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LEP flashlights
Big LEP flashlights compared
LEP flashlight measurements
Small LEP flashlights compared

And just in case you are interested in very bright lights, check out this detailed list of the world's current brightest flashlights. And yes, they were all reviewed by our dedicated and competent team.

See all the white laser flashlights I own and have reviewed.

Cheapest LEP flashlight

Cheapest LEP lights

It wasn't so long ago that all LEP flashlights were prices well over $200. Fortunately, the price has come down, and many flashlights have been available below $200.

Here is a small list of LEPs that are recommended (we reviewed them) and still affordable. Keep in mind these are nothing compared to the farthest reaching LEPs when it comes to pure throw capabilities. But they are nice to ' test the waters' and start your LEP journey.

Lumintop Thor 1

Lumintop Thor 1 in hand

With a length of only 3.8 inches (96.6mm) the Thor1 is currently the shortest flashlight on the planet. With the following discount codes, you can have one below $150.

Nealsgadgets code: 1lumenLEP

Amutorch BT35

Amutorch BT35 holding in hand

This is one of the cheapest and coolest Tactical LEP flashlights so far

Nealsgadgets code: 1LumenLEP

Neals 26650 LEP

LEP flashlight in hand

The unbranded 26650 LEP sold by Neal is one of the best throwers for the money. With the coupon available for less than $125, and throws almost 2 kilometers (I measured 1992 meters)

Discount code: 1lumenLEP

Smallest and shortest LEP flashlight

Lumintop Ant Man

Lumintop Ant Man holding

Thinnest and smallest LEP flashlight

  • Max beam distance: 590 meters ( I measured 523 meters and 67,400 cd)
  • Max output: 165 lumens (I measured 156 lumens)
  • Battery type: 14500 (this is the size of an AA battery, but AA's don't work)

Lumintop has the smallest LEP flashlights on the market, this, and the Thor 1. The Thor 1 is the shortest of the bunch with a length of only 3.8 inches (96.6mm), while the Ant Man is only longer by a few millimeters (3.96"/ 100.6mm). I only post it here, because it is the most lightweight LEP on the market, but not without issues.

Mine, and also others have trouble with a high parasitic drain in this light. If you don't mind that, go for it. Just pointing out this is the smallest LEP available.

For all the juicy details, check out our review of the Lumintop Ant Man.

Smallest LEP flashlight on the planet

  • Max beam distance: 1,200 meters ( I measured 1193 meters and 356,000 cd)
  • Max output: 400 lumens (I measured 323 lumens)
  • Battery type: 18350
  • Class: N/A

Lumintop has some of the smallest LEP flashlights on the market. The Thor 1 is the shortest of the bunch with a length of only 3.8 inches (96.6mm) and a reach of almost 1200 meters. That's the farthest-reaching flashlight under 4inches long, period.

With a simple UI, everybody is able to use it, but you shouldn't let children play with it, because of the extremely high beam intensity.

For more details, check out our in-depth review of the Lumintop Thor 1.

Use discount code: 1lumenthor at Nealsgadgets

Big LEP flashlights compared

In the image above you can see all the larger LEP flashlights we reviewed.

Only the ones that are still available are mentioned below. Some of the ones tested are EOL (end of life).

Small LEP flashlight with 1 battery (18650/21700)

Weltool W3 PRO

Weltool W3 PRO in normal position
  • Max beam distance: 1,205 meters / 3,953 feet
  • Max beam intensity: 363,375cd
  • 2 modes: High and Low
  • Max lumen output: 505 lumens
  • Low lumen output: 102 lumens
  • USB-C charge cable
  • Battery type: 1*21700. UB21-50 li-ion USB rechargeable battery included

Weltool upgraded the Weltool W3 LEP flashlight, called the "The featherless Arrow". The gen2 W3 claims a distance of up to 1,205 meters and a beam intensity of 363,375cd. This is double the intensity of the gen1 which was rated at 'only' 180,000cd. The new W3 PRO maintains two output modes; High and Low. High has a max runtime of up to 1 hour and 58 minutes and Low up to 5 hours and 55 minutes. On top of the LEP upgrade, they decided to use 21700 cells instead. Many manufacturers are moving away from 18650 and more into the 21700 field. This means more capacity, longer runtimes, and more power.

Fenix HT30R

Farthest reaching small LEP

Fenix HT30R in hand
  • Max beam distance: 1200 meters (we measured 1612 meters / 1763 yards)
  • Max beam intensity: 600,000 cd (we measured 650,000 cd)
  • Max output: 500 lumens
  • Battery type: 21700 (5000mAh battery included)
  • Charging: Battery has a USB-C port for charging
  • Class: Class 1 laser

Fenix really knows how to make a great light. The HT30R has such a nice build quality, you can tell it was made to be an actual tool – not just a run-of-the-mill flashlight

And yes, it did reach 1,600 meters on its highest setting. That is really incredible for this size of light. Really! Fenix includes a nice amount of accessories including a pocket clip, lanyard, and a holster. So you can carry it the way you like.

We were able to measure a beam distance of up to 1,612meters with ours. If you want to learn more, read our in-depth review of the Fenix HT30R.

Also, don't forget to use our exclusive 1-time use discount: 1Lumen20 for 20% off your first purchase. (This is for all Fenix lights, not just this one. However, it can only be used once per customer)

  • Peak beam distance: 1,800 meters (We measured 1,888 meters)
  • Peak beam intensity: 769,500 cd (We measured  891,000 cd)
  • LED type: shine through
  • Battery type: 1*18350 (can also be used with 1*18650 battery, with optional adapter)
  • 3 modes: High and Low

The Lumintop Thor 2 is one of the few LEP flashlights that work on a 18350 battery.

During testing, I noticed that the numbers were higher than advertised which was a nice surprise. Also, the measurement in terms of output were no different between a high-quality 18350 battery and a high-quality 18650 battery. This means you can reach the same distance but with a smaller battery, and shorter runtime. Also, there is a v2 version, which doesn't perform as well. So there you go.

If you want to find out all the details, check out our Lumintop Thor 2 review

7 Farthest reaching LEP flashlights

Ordered based on actual distance, not claimed distance. (Removed all LEP flashlights that are not in production anymore)


Maxtoch Xsword L3K

maxtoch l3k in hand
  • Peak beam distance: 3,000 meters  ( I measured 2763 meters / 1.72 miles)
  • Peak beam intensity: 2,250,000 cd (2.25 Mcd) ( I measured 1,908,000 cd / 1.9 Mcd)
  • 3 output modes: High, Med and Low
  • Max output: 650 lumens ( I couldn't get it to reach that high, mine only went up to 513 lumens at start, but that's not very important
  • Battery type: 2*21700

The Maxtoch Xsword L3K is the successor of the #1 LEP, the L2K, but it's not throwing as far. Mine can reach up to 1.7 miles/ 2700 meters, which is still a whole lot. But the beam on the L3K looks better with less tint shift. You can drop the output by half but still hit 1.34 miles. Want more details? Read our Maxtoch Xsword L3K review. If you get one, use our special discount code: 1L60M3 at Maxtochstore.


Weltool W4

560 lumens, 2,670 meters, and 1.7Mcd beam intensity.

Weltool W4 holding in normal position
  • Peak beam distance: 2,670 meters / 1.65 miles ( I measured 2956 meters / 1.83 miles)
  • Peak beam intensity: 1,782,000cd (1.78 Mcd) ( I measured 2,184,000 cd 2.18 Mcd)
  • 2 output modes: High and Low
  • Max output: 560 lumens
  • Low output: 187 lumens (1,553 meters)
  • Emitter type: LEP
  • Battery type: 1*21700 battery included (or 1*18650 battery with adapter)
  • Type 3B Laser: 0.22 - 0.25W

The Weltool W4 is currently the second-best specced LEP flashlight. It can reach up to 2.6 kilometers, which is about 1.61 miles. We reviewed the Weltool W4, and it performs better than the manufacturer claims.

The knurling, the quality, the output, the intensity are all top-notch. It's performing better than all other LEP flashlights for 80% of the runtime. Yes, the Jetbeam M1X has a higher max intensity at the start, but the Weltool W4 takes the lead after the output drop.


Maxtoch Xsword LA60

Maxtoch flashlight in hand normal way

Focusable LEP , zoomy LEP

  • Peak beam distance: 2,500 meters  ( We measured 3015 meters / 1.87 miles)
  • Peak beam intensity: 1,562,000 cd  ( We measured 2,272,000 cd/ 2.72 Mcd)
  • 3 output modes: High, Mid, and Low
  • Focusable beam
  • Battery type: 2*21700 (only short ones will fit)

Here's the first focusable LEP flashlight for consumers. After reviewing the L2K and L3K, I wasn't sure if the LA60 was able to reach 2,500 meters, and I was wrong. My LA60 throws over 3 kilometers (1.87 miles) zoomed in.

Although this is still a fantastic light with great capabilities, you have to remember that when you zoom out, the beam becomes less usable. This is normal for focusable flashlights.

Want more details and pictures? Read our Maxtoch Xsword LA60 review.

If you get one, use our special discount code: 1L60M3 at Maxtochstore.


  • Peak beam distance: 2,900 meters / ( I measured 3106 meters / 1.93 miles)
  • Peak beam intensity: 2,180,000 cd (2.18 Mcd) ( I measured 2,412,000 cdd / 2.4 Mcd)
  • 3 output modes: Low, High, and Turbo
  • Max output: 562 lumens ( I couldn't get it to reach that high, mine only went up to 463 lumens at start, but that's not very important
  • Battery type: 1*26650 (or 1*201700 with adapter, battery included)

On paper this might beat the Maxtoch L2K, but in reality, the L2K performs better and has a much longer runtime because of the 2*21700 configuration. The WP3 comes with a 21700 4500mAh battery shipped, but it has a relatively short runtime. Especially compared to its competitors.

The WP3 is an amazing thrower, especially considering its price. It's available below $200 with our discount code, and therefore worth considering. Keep in mind that Low and High mode have both visible PWM, at least on my copy. Check out our full review of the Astrolux WP3 here.

Use the following code to get a great discount at Banggood: Discount code; BGFL8731


Maxtoch Xsword L2K

maxtoch xsword l2k in normal position in hand
  • Peak beam distance: 2,700 meters / 1.67 miles ( I measured 3167 meters / 1.97 miles)
  • Peak beam intensity: 1,782,000cd (1.78 Mcd) ( I measured 2,508,000 cd / 2.5 Mcd)
  • 3 output modes: High, Med and Low
  • Max output: 600 lumens ( I couldn't get it to reach that high, mine only went up to 465 lumens at start, but that's not very important
  • Battery type: 2*21700 (or 2*20350 for the shorter version)
  • Price: ~$349

The Maxtoch Xsword L2K is currently the #1 LEP flashlight in the world. It can reach up to 3.167 kilometers, which is about 1.97 miles. I was shocked by the sheer distance this thing could reach, and moreover by the intensity over time. It only dropped slightly at the beginning and maintained its brightness for a very long time, much higher than any of its competitors. This is currently the king of LEP flashlights (that people can purchase). Want more details? Read our Maxtoch Xsword L2K review.

If you get one, use our special discount code: 1L60M3 at Maxtochstore.


  • Max beam distance: 3712 yards (I measured 3351 meters / 3665 yards)
  • Max beam intensity: 2,882,000 cd (I measured 2,808,000 cd)
  • 2 modes: High and Low + hidden strobe
  • Max lumen output: 568 lumens
  • Low lumen output: 210 lumens
  • USB-C charge cable included
  • Comes with a 21700 rechargeable USB-C battery. (type: Weltool UB21-50)

Weltool upgraded the Weltool W4 to the W4 PRO, which is still called "The dragon in the cloud". The W4 PRO claims a distance of up to 3712 yards and a beam intensity of 2.8 Mcd. This is 1 million candelas higher intensity than the W4, which was rated at 'only' 1.78 Mcd.

There are still two output modes; High and Low, but they also included a hidden strobe mode. High has a max runtime of just over 1 hour and Low up to 4.5 hours. The only drawback is the missing mode memory, so each time you turn the light on, it will be in the next mode. Weltool said that future batches may fix this, and always start in Low mode.


Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO

maxtoch w pro in hand
  • Peak beam distance: 4,000 meters / 2.49 miles ( I measured 3998 meters / 2.49 miles)
  • Peak beam intensity: 4,000,000cd (4 Mcd) ( I measured 3,996,000 cd / 3.9 Mcd)
  • 3 output modes: Low, Medium, High
  • Max output: 1200 lumens ( Mine did 1033 at start, and 955 after 30 seconds)
  • Battery type: 2*21700
  • Price: ~$699

The Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO is currently the #1 LEP flashlight in the world. It claimed to reach 4 kilometers (2.49 miles) and that is easily achievable. This is the same distance as the $5000 Acebeam W50 (which is not available to consumers).
Having 2 heads looks and feels a little odd, but in terms of performance, this things is really incredible. All you need are 2 high quality button-top 21700 batteries, and a steady hand. The beam intensity is staggering, and doesn't drop much throughout the runtime. This is unlike most LED flashlights that drop in output a lot. This is currently the king of LEP flashlights (that people can purchase below $700). Want more details? Read our Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO review.

Use our 1lumen discount code: MWP1L50 at Maxtochstore for $50 off.

Questions about LEP flashlights

Check below for some common questions about LEP flashlights

What is an LEP flashlight?

Unlike LED flashlights, an LEP flashlight uses a laser as its light source. LEP stands for Laser Excited Phosphor and these types of flashlights are extremely bright in the center of the beam, and without any real spill. When you compare the beam with a regular flashlight, you'll notice that the hotspot is extremely tight. But even at a longer distance, the hotspot stays really small, unlike the average LED flashlight. At 1 meter (3 feet) from a wall, the hotspot is only about 5cm/2 inches wide. They are great for seeing things at long-range. Especially great for hunting.


How does an LEP flashlight work?

To give you an example of how an LEP flashlight works, we can look at the following details of the Acebeam W30.

And below the W30 picture, you can see the explanation from Fenix as well. A picture is worth a thousand words.

But since 2021 there has been another type of LEP system. It has the laser behind the phosphor layer and then the laser beam goes through the transparent/translucent phosphor layer and gets focused with a silicon dome and a convex lens. See the picture below the Fenix.

Fenix TK30
Astrolux and Jetbeam LEP module (starting from 2021)

When do you use an LEP flashlight?

Since they produce such a thin beam that can reach a few kilometers, LEP flashlights can only be used for special tasks. Especially useful for things like hunting. You don't need an LEP flashlight for close up work. If you need a flashlight for medium distance (up to 200 meters I would suggest a throwy LED flashlight. Have a look at the best long-range LED flashlights here.

What is the farthest reaching LEP flashlight?

Currently, my Maxtoch Xsword L2K is the farthest-reaching LEP flashlight. It outperforms all other LEP flashlights by a large distance.

Any other great websites talking about white laser flashlights?

Since LEP flashlights are becoming more affordable, they are also becoming more and more popular. This website is not really suitable to keep everything in a nice overview, which is why I decided to dedicate a website, especially to LEP flashlights. Please visit lep-flashlight.com

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