18650 battery type pic

18650 Flashlight reviews (and 20700/21700)

  • Single 18650 flashlights

There are tons of 18650 on the market, from extremely cheap to extremely expensive.
A few of my flashlights I reviewed and can be found below, ordered by name. The list also included 20700 and 21700 flashlights.

 Astrolux S43

The Astrolux S43 runs of 18650 and 18350 batteries. Having 4*XP-G3 Leds, it is able to produce 2000+ lumens.


Astrolux FT01 

The Astrolux FT01 runs off 21700 batteries, but with the included battery adapter it also accepts 18650 batteries, although it is not necessary to use while using 18650 batteries.

astrolux-ft01 (6)

 Astrolux FT02

A great thrower! With a light intensity of 180kcd! And doing this with only 1 battery, in stock format!

Astrolux ft 02 with side switch on top

BLF GT Mini 

Take a look at the BLF GT Mini thrower. A thrower that fits in your pocket but passes the 100kcd with ease. A small little pocket monster.


Jetbeam RRT 21

One of the most beautifully machined flashlights out there, imho. It's a bit dated (2014) as of today, but I just wanted to share the extensive review I had done on this light back then.

Jetbeam_RRT21 (13)

Jetbeam TH20

Another solid 2018 flashlight with a XHP 70.2 LED running off only 1 battery and touching the 3000 lumens! It has an interesting UI so to say...


Zebralight SC700d

The first 21700 flashlight Zebralight has put on the market, and with great succes. Wow, this is a performer and also good looking. This is a 2019 model.

sc700d flashlight on white background
  • Multi 18650 flashlights

A few years back it all started for me with the famous SkyRay King and Supfire M6!
Budget multi-cell, multi-led flashlights.
Throwing about 2000 lumens out the front with CREE XML leds, which at that point was quite extraordinary.
These days, the multi-cell 18650 flashlights have become really really powerful.
Check out the reviews!

Acebeam K40M MT-G2 (3x18650)

A very famous flashlight from the past. I think it was first released in 2014. I still like it a lot, although it's 'only 3000 lumens'.


ACEBEAM K65 XHP70.2 DE-DOMED (4X18650)

One of the greatest all-round flashlights of 2018. 6200 Lumens and almost 1Km throw. This is a 2017/2018 model.

holding the light in my hand

Astrolux MF04 XHP35  / Mateminco MT35 Plus

XHP35 Hi (4*18650) Another super thrower, that reaches about 2km/1.2miles. It is also sold under a different name, Mateminco MT35 Plus. The farthest thrower of 2018.

big astrolux flashlight

Astrolux MF04s XHP70.2

XHP70.2 LED (4*18650) Another superb thrower and semi-flooder that can reach up to 1.5KM. The bigger brother of the original MF04.



Review of the farthest throwing LED flashlight of Q1 2018. Monster search light. Works on 4 and 8*18650 cells.

FLashlight with manual


About 5000 lumens for $50. Works on 1,2,3 and 4*18650 cells. A 2017 flashlight but still very very popular. It won't break the bank.

holding the blf q8 flashlight in hand

Fireflies ROT66 

5000+ Lumens for the Tint snobs. Sporting 9 pieces of Japanese Hi CRI Nichia 219B R9080 LEDs. This is probably one of the more interesting flashlights of 2018.

rot66 flashlight black version

Haikelite MT03 TA DEVOURER 21,000 lumens

Runs on either 2 or 4 18650 batteries. An extremely bright flashlight at startup, pumping 16.5 Amps. My current brightest flashlight Q3 2018.

side view of hte flashlight

Klarus G35 XHP35 Hi D4

This thrower runs on either 3 batteries or 1 battery. The 1 battery configuration is meant to be used in emergencies only.

g35 on the side


Cigar style flashlight with MT-G2 led and 1500 lumens, not really up to its competition, but certainly interesting back in 2014.