• 18650 battery type pic

    18650 battery flashlight reviews

  • Single 18650 flashlights

  • There are tons of 18650 on the market, from extremely cheap to very expensive. In the cheaper range don`t miss out on the Convoy flashlights, while my own favorite brand used to be Sunwayman.

  • Jetbeam RRT-21

    One of the most beautifully machined flashlights out there. Supersmooth.

Jetbeam_RRT21 (13)
  • Multi 18650 flashlights

  • A few years back it all started with the famous SkyRay King. It was a budget multi-cell multi-led flashlight. It soon become a copy of a copy. Even these days you can see them for about $20-$40 each. Below are some other multi 18650 flashlights. 

  • Sunwayman T40CS (2x18650)

    Sigartype flashlight with MT-G2 led with 1500 lumens. 

  • Acebeam K40M MT-G2 (3x18650)

    A flashlight that has some very nice features, but is mainly used with operating with both hands. 

BLF GT flashlight
  • BLF GT (Giga Thrower) Lumintop

    Review of the farthest throwing LED flashlight of 2018. Monster search light. Works on 4 or 8*18650 cells.

BLF-GT thrower with AA flashlight
blf q8 png file
  • BLF Q8 (budget power house)

    About 5000 lumens for $50. Works on 1,2,3 and 4*18650 cells. 

holding the blf q8 flashlight in hand