior Mini 2 here.

Some of the best USB-C rechargeable flashlights

Astrolux EC01 in hand

Astrolux EC01

The Astrolux EC is a heck of a light. Both powerful and good looking!

  • UI is very easy
  • Small and lightweight
  • Illuminated button for easy operation at night
  • USB-C charging
  • Uses 21700 batteries
  • 18650 batteries work with an extender

Using a dedicated USB-C charge port, this is definitely one you should consider when getting into a 21700 type rechargeable flashlights.
The Astrolux EC01 has a maximum output of 3500 Lumens, which is extremely powerful. On top of the great maximum output, it also is able to reach about 30.000cd of beam distance. Read the full review we published on the Astrolux EC01 for all details. Astrolux is also sold under the Mateminco brand, just to keep this in mind.

It's quite an impressive performer, and it's also looking good.

WildTrail WT3M holding

WildTrail WT3M

A new brand, but definitely worth the money!

  • Output: 6800 lumens (we measured 6132 at start)
  • Battery: 21700 Lithium-Ion battery
  • Uses USB-C for charging

From our review: "Nothing else out there looks like the WT series lights (especially when buck naked), and for the price, it’s hard to beat the performance and features. I obviously got a very nice bin of XHP50.2’s, and the beam is fantastic with a nice balance of flood and some throw. You get an excellent driver, onboard charging, and excellent thermal performance to boot. It’s also fully moddable, so if you get tired of the 50.2’s, they can easily be swapped for either SFT or SST40s. The thermal performance is very good for a small light as well, further accentuated by Anduril’s thermal configurability.

There were some issues though. I didn’t like the flimsy charge port cover, nor the errant clear coating with resultant connection issues and flickering (although easily remedied). The lack of a pocket clip for EDC duty was also annoying, as was the unimpressive peak charge current on my sample.
Although it doesn’t do anything remarkably better than the competition, all things considered, the WildTrail WT3M is an excellent light and a great option if you’re in the market for a hotrod triple. The future seems to be very bright for WildTrail and I hope to see more like this in the future."

Olight Warrior X PRO Desert Sunset in hand

Olight Warrior X Pro

Tactical flashlight with vibration low-battery alert

  • Max output: 2250 lumens
  • Battery: included 5000mAh 21700 Lithium-Ion battery.
  • IPX8 rating: 2 meters submersible, waterproof
  • Built-in MCC 3 magnetic charge system.

The Olight Warrior X PRO is probably the first of its kind, as it comes with an interesting vibration Low Voltage Warning: it actually vibrates!? When the battery level goes down to 30%, it starts vibrating once every 5 minutes. When the battery SOC(State of Charge) drops to 10%, it will vibrate every 60 seconds. When it drops to 5%, it does so every 10 seconds.

Warrior X Pro features a redesigned raised tail switch for an unprecedented intuitive operation experience. The IPX8-rated aluminum alloy body sports a pronounced knurling pattern for a better grip. It has only 2 output levels, Turbo and regular output, 2250 lumens and 300 lumens. You don't need a zoom mechanism with this type of light. Unfortunately, the X PRO can be wall-mounted with the L-dock magnetic charging kit (optional).

The Low Voltage Warning(LVP) mechanism is quite innovative with its vibration alert! Great powerful flashlight for Police and tactical use.

26650 battery rechargeable flashlights

holding the Astrolux MF01 mini in hand

Astrolux MF01-mini

Extremely powerful rechargeable flashlight.


  • Maximum output: 6100 lumens (depending on the choice of emitters and battery used)
  • LED: 7* Luminus SST20
  • Adjustable secondary colorful AUX LEDs
  • Battery: 26650 Lithium-Ion battery (21700/18650 when using an adapter)
  • USB-C port built-in charge system
  • Available in 4000K (neutral white), 5000K, and 6500K (Cold White)
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Maximum beam intensity of 43000cd (415 meters)

If you are looking for an extremely bright, rechargeable flashlight, consider the Astrolux MF01 mini (Mateminco MT07). It is one of the most powerful single 26650 battery flashlights available. Besides choosing one of the 3 different emitter types, it also includes secondary AUX LEDs to use red and green light.
With a maximum of 6100 Lumens, this is one heck of a powerful flashlight. You don't need to be afraid of the dark anymore with the MF01 Mini. Be sure to read the manual when attempting to program your desired settings! Check out our full review of the Astrolux MF01-mini.

WIth only 111mm long and a battery tube of 34mm, this is one hack of a tiny monster. There is also a copper and brass Astrolux MF01 Mini available at Bangood.

#1 Brightest rechargeable flashlight with most lumens

Imalent MS18 in hand

Imalent MS18

Brightest rechargeable flashlight on planet earth.

  • Max output: 100,000 lumens
  • LED: 18* XHP70.2 High Power CREE LEDs
  • Built-in cooling
  • 8x21700 battery pack
  • Built-in charging system, and comes with power adapter(Not USB)

This is the #1 brightest rechargeable flashlight in the world, with a whopping 100,000-lumen output. Check out our Imalent MS18 review to learn more about this beast.
Charging takes about 4 hours, from empty to full. The output is really breathtaking. If you are into high-powered flashlights, the Imalent MS18 is one you should consider. It has a hefty price tag, but this will blow you away. There is however a small caveat.. its built in fans are pretty noisy!

Don't forget to check out our review to see how bright it is.. it's crazy...

It's about 100 times as bright as the new Maglite ML150LR! That bright!

FAQ about Rechargeable torches

Are these the best rechargeable flashlights?

We can see new flashlights popping up in online stores almost daily. But, unfortunately, it's just impossible to test and review every single flashlight on the market.

However, we always do our best to provide you with the latest and most incredible reviews as much as we can. So if you think we missed an excellent rechargeable flashlight on the site.. reach out to us, and we'll have a look. We are always open to suggestions and try to provide you just with the best of the best. So we hope to have to most relevant "best rechargeable flashlight list" on the market.

Some words of warning:

When looking for a rechargeable flashlight, you better know how to take proper care of it. Although rechargeable flashlights are safer than ordinary lithium-powered flashlights, most of them still contain lithium batteries. Lithium-ion batteries can explode under certain circumstances. Although these are only rare cases, you should keep this in mind.

Waterproofness and usability

There are currently 3 main charge solutions for flashlights. And each of them has their issues.

USB rechargeable

1 is the traditional USB charging, be it Micro USB, or USB-C. Both aren't particularly waterproof, because they are built inside the flashlight, and usually covered with a rubber USB cover to keep water out. This is not fool proof. So take this into consideration when taking your rechargeable flashlight on your next trip.

Magnetic rechargeable

The other is done with magnetic charging. 2 popular brands using this technique are Olight and Armytek. Both use their own proprietary charge system. The biggest PRO with these systems is the waterproofness. There are no holes or anything, so water isn't going to get into the light.

The downside of these magnetic charging solutions is the .... well... magnetic base. They can stick to your keys, or other small metal things. Depending on the flashlight, it could potentially activate the light by accident.

DC power plugs

And some, that don's use either of the aforementioned methods, use a DC power adapter, like the Imalent MS18, and Acebeam X70. Both are shipped with their own power adapter, and they can't be charged with a USB cable. This is usually done for flashlights with a big batterypack, that would take ages to charge at a low Voltage.

Fortunately enough, these days we have USB-C that can charge at higher Voltage and therefore speed up the charging. Flashlights like the Olight Marauder 2, and Acebeam X50 come with this type of fast charging.

What you should know before buying a rechargeable flashlight for EDC on eBay: 

Please don't buy a 'rechargeable torch' from an unknown brand on eBay. Likely, the charging system or the LVP (Low Voltage Protection) within the flashlight is not up to the task. Get high-quality batteries from reputable sellers instead.

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