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We tend to know what we are talking about!

There are many lists of "Best X flashlight" on the Web today. However, many of those lists are written by people who know absolutely nothing about flashlights! In fact, many of these people do not even seem to own the flashlights they review. It’s actually quite easy to tell which ones do their reviews, and which ones don’t: just try to find a 'real, in-depth review' on their site! They often just copy and paste reviews based on Amazon purchases, aggregate general specifications, and add some stock pictures of the flashlights.

So I'll do my absolute best to help you out with objectively real knowledge. I've been active on flashlight forums since 2009 (check it out on my “About Page”) and I have owned well over 100 flashlights in that time, and currently own a few dozen of them. My team hopes to give you some real insight with many in-depth reviews covering all types of flashlights. Pardon my non-native English, because I'm actually Dutch. ;--)

We’ve already reviewed many of the lights on this list, for which we’ve added a link to the corresponding review.

Just in case you might be interested in very bright lights, check out this detailed list of the current brightest flashlights in the world. And yes, they were all reviewed by our dedicated and competent team.

Farthest reaching LEP flashlights

Weltool W3 LEP flashlight

Weltool W3

Only 6 inches long and reaching 848 meters / 2782 feet.

  • Max beam distance: 848 meters / 2782 ft
  • Max beam intensity: 180,000 cd
  • Max lumen output: 200 lumens
  • Battery type: 1*18650
  • Modes: 2 modes
  • Lowest output: Low: 45,000 cd (424 meters / 1391 ft) 50 lumens

Weltool calls the W3 "The featherless Arrow" and claims a lamp-life of 10,000 hours. In contrast to LED lights that are usually rated at 50,000 hours of life. Most flashlight collectors never get to that point, while avid flashlight users may end there rather quickly.

This type of light is only used to light up things at long range. Perfect for hunters!

The Weltool W3 is probably one of the oldest LEP flashlights on the market, and since it's discontinued, getting harder to find.

acebeam w10 flashlight

Acebeam W10

Small pocketable LEP flashlight reaching 1000meters.

  • Max beam distance 1000 meters / 0.62 miles
  • Max beam intensity: 250,000 cd
  • Max output: 250 lumens
  • Battery type: 21700 (or 18650 with adapter) 5100mAh battery included. 
  • Charging: USB-C charging built-in
  • Extra: LEP choices: 4000K / 6500K / High CRI 90+

The Acebeam W10 can produce 250 lumens and reach up to 1000 meters with its convex lens. Its white laser emitter transforms the blue laser energy into focused, crystal white light. A 5100mAh 21700 battery is included in the package, which should sustain a battery life of up to 3.3 hours on maximum output. 

Inside the package, you can find 2 extra filters (Red and Green) besides a bunch of other accessories. It is classified as a Class 2M laser. Although discontinued, they are still available second hand and some sellers may have them as old stock.


Nextorch T7L

Small pocketable LEP flashlight reaching 1100meters.

  • Max beam distance 1100 meters
  • Max output: 400 lumens
  • Battery type: 18650  
  • Charging: Micro-USB charging built-in
  • Class: Class 3B laser

The Nextorch can produce 400 lumens and reach up to 1100 meters. It has a Class 3B laser,  which is the same class as lasers used in CD and DVD writers. With the size of a regular tactical flashlight, the Nextorch T7L is a great little, yet powerful long-range flashlight. In Low mode, the light produces only 45 lm, but with a pretty impressive beam distance of 350 meters. Unlike the other powerful Laser Flashlights, the T7L includes a strobe mode. 

For more details, check out our in-depth review of the Nextorch T7L white laser flashlight.

fenix tk30 on whtie background

Fenix TK30

6" / 15cm flashlight reaching 1200 meters/ .7 miles.

  • Max beam distance 1200 meters
  • Max output: 500 lumens
  • Battery type: 21700 (5000mAh battery included) 
  • Charging: Battery has a USB-C port for charging
  • Class: Class 3B laser

Yes, it really reaches 1200 meters on its highest setting. And yes, it is a pocketable thrower with a head diameter of 1.27"/ 33mm and a length of 6.1"/ 155mm. That is really incredible. Fenix includes a nice amount of accessories including a pocket clip, lanyard, and a holster. So you can carry it the way you like.

We were able to measure a beam intensity of up to .77 miles / 1239 meters with ours. If you want to know more, read our in-depth review on the Fenix TK30.


Jetbeam M2S WP-RX

480 lumens, 1800 meters

  • Peak beam distance: 1800 meters / 1.11 miles
  • Peak beam intensity: 810,000cd (0.81 Mcd) 
  • Max output: 480 lumens
  • Emitter type: WP-RX
  • Battery type: 1*21700 with micro USB port included (can also be used with 1*18650 battery, with adapter) 
  • 2 modes: High Low

Is it possible to have a 6inch flashlight in your pocket that can reach up to 1.1 miles? Yes, the Jetbeam M2S WP-RX can do that for you. Weighing only 160 grams this is a real pocket thrower. It beats all LED flashlight of its size and even beats the Acebeam W10 which was 1 of the first LEP flashlights on the market. Get 20% off at Banggood with code: BGM2S

jetbeam m1x thrower

Jetbeam M1X WP-RX

480 lumens, 2300 meters

  • Peak beam distance: 2300 meters / 1.42 miles
  • Peak beam intensity: 1322500cd (1.32 Mcd) 
  • Max output: 480 lumens
  • Emitter type: WP-RX
  • Battery type: 1*21700 battery included (or 1*18650 battery with adapter) 
  • 2 modes: High Low

The Jetbeam M1X WP-RX looks like any regular LED flashlight. But it is built with a powerful Laser emitter that can reach a beam distance of up to 2300 meters (1.42 miles). Although its lumen rating is rather low (480 lumens) don't be fooled by that. If you don't need the maximum output you can still tone down a bit and use the low mode, which is only a tenth of the maximum output but still useful for up to 7.5 hours of runtime. Check out our Jetbeam M1X WP-RX in-depth review.

My sample performed way better than specs. Instead of 1.32 Mcd it is able to reach 2.3 Mcd. See details in the review.

acebeam w30 lep thrower

Acebeam W30

LEP flashlight reaching 2408 meters / 1.5 miles

  • Peak beam distance: 2408 meters / 1.5 miles
  • Peak beam intensity: 1450000 cd (1.45Mcd)
  • Max output: 500 lumens
  • Battery type: 1*21700 5100mAh IMR21700NP-510A battery included (or 18650 with adapter) . 
  • LEP choices: 4000K / 6500K / High CRI 90+
  • BLOS searchlight (Behond-Line-Of-Sight)

The Acebeam W30 can produce 500 lumens and reach up to 2408 meters. This is more than double of its sibling, the W10. The included 21700 battery is USB rechargeable and works as a power bank at the same time. This means, you can charge your phone by attaching your charging cord to the battery.. ingenious. 

They classify this as a Class 2M laser. Check out our full in-depth review of the Acebeam W30.

What is an LEP flashlight?

Unlike LED flashlights, an LEP flashlight uses a laser as its light source. LEP stands for Laser Excited Phosphor and these types of flashlights are extremely bright in the center of the beam, and without any real spill. When you compare the beam with a regular flashlight, you'll notice that the hotspot is extremely tight. But even at a longer distance, the hotspot stays really small, unlike the average LED flashlight. At 1 meter (3 feet) from a wall, the hotspot is only about 5cm/2 inches wide. They are great for seeing things at long-range. Especially great for hunting.


How does an LEP flashlight work?

To give you an example of how an LEP flashlight works, we can look at the following details of the Acebeam W30. It explains how LEP flashlights work.

And below the W30 picture, you can see the explanation from Fenix as well. A picture is worth a thousand words.

How LEP flashlights work

When do you use an LEP flashlight?

Since they produce such a thin beam that can reach a few kilometers, LEP flashlights can only be used for special tasks. Especially useful for things like hunting. You don't need an LEP flashlight for close up work. If you need a flashlight for medium distance (up to 200 meters I would suggest a throwy LED flashlight. Have a look at the best long-range LED flashlights here.

What is the farthest reaching LEP flashlight?

Currently, my Jetbeam M1X WP-RX is the farthest reaching LEP flashlight. It outperforms the more popular Acebeam W30 by a big difference.

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