Lumintop Zoom1

Lumintop zoom 1 flashlight review

Table of contents

  1. Handling
  2. Build quality
  3. LED, Lens Bezel and Reflector
  4. Performance
  5. Conclusion
  6. Buy the Lumintop Zoom1


Brand/modelLumintop Zoom 1
Lumens850 lm
Beam intensity11,025 cd
Battery config.1*18650
BlinkiesStrobe +SOS

Handling of the light and knurling

The flashlight feels nice and solid, its size is a fraction smaller than a C8 and fraction (about 5 mm larger when zoomed out) than a BLF A6, making it easy to carry.

Thanks to the Zoom function, the light beam is very practical when zoomed out with a nice large uniform, light beam, and the focus can be adjusted by zooming.

Now there are actually two camps in the flashlight world, namely the pro-zoomies and the anti-zoomies.

Usually, the pro-zoomie camp often consists of people who are less well known in the field of the latest flashlight technology, because the anti-camp in turn often says that a zoomie has too much loss by zooming in because the light beam is simply blocked to the desired bundle.

Personally, I am a bit in between, because, on the one hand, the light loss is unfortunate, on the other hand, focussing it is actually very handy. Certainly, if you are not waiting for a very intense hotspot, but just need a little more ambient light, it is much more an all-around flashlight than 1 lamp for 1 specific task.

The Lumintop Zoom is not the brightest flashlight available, but can easily handle a claimed yield of 850 Lm.

Furthermore, the built-in micro USB connection is very handy, just like the illuminated side switch, so you never have to look for it in the dark.

  •     Color temperature, fairly cool, around 6000 K

Build Quality

The build quality of the Lumintop Zoom1 is excellent, the lamp feels very solid, which is partly responsible for the sturdy tube with a wall thickness of 3 mm!

The bezel of this light is slightly crenelated, the Lumintop bunny on the illuminated switch looks great and the switch is assembled with a blue anodized aluminum ring. Around the switch area are 4 fins milled to dissipate the heat.

The USB connection also looks very good in terms of quality with a thick solid rubber cover to guarantee no less than IP65 gradation when closed!  You feel that you do not have a cheap lamp, but a piece of quality.

In 1 word, excellent.

Threads and O-rings

The thread is good, rectangular sized for durability, size nicely matched to the size of the lamp, neat O-rings and the finish is very neat, nothing to criticize, so neat, it is almost a pleasure to look at, it could hardly be better (the only thing missing is a little lubricant on the thread.)

Output10 Lumens200 Lumens400 Lumens850 Lumens400 Lumens
Runtime88h5h 55mins2h 30mins2h 20mins */
Intensity11025cd (Max)
Distance210m (Max)
Impact Resistance2m
Water ResistanceIP65

Note: The above parameters are lab-tested with the included Lumintop 3.7V / 2600mAh 18650 Li-ion battery, which may vary with the battery and the environment.

* The run time on Turbo is accumulated due to the intelligent temperature control protection.

LEDs, Lens, Bezel and Reflector

A visual inspection of the individual parts is difficult because the tube cannot be unscrewed, it seems that they use glue or thread lock (Loctite for example)

The bezel also can’t be unscrewed from the head, here too it seems that use has been made of thread locker.

Perhaps the Lumintop Zoom1 can be opened with tools and with gentle care. Okay, with the help of a vice and a large adjustable spanner plus the lamp protected by an old towel, the lamp soon gave in and the internals are now visible.

Now the light is easy to (dis) assemble, it seems as if a little bit of glue has been used to discourage disassembling/dismantling the lamp. Once open you see that the light is of good quality and that rubber O rings are used everywhere.

The lens is clamped with a small bezel with two rubber O rings underneath. Once removed you will see the XML led which is held by a plastic holder which is screwed over the 16 mm DTP mcpcb.

The plastic holder has a rubber ring under the thread, as well as a small rubber rim around the LED so that all parts are neatly shielded from each other.

You can see that this is not a cheap lamp and that the design has been carefully considered.

The lamp does not have a reflector, not even an aspherical lens like most zoomies have, but a kind of combination of Aspheric and TIR (Total Inner Reflection) plastic lens (Lumintop calls this High transparency optical lens) with which the focal length can be adjusted and thus or can be zoomed out.

What is interesting, is to see is that the outer ring of the lens is matted, creating a nice even light beam without the sharp edges that you normally see on zoomies. 

Lumintop calls this Zoom system “EZS” which stands for Enhanced zooming system, and the result is good, it gives a nice uniform beam.

What is also striking is that there are 5 flattened surfaces on the upper part of the lamp so that it does not roll away, very handy.



  • Length : 128 mm / 136 mm
  • Head diameter: 40 mm
  • Lensdiameter: 35 mm
  • Batttery tube: 25.3 mm
  • Tail: 27mm
  • Wall thickness: 3mm


  • Weight: 130 grams

From left to right: Convoy C8, Lumintop Zoom1, BLF A6


User Interface:

The Lumintop Zoom uses a version of Lumintop’s standard User Interface, which is widely usable, here is a brief overview:

● From off, press the switch to turn on the lamp

● From on, press the switch again to select different modes (10, 200, 400, 850)

● From to, double click for TURBO (850)

● From TURBO, click again to choose different modes (10, 200, 400,)

● Off, press for 1 second to switch off

● Off, press 3 sec. For Strobe, in strobe, only press for SOS

● Off, press 5 seconds for Lockout

There is no moonlight mode.

The different modes are well matched to each other, although you sometimes have to check twice whether you have actually activated TURBO, or whether you are still at the max position of the 3 modes, something that is not always clear.

Something else that I personally don’t like is that for lockout the switch has to be pressed for 5 sec. Since strobe mode is activated by pressing the switch 3 sec. (you guessed it) you have to activate strobe mode and then activate the desired lockout 2 seconds later. Furthermore, the term lockout is perhaps named incorrectly, because it is actually a Momentary On. Momentary on can be used for Morse coding and signaling. The light will only turn on when you press the bottom. When you release the switch, the light will turn off. The output will remain the same! So the output is actually Locked.
This function is very useful to briefly check something, without changing modes.

Side switch LED

As already mentioned in the intro, the switch looks nice with the lumintop bunny on the illuminated switch and the switch is assembled with a blue anodized aluminum ring.

The LED also provides built-in charge indication by means of color

  • green is standby
  • Flashing green is an indication that charging is required
  • Red is charging
  • Blue is complete

Batteries and charging:

The built-in USB charging function is very handy and makes the lamp very complete. The USB port is shielded by a solid rubber cover, which is folded up to reach the USB port.
The USB connection is type Micro USB, which is not the most modern connection by now, USB-C, the successor of micro USB was welcome.
The charging function works very well, with an iPad charger of 2.1 A the lamp charges a Samsung 30Q battery with a speed of approximately 1.1 A


Lumintop claims 10Lm for Low 200 for Medium 400 for High and 850 Lumens on Turbo. The Mode spacing is very well chosen and is very well usable. The Zoom function works perfectly, to get the reached hotspot, just pull out the head until you reach the desired illuminated width.

There is only one negative point though, that is the fast stepdown on Turbo (for as far you can call 850 Lm Turbo ) it steps down to High after just 3,5 minute, while it does not even get warm at all. A stepdown after 10 minutes would be more appropriate. Furthermore, the performance of the light is just pretty good, it’s an all-rounder, an anybody’s friend it just does what it has to do, without being annoying.

Overall conclusion


  1. High quality
  2. Widely usable
  3. Size is just EDC’able
  4. Lighted side switch, with indication
  5. USB Charging
  6. Zoomable
  7. Standard 18650 size


  1. Output
  2. USB micro connection instead of USB-C
  3. Output steps down after 3.5 minutes

Author: Peter

Overall Rating: Very good ☆☆☆☆☆

Solid, well built and handy all-round flashlight. It’s equipped with modern high-quality features such as USB charging and a multi-colored LED in the switch. Great size for an EDC flashlight.
The zoom function works particularly well thanks to the combined aspherical and TIR lens, making the lamp truly multifunctional.

A very nice detail is the bunny on switch and the very good finish of the lamp, you see that you buy a quality product. I rate the Lumintop Zoom 4 out of 5 stars, by the UI and the fast stepdown from Turbo (if you can call 850 Lm Turbo) which is not necessary, the light doesn’t get hot at all. The activation of TURBO does not always work well and the lockout which can only be achieved via the strobe function.

Buy the Lumintop Zoom1

Currently not available anymore. Check out our buyers’ guides for other longe-range flashlights.