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Overview of all 18650 flashlights we've reviewed.

18650 flashlights

Top 18650 flashlight brands

A lot of people want to know what brand of flashlight is best to get. Besides the safety of these flashlights, it's probably much more important to choose the right 'type'. We are talking about Throw, EDC, Tactical, Keychain, or a hybrid of them.

18650 EDC flashlights are some of the most common and most popular flashlights because of their compact size and still amazing power. They also are significantly more powerful than other rechargeable types of flashlight batteries, including AA and AAA batteries. An 18650 flashlight allows you to increase the brightness by 3 times, when compared to NiMH-based (D, C, AA, and AAA) flashlights with the same number of batteries. And because of this, 18650 batteries are also some of the most cost-effective batteries to own. 18650 flashlights are also very affordable these days, so you can get one for a pretty good price.

Some of the most popular brands are Acebeam, Astrolux, Convoy, Fenix, Olight, Lumintop, Nitecore, and Sofirn.

How do I choose a 18650 flashlight?

As I mentioned above, it is important to know why and how you want to use a flashlight. Do you want to store it in your car, keep it for around the house, or have it with you the whole time (EDC)? Do you want to have long battery life, shine far, blind an intruder, or just have something powerful in your pocket? Do you want 3 modes, 10 modes, ramping mode, a lock-out feature, warm white, cold white beam, strobe, tactical? There are just so many variables.

There is not 1 answer to all these questions. Read the reviews of the flashlights that look the most interesting to you, and then decide what is essential for you, in your situation.

When you know what type of flashlight you are after, check out our buyer's guides: . They should give you the best options for each category.

Some options:

  • 18650 tactical flashlight
  • 18650 EDC flashlight
  • 18650 rechargeable flashlight
  • 18650 UV flashlight
  • 18650 budget flashlight
  • 18650 titanium flashlight
  • 18650 LEP flashlight
  • 18650 throw flashlight

In each category, we've identified one or two of the best options available. We've reviewed them extensively to deliver you a list of the best options.


You've seen the best of the best, now we're here to find the best of the rest. Here you'll find our 18650 flashlight reviews, updated frequently, to help you make the right purchasing decisions. Also, check out which 18650 batteries for flashlights we recommend.