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18650 Flashlight reviews

  • Single 18650 flashlights

  • There are tons of 18650 on the market, from extremely cheap to very expensive. In the cheaper range don`t miss out on the Convoy flashlights, while my own favorite brand used to be Sunwayman.

Jetbeam RRT 21

One of the most beautifully machined flashlights out there. Supersmooth, but no tthe brightest by any means.

Jetbeam_RRT21 (13)

Jetbeam TH20

Another solid flashlight with a XHP 70.2 LED running off only 1 battery and touching the 3000 lumens! It has an interesting UI so to say...

  • Multi 18650 flashlights

  • A few years back it all started with the famous SkyRay King. It was a budget multi-cell multi-led flashlight. It soon become a copy of a copy. Even these days you can see them for about $20-$40 each. Below are some other multi 18650 flashlights. 

Acebeam K40M MT-G2 (3x18650)

A flashlight that has some very nice features, but is mainly used with operating with both hands.


ACEBEAM K65 XHP70.2 DE-DOMED (4X18650)

One of the greatest all-round flashlights of 2018. 6200 Lumens and almost 1Km throw. 

holding the light in my hand

Astrolux MF04 XHP35  / Mateminco MT35 Plus

XHP35 Hi (4*18650) Another super throwers, that reaches about 2km/1.2miles. It is also sold under a different name, Mateminco MT35 Plus. 

big astrolux flashlight

Astrolux MF04s XHP70.2

XHP70.2 LED (4*18650) Another superb thrower and semi-flooder that can reach up to 1.5KM. The bigger brother of the original MF04.



Review of the farthest throwing LED flashlight of Q1 2018. Monster search light. Works on 4 and 8*18650 cells.

BLF-GT thrower with AA flashlight


About 5000 lumens for $50. Works on 1,2,3 and 4*18650 cells. 

holding the blf q8 flashlight in hand


Cigar style flashlight with MT-G2 led and 1500 lumens.