Olight Odin Turbo

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Olight Odin Turbo Review: LEP WML Flashlight

Olight Odin Turbo specifications

Brand/modelOlight Odin Turbo
LEDLEP 0.39mW @ 440~455nm wavelength
Lumens330 lm
Beam intensity275,625 cd
Battery config.1*21700
Review dateMay 2021

Introduction Olight Odin Turbo WML light:

We’ve reviewed several Olight flashlights over the past few years, including the siblings of the Olight Odin Turbo, namely: Olight Odin, Olight Odin Limited Edition, Olight Odin Mini.

Although these are all weapon-mount flashlights (WML), there is a significant difference between the 3 older siblings and the Olight Odin Turbo, namely the light source. Instead of the widely available LED light source, Olight decided to step into the LEP Flashlight territory. And since we currently have the most LEP flashlight reviews, I was excited to see Olight entering the LP market with the Odin Turbo.

Olight already talked about their first LEP back at the beginning of 2020, but a lot of research and finetuning has been put into this flashlight, unlike some other non-branded flashlights that probably just stick an LEP module in it, and call it a day. Olight didn’t really change the style of their flashlight and adapted the new LEP system within their current lineup.

Package quality.

Olight never disappoints in terms of packaging. And the new Odin Turbo is no exception. Like probably all other Olight boxes I have, the lid uses a magnet to close it, which looks pretty professional. And of course, inside the box everything has been customized to fit every accessory.

Here’s what you will get:

  • The Olight Odin Turbo
  • Dual-position Picatinny rail mount (pre-installed)
  • 5000mAh 21700 battery (Olight proprietary)
  • Magnetic remote switch with rail mount
  • MCC3 charging adapter
  • Allen wrench & screws, zip-ties
  • Manual

Flashlight in use

Also, in regards of its design and handling, Olight flashlights never really disappoint. Despite the fact that the Olight Odin is actually a weapon-mount flashlight, you could still use it by hand. Especially by removing the little gun-mount adapter with the allen screws.

The attachment point for the rail mount protrudes from the side and will prevent it from rolling away. The rail mount itself should be affixed to a Picatinny rail and tightened down with the included Allen wrench. The mount provides two locations for attaching the Odin – on the top of it or offset to the side. Your gun setup will dictate which position makes the most sense. With the mount in position, the Odin slides in easily and will give a reassuring “click” when it’s in place. From there, a locking knob should be turned on the rail mount to ensure the Odin will tightly stay in its location. Put the knob back into the unlock position and depress it to easily remove the Odin again.

The Olight Odin Turbo package includes a remote switch. It connects magnetically to the tail of the flashlight and has a detent ring to hold it firmly in place. The remote switch has two silent pressure pads, one for momentary function and one for on/off. The switch comes mounted in a Picatinny rail adapter, but could also be removed from the adapter and attached to the gun by other means (such as two-sided tape) if you don’t have a rail where you would like to mount the remote switch.

The magnet in the tailcap can also be used to hang the light vertically. Sideways is kind of impossible with its length.

Build Quality, and Warranty

One thing you will know for sure buying an Olight flashlight is the great workmanship and build quality. The new Odin Turbo looks very similar to its siblings, but there are some slight design changes. And honestly, they do make the flashlight look even better for sure!

This can also be seen by the way they ship the flashlight, in a uniquely designed box with a nice number of accessories.

And Olight also stands behind their products. Their warranty mentions the following:

  • Within 30 days of purchase: Return the product to the retailer you purchased it from and they will replace or repair it. Period.
  • Within 5 years of purchase: Return the product to Olight and we will repair or replace it as long as the light is not working because of factory defects. This does not include obvious user wear or extreme damage.
  • After 5 years of purchase: Return the product to Olight and we will repair or replace it. We will assess the fees involved and will let you know once we receive it.

For more details on warranty check out the following link: https://olightworld.com/olight-warranty

LEP, Lens, Bezel, and Reflector

Here’s where things really become interesting. This Odin doesn’t use a traditional LED, but an LEP module instead. You can’t really see the LEP module through the front lens, unlike its competitors. But when I look carefully, I notice a circular yellow spot instead of the cat-eye on the more common LEP modules.

Unfortunately, I can’t remove the bezel without using force or heat. But to me, it looks like a LEP module that is actually backlit instead of the mirror style seen in the traditional LEP lights like the Acebeam W10 and Weltool W3.

But when it comes to the beam color… I am not very excited because it’s pretty yellow. That’s definitely something you have to get used to, if even can/want to get used to it. I wouldn’t be surprised this to be a dealbreaker for some. Most people probably prefer something more neutral or cool white.

The beam itself is of course very concentrated with a tight hotspot. And also with the beam, you probably shouldn’t care about a ring or change of color. But I’ve said many times, LEP flashlight are not likely to impress tint snobs. So, if you care about tints and beampatterns, you will likely be disappointed by most, if not all, LEP flashlights.

And I admit that Olight didn’t choose the prettiest beam color.

Dimensions and size comparison

OdinOdin Turbo
length136.5mm / 5.37″155mm/ 6.1″
head29mm / 1.14″31 mm / 1.22″
body26.6mm / 1.05″24.31mm / 0.958″

I measured the narrowest part on the body.


measured without any attachments

  • Empty: 137.3 g /  4.84oz
  • With battery: 210.3 g / 7.42oz

LEP Flashlight comparison

Size compared to other LEP flashlights

Rear row: Olight Odin Turbo, Maxtoch Xsword L2K, Acebeam W30, Weltool W4, Astrolux WP2, Jetbeam RRT M1X Raptor, Jetbeam M1X wp-rx, Nobranded 26650 LEP

Front row: Nextorch T10L, Jetbeam RRT M2S Raptor, Weltool W3 PRO, Fenix TK30, Jetbeam M2S wp-rx, Nextorch T7L, Acebeam W10 gen2.

Driver & User Interface:

Compared to many other flashlights, the UI of the Olight Odin Turbo seems very simple. In a purpose-built light, I consider that a good thing. Too many modes or options can lead to confusion. A weapon-mounted light is no place for confusion or complex UIs.


From OFF:

  • Half click: constant on, low mode
  • Half press (> ~0.5 sec): momentary on, low mode
  • Full click: constant on, high mode
  • Full press (> ~0.5 sec): momentary on, high mode
  • Click (remote switch, one side): constant on, high mode
  • Hold (remote switch, other side): momentary on, high mode

From ON:

  • Click: off

Mode memory:

  • Nope!

Low voltage warning:

  • Yes.  It’s a vibration low voltage indicator
  • Power < 20%: vibrate once every 5 minutes
  • Power < 10%: vibrate once per minute
  • Power < 5%: vibrate once every 10 seconds


  • Nope!

Lock-out mode: 

  • No electronic lockout nor physical lockout.  Loosening the tailcap does not disable the switch until the tailcap is almost ready to fall off.


  • None

Add additional info: the operation of the Olight Odin is refreshingly simplistic.  In the midst of “how do I turn this one on?” UIs, the Odin is dead simple to operate.

Batteries & Charging

Olight uses a proprietary battery and charging system. Although you can still charge the battery in a normal conventional lithium charger (as long as it can make contact with the positive terminal), you can’t replace it with a regular non-Olight battery.

The 21700 battery included is an Olight ORB-217C50, Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. Which is a lot more capacity than a regular 18650 battery, but only slightly larger.

Olight includes an MCC3 magnetic charging cable, and it doesn’t accept any older MCC’s. Olight uses a proprietary charging system to guarantee the best possible performance and safety.

Charging takes about 3 hours inside the light.

The batteries in the pictures below are from another flashlight, but are identical in characteristics.


Lumen measurements:

All output numbers are relative to my homemade Integrating Sphere. It is set up with an Extech SDL400 Lux Meter for measurements including a Kenko PRO1D ND-16 filter. The base measurement is done with a Convoy S2+ that has been tested at 255 lumens.

All of my readings were taken from a fully-charged Olight 21700 5000mAh battery

ModeSpecs@ 30 seconds@ start
High330 lumens379 lumens395
Low90108 lumens111

Olight uses pretty conservative numbers at all times, unlike other manufacturers who like to over-promise, and under-deliver. But Olight does the opposite… over-deliver!


The runtime test was done with the 50cm integrating sphere, including the Kenko Pro1D ND-16 filter and Extech SDL400 data logging Lux Meter.

The runtime graph is pretty boring in terms of lumens. It starts out at around 395 lumens and dropping off to about 330 lumens when it drops to 240 lumens. And the next drops are also visible, and total runtime is 3 hours and 35 minutes for High.

Low runtime test is coming soon. The previous one didn’t work out because the batteries for the luxmeter ran out before the test was done…. “an average day in the life of a flashlight reviewer”

But below you can see the runtime test compared to other LEP flashlights in terms of throw (candela). This number is calculated by the number of lux inside the integrating sphere. The difference can be about 15% lower, but that is for all lights, and not just the Odin Turbo.

The performance in terms of throw is really good!


Throw Measurement

Measurements were taken outdoors at 20 meters distance, after 30 seconds, with a professional Hagner E4-X Lux Meter.

Modes:SpecsMeasured @30secMetersYardsMiles
High275,625 cd368,000 cd12131326.840.75
Lown/a112,000 cd669731.990.42

As you can see, the measured numbers are much better than the specs. This is pretty common for Olight who are relatively conservative with their numbers.



For the following beamshots I used a Canon EOS 5D Mk2 and a 50mm lens. manual settings: ISO1600, 1/4sec , F4, 5000K

The shed is about 65 meters / 71 yards away. 

For the next set of beamshots I used a Canon EOS 5D Mk2 and a 100mm lens. manual settings: ISO1600, .5sec , F4, 5000K

The tower is about 450 meters / 492 yards away, but it was rainy, so the beam is more visible on the Olight Odin Turbo. Soon, i’ll redo the beamshots. Also, this was about 11PM, and it still wasn’t completely dark.

Disclaimer: This flashlight was sent to me for review at no cost by Olight. I have not been paid to review, nor have I been holding back on problems or defects.

Explanation on star ratings:

  1. – Avoid: my phone flashlight would be a better choice
  2. – Poor: significant defect or issues, much better options available at the same price
  3. – Average: some defects or issues
  4. – Good: recommended (minor issues)
  5. – Great: highly recommended

Final Verdict


  1. High build quality
  2. Great performance (one of the best LEPs at the moment of reviewing)
  3. Accessories
  4. One of the few WML lights (Weapon Mount Light)


  1. Pretty green beam
Author: Marco

4.5 stars: ★★★★⋆

This is one of the lights I have been looking forward to for a while. Now, I’m pretty pleased by its performance. The biggest downside is the color of the beam. If you don’t care about the beam color, the Oding Turbo is a really good-performing LEP flashlight.

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1lumen selects and reviews products personally. We may earn affiliate commissions through our links, which help support our testing.