Best 21700 Flashlight reviews (and 20700)

  • Single 21700 flashlights

Astrolux FT01 

The Astrolux FT01 runs off 21700 batteries, but with the included battery adapter it also accepts 18650 batteries, although it is not necessary to use while using 18650 batteries.


 Astrolux FT02

A great thrower! With a light intensity of 180kcd! And doing this with only 1 battery, in stock format!


Wuben A21 Apollo

The Wuben A21 Apollo is a 4200 Lumens flashlight.. Although the Turbo mode is only very short, it has a few very nice features! Have a read.


Zebralight SC700d

The first 21700 flashlight Zebralight has put on the market, and with great succes. Wow, this is a performer and also good looking. This is a 2019 model.


Multi 21700 flashlights (and 20700)

Imalent MS12

The Imalent MS12 is one of the brightest flashlights on the market as of 2019! With a dazzling 53,000 lumens max output