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Acebeam K65 review:

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This flashlight has been discontinued. For a good alternative, check out the list with all our Acebeam Flashlight Reviews.


Do you want to throw? Yes. Do you want Lumens? Yes

Well, then, the Acebeam K65 might be something to look out for. Its 6200 lumens in Turbo give you enough power to illuminate a soccer field, and the Cree XHP70.2 also gives enough throw to reach 1km / 0.6 miles according to specs. But can they live up to their claims? We will be comparing it to a few other powerhouses from the past and present.

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What you’ll get:

  • Big Cardboard box
  • Lanyard
  • 2 spare o-rings
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • More papers
  • Holster

Acebeam provides a pleasant cardboard box including a carrying handle. Acebeam likes to provide quality for quality.

With a premium, flashlight come premium accessories. The K65 does very well in this regard and doesn’t miss any critical accessories. That being said, there isn’t anything special included either. Basic high-quality extras…so to say!

specifications of Acebeam K65

Handling of the light

The K65 is part of the K series in Acebeam’s lineup. Personally, I started with the Acebeam K40M Cree MTG-2. The main difference is that it has 4*18650 instead of 3*18650, which results in a larger body diameter.

Using only 1 hand to operate the light is doable. If you rest your thumb next to the electronic side switch you can comfortably hold the light and switch modes with only 1 hand. If you use the included lanyard/carry strap, you can just let it hang when walking around instead of holding it in your hand.

When going outside and doing some beamshots, I used the holster, and I have to say that it`s useful—hahaha—especially when carrying four flashlights along. Holsters are usually not my cup of tea, but with these bad boys, you start appreciating them. When you carry it around, you can’t feel the weight as much.


  • Yes, and fairly stable. Just be careful not to knock it over.

Build Quality and Anodizing 

Just like with all Acebeam products, the build quality of the Acebeam K65 is superb. The anodizing is great all over the light—except for the bezel, LOL. The Bezel is stainless steel and is, therefore, more impact resistant. If you drop it, don’t expect miracles. It will get damaged, but less than with simple aluminum.

Threads and Battery Carrier

The K65 uses a dedicated battery carrier like most other high-end multi-cell flashlights. Using a battery carrier makes it less likely to make a mistake putting the batteries reversed way.

The carrier can use a button top as well as flat top 18650 batteries. On the positive side, you can see they used nipples in order to use flat tops. And a single spring at the negative side. Acebeam recommends using Protected batteries with at least 3 mosfets. I don’t have high-drain protected cells at the moment and use High Drain Samsung 30Q flat tops, and they work fine.

LED, Lens Bezel and Reflector

The bezel is made of stainless steel. The reflector is smooth, and the lens is coated. Is that what you needed to know?

The K65 has a large head and reflector with enough surface for the XHP70.2 LED 6500K to reach far enough to call it a thrower. The XHP70.2 isn’t regarded a “throwing LED” by most people, but just trust me, that it throws far enough and bright enough to see something with binoculars your eyes wouldn’t be able to see. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Most people want a 2km/1.2miles thrower like the BLF GT, but for most people’s eyes, anything passed a few hundred yards is impossible.

The K65 is such a monster that it is jaw-dropping bright, reaching further than your eyes can see!

The Lens used has some kind of coating, as I can see a purple hue when pointing slightly towards a light source.


Something rather unique at this time is the de-domed XHP70.2 that the Acebeam K65 entails. The dedomed is done to get the most reach. Since dedoming started with the XML about five years ago, LED manufacturers have come up with flat-die LEDs that can increase throw. To my understanding, the K65 is one of the first mass-manufactured flashlights with a XHP70.2 dedomed!!

The reflector has an 82mm outside diameter, 75mm inside diameter, and 75mm depth, so both depth and diameter are the same.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Length Acebeam K54: 190mm
  • Width head: 90mm 
  • With reflector: 82mm 
  • Width body and tailcap: 53mm


  • K65 empty: 647 gr / 1.426lb
  • With Samsung Q30: 831 gr / 1.832 lb

User Interface:

The Acebeam K65 has only one switch. With this switch, you have to control the different modes, 6 in total. And 4 main modes being Ultralow, Low, Medium, and High.

From Off:

  • One Click: last mode memory
  • Double Click: Turbo
  • Triple Click: Strobe
  • Press+Hold 1 sec: Moon
  • Press+Hold 2 sec: SOS

From ON:

  • Single click: Turn OFF
  • Double click: Turbo
  • Triple click: Strobe
  • Press+Hold light will switch modes: Ultra low, low, medium, high.


There are 2.  SOS and STROBE

  • From OFF: press + hold for 2 sec. You will first enter Eco mode, and then you will enter SOS. To enter Strobe, just triple-click from off or on.


  • Yes. So if you are in the OFF position and you do a single click, you will get back to the last used mode. (Excluding Eco(Moon), Turbo, SOS or Strobe)


Nothing I could detect in low with the naked eye.


How Lumens are Measured: Understanding ANSI FL1 Standards How Lumens are Measured: Understanding ANSI FL1 Standards: The ANSI FL1 standards specify that output in lumens should be measured 30 seconds after turning on, as this is the standardized time for measuring brightness according to the industry standard. This is why we focus on this part in our measurements. The ANSI FL1 standards require an ambient temperature of 22 ± 3°C. We record the ambient the ambient temperature to identify potential reasons for any observed discrepancies.

Acebeam recommends using High Drain Protected 18650 batteries. They urge you to use them by adding a sticker on the battery carrier so you won’t forget. I use a Samsung 30Q. Acebeam calls Moon mode Eco mode.

Although it doesn’t make it to the list of best flashlight throwers, nor the list of the brightest flashlights, this one is definitely one of the most powerful All-Round LED flashlights available. Measurement at the tail cap: This only helps to understand the draw at the battery and not the output!

  • Low: 0.28A
  • Medium: 0.7A
  • High: 1.85A
  • Ultralow: 0.12A
  • Moon: 0.03A


The beam of the Acbeam K65 on a white wall is rather greenish. I will do some outdoor beamshots to see if you can also see this greenish tint. But I doubt it. White wall beamshots do not say much about the actual use. So I am not a whitewall hunter so to say… LOL

Okay. I`ve been out in the woods and can confirm that, of course, in a green environment, it will only enhance the green colors. It actually gives the green colors quite a punch.

I carried the K65 in the holster on my belt on my right hip and the K40M on the left. I can`t notice the difference between them. The K40, with the Orange Peel reflector, is more floody compared to the K65. The K65 definitely feels more like a thrower with some bright spill, but it’s a very defined hotspot! I took a video, which should be included anytime soon.

How Runtimes are Measured: Understanding ANSI FL1 Standards About ANSI FL1 runtime standards: The runtime is measured until the light drops to 10% of its initial output (30 seconds after turning on). This does not mean that the flashlight is not usable anymore. The last column shows how long the light actually works till it shuts off. If there is a + symbol, it means that the test was stopped at that particular point, but the light was actually still running. This happens on certain occasions, with certain drivers, firmware, or batteries.

Low Voltage warning:

Above the electronic switch sits a small LED indicator light. The light shows a steady green light when the battery is above 30%.

It turns red when the battery voltage turns 30%, and at 10% it will start blinking… at 0% it will just switch off the flashlight completely.


About Peak beam intensity: Understanding ANSI FL1 Standards About peak beam intensity The calculated value of distance in meters at which the flashlight produces a light intensity of 0.25 lux. (0.25 lux is about the brightness of a full moon shining on an object). This means that the intensity has decreased so much, it becomes difficult to see darker objects, or objects that don’t reflect light. The columns ‘Meters’ and ‘Yards’ use rounded numbers.

Measured at 5 meters (16.4ft), I measured 928lx (x10) , which equals to 232000 cd / 232kcd
I tested it with a Samsung Q30 flat top battery. My measurements always seem to be a little on the lower end compared to others. The manufacturer says 257000 cd, which is about 20000 cd higher than mine. For sure, you won’t be able to notice the difference with the naked eye out in the wild.

Overall conclusion of the Acebeam K65


  1. Great allrounder, 6200 Lumens flood and 900+ meters throw at the same time
  2. Stainless steel bezel
  3. Nice compact. Fits nicely in the holster on your hip
  4. One of the first de-domed XHP70.2 LED in a mass produced flashlight


  1. Tripod hole doesnt connect with my Manfrotto hexagonal plate because of the size of the plate
  2. Greenish tint on white wall.. but who cares… I guess only white wall hunters, lol. Outdoors it just gives a punch to colors in nature.
  3. Press and hold to switch modes…. but there is probably no other way to get all these functions with only 1 switch.. so not a biggy for many

5 Stars

I gave it a 5-star rating based on its quality, combined with its sheer power and throw. This must be one of the best all-around flashlights in this segment. 

Acebeam provided the flashlight for review. I have reviewed it as unbiasedly as possible and have not tried to hide anything. Feel free to contact me or us if you have any questions.

Where to buy Acebeam K65:

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