Klarus G35

KLARUS G35 flashlight review:

Table of content

  1. Intro
  2. Handling
  3. User interface
  4. Performance
  5. Conclusion
  6. Place to buy
g35 on the side


What you’ll get:

  • Box
  • Lanyard
  • Spare o-rings
  • Manual

Packaging was fairly standard, including some basic accessories. No batteries or anything special included.

Brand/modelKlarus G35
Battery config.1-3* 18650

Handling of the light

The Klarus G35 uses 2 switches, one on the rear and another one on the side. They are used for power on and power off. But they can both be used to switch modes as well! This is a rather unique feature for this Klarus light. You can hold it with a pistol grip, or just resting in your hand with your thumb on the side switch. You can do it both ways, and with both switches change modes. Pick whatever you prefer.

Both of them are electronic switches, which means that you don’t have to push hard. When the light is turned on, the side switch has a dim LED lighting up.


  • Yes..

Build Quality and Anodizing 

I have had a few Klarus lights, and my very first one, I still own and use sometimes. Klarus flashlights unfortunately don’t have my favorite type of coating. They are a little on the shiny side. It’s hard to explain in words how to notice the difference, but especially the shiny coating isn’t my cup of tea. I rather prefer the Jetbeam style coating. Jetbeam has softer edges and a different coating. Jetbeam in my opinion has one of the best-done coatings.

The machining/knurling is done well. The engraving is done very well as well. We can’t complain.

Near the tailcap you can find a small hole that can be used as a lanyard attachment point.


Threads.. Yes, threads. You may be surprised, but 1 thing I was disappointed with, with my trusty old Klarus P2A were also the threads. The coating on the threads chipped, and now, 5 years later, I have yet another Klarus in hands that has the same problem. Please take a close look at the pictures below, and you’ll notice some shiny spots on the threads. Those spots are actually bare aluminum. So even after 5 years the company hasn’t improved their coating (anodizing). I wish I could be a bit more positive…

The screw threads are square,  and anodized.

LED, Lens Bezel and Reflector

Good luck trying to screw off the bezel on this baby. It’s glued. I can’t seem to get any movement whatsoever.

Looking through the coated AR (anti reflective) lens, I can see a smooth reflector with a very slight orange peel finish. If you look at the pictures, you can see what I am talking about.

The LED is a Cree XHP35 Hi D4, which means its made to throw. But the size of the reflector and driver don’t really help with pushing this light very far out. It does reach farther than most other general flashlights, but it’s definitely not a winner. More on that in the section below.

Dimensions and weight:

Rather compact in size, but still very powerful!

  • Diameter outside bezel: 73 mm
  • Diameter widest part of the head: 54 mm
  • G35 Body diameter: 45 mm
  • G35 Length: 160 mm
  • Weight klarus g35 empty: 371 grams

Battery carrier

Although the G35 doesn’t use a battery carrier, it can be used with 1 and 3 batteries. More on that in a second.

User Interface:

You need a manual for this. There are certain things that are not very common for a flashlight. One of the things is the 2-button use. The buttons have almost the same functionality, but not exactly. You’ll read that below.

Tail cap switch:

From OFF:

  • Single click: Low mode
  • Long press 2 seconds: Turbo mode, release switch to turn off again. This doesn’t work always as expected. Not sure what I do wrong.

From ON:

  • Single click: next mode
  • Long press: turn off

Side switch:

From OFF:

  • Single click: Last used mode
  • Long press 2 seconds: Turbo mode, release switch to turn off again

From ON:

  • Single click: next mode
  • Long press 1 second: turn off
  • Long press 2 seconds: Turbo mode, release switch to return to last mode

Mode memory:

  • Yes. When you press and hold the button it will memorize this setting. Turning on the light again will bring it back in last memorized output mode.

Lock out:

  • Press and hold side switch and tailcap switch for 2 seconds.

Momentary On:

  • Yes and No. Yes, but you can’t use it for signalling. Because when the light is turned off, you can push the tailcap switch and it will turn on in Max… and when you release the button the light turns off again. But you can’t do any signaling.


  • Not that I could notice.

After reviewing this light, I might have a dud. The mode switching doesn’t work as it should. When I click the rear button, it should run through the program, but sometimes it just shuts off. Also when I want to enter Turbo mode with the side switch, it drops down to a totally different mode. I don’t know what is going on. But I will try to send this back to the seller, or to Klarus.



I don’t really know how they do this. But it can run off 1 battery and 3 batteries. And the specs only show 3V-8.4V. The bezel is glued, and I am not able to measure it on the battery side. Just looking at the configuration and the actual beam output, I am not really that happy with it.


With the XHP35 Hi CREE LED, it is made to throw. So I always start with a 5-meter distance lux measurement, turn it into candela. For the measurement, I used my cheap lightmeter HS1010A and the batteries I used were Samsung INR18650 30Q.

Measured at 5 meters

  • Klarus G35: (658lux) 164500cd or 165kcd. But the specs show 252000cd..

I’m not sure if my copy is just a dud but this is really not that impressive. Sure for the average Joe it will be a great step forward from a Maglite. My light meter isn’t the greatest of the bunch either, so it reads a little on the low side.

Beamshots comparison between the Klarus G35, Astrolux MF04, and Acebeam K65.

Overall conclusion of the Klarus G35


  1. Compact “thrower”
  2. Emergency battery configuration, so you can still use the flashlight with only 1 battery.


  1. Functionality switches not clear
  2. Anodizing on threads poorly done
  3. Shiny finish is not my cup of tea
  4. Claiming 250kcd, but I am only getting roughly 165kcd.
  5. Price for the quality you get

Rating: 2 stars ☆☆

I just hoped for something more impressive, and something of higher quality for something that I paid almost $100 for. I don’t like it! It doesn’t have the power, nor the quality of a high-end flashlight that I was expecting. Sorry, but in my opinion is this a sour experience..

Where to buy the Klarus-G35:

Not available anymore.

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