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Best 18650 Flashlight reviews

  • Single 18650 flashlights

There are tons of 18650 on the market, from extremely cheap to extremely expensive.
A few of my flashlights I reviewed and can be found below, ordered by name. Check out the 21700 flashlight reviews here.

 Astrolux S43

Astrolux’s latest 18650/18350 flashlight, the S43, is a USB-rechargeable light that puts out over 2000 lumens from 4 XP-G3 LEDs.


BLF GT Mini 

Take a look at the BLF GT Mini thrower. A thrower that fits in your pocket but passes the 100kcd with ease. A small little pocket monster.


Convoy C8+

The Convoy C8+ is an affordable long-range flashlight that powers 1100 lumens and reaches very far due to its XPL High Intensity LED.


Convoy S9 

The Convoy S9 is Convoy’s first and only USB-rechargeable flashlight, and it’s a very good entry into that market.


Jetbeam RRT 21

One of the most beautifully machined flashlights out there, imho. It's a bit dated (2014) as of today, but I just wanted to share the extensive review I had done on this light back then.


Jetbeam TH20

Another solid 2018 flashlight with a XHP 70.2 LED running off only 1 battery and touching the 3000 lumens! It has an interesting UI so to say...


Nitecore MH25GTS

The Nitecore is a tactical flashlight with a built-in USB charger. It includes a rechargeable battery, a clip, some spare accessories. About 1700 Lumens at start.

  • Multi 18650 flashlights

A few years back it all started for me with the famous SkyRay King and Supfire M6!
Budget multi-cell, multi-led flashlights.
Throwing about 2000 lumens out the front with CREE XML leds, which at that point was quite extraordinary.
These days, the multi-cell 18650 flashlights have become really really powerful.
Check out the reviews!

Acebeam K40M MT-G2 (3x18650)

A very famous flashlight from the past. I think it was first released in 2014. I still like it a lot, although it's 'only 3000 lumens'.


ACEBEAM K65 XHP70.2 DE-DOMED (4X18650 All-rounder)

One of the greatest all-round flashlights of 2018. 6200 Lumens and almost 1Km throw. This is a 2017/2018 model.


Astrolux MF04 XHP35  / Mateminco MT35 Plus (#1 thrower)

XHP35 Hi (4*18650) Another super thrower, that reaches about 2km/1.2miles. It is also sold under a different name, Mateminco MT35 Plus. The farthest thrower of 2018.


Astrolux MF04s XHP70.2

XHP70.2 LED (4*18650) Another superb thrower and semi-flooder that can reach up to 1.5KM. The bigger brother of the original MF04.


BLF GT LUMINTOP (Giga Thrower 8*18650)

Review of the farthest throwing LED flashlight of Q1 2018. Monster search light. Works on 4 and 8*18650 cells.



About 5000 lumens for $50. Works on 1,2,3 and 4*18650 cells. A 2017 flashlight but still very very popular. It won't break the bank.


Fireflies ROT66 (For Tint Snobs)

5000+ Lumens for the Tint snobs. Sporting 9 pieces of Japanese Hi CRI Nichia 219B R9080 LEDs. This is probably one of the more interesting flashlights of 2018.


Haikelite MT03 TA DEVOURER (21,000 lumens)

Runs on either 2 or 4 18650 batteries. An extremely bright flashlight at startup, pumping 16.5 Amps. My current brightest flashlight Q3 2018.


Klarus G35 XHP35 Hi D4

This thrower runs on either 3 batteries or 1 battery. The 1 battery configuration is meant to be used in emergencies only.



Cigar style flashlight with MT-G2 led and 1500 lumens, not really up to its competition, but certainly interesting back in 2014.