Best Copper Flashlights

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Best Copper Keychain Flashlight

RovyVon Aurora A9 CU

Max output450 lumens
Max beam intensity/distance90 meters
LED typeNichia 219C
Battery configurationbuilt-in

If there is 1 type of flashlight that fit everybody, it is likely a keychain flashlight. We reviewed many flashlight, and the RovyVon Aurora A9 was one of them. It’s a copper keychain light with a maximum output of 450 lumens with a Nichia 219C emitter. There is another version with the XPG3 emitter, which can get up to 650 lumens, but you can see from our test, this output is only short lived.

All modes last longer than 1 hour, which is nice. Some high power keychain lights don’t last longer than 30-40 minutes. The lowest mode can run for about 26 hours, which is great, but the output is low, as can be expected. Interested in knowing all the details? Read our full RovyVon Aurora A9 review.

Link to the updated A9 Pro version on Amazon instead

Best copper EDC flashlight

Wuben X2

Unique copper EDC flashlight

Max. brightness:1,800 lumens (We measured 1754 lumens)
Battery type:built-in with 2000mAh
Best for:EDC / display

The Wuben X2 copper is a heavy (like all other copper flashlights) EDC flashlight with over 1750 lumens after 30 seconds. It has a unique design with titanium bezel and rear cap. And the pocket clip is very stiff, and not very user friendly.

Turbo was at roughly 1750 lumens for 1 minute before it drops to about 640 lumens. It will continue running at this output till it shuts off at 1h 21minutes.

High mode was specified at 2h 30min, but we measured 3h and 02 minutes, at a very stable output of roughly 330 lumens.

Medium mode ran for 12h 15min at about 80 lumens, straight.

One of its unique features is the swivel head, making the flashlight even more versatile.

Charging is done with a USB-C cable (which is included in the package). A full charge takes about 2 hours and 42 minutes, which is not too bad.

For the full details, check out our Wuben X2 copper review.

This is why we would recommend this clip-on flashlight:

  1. Easy and effective user Interface
  2. Quick access to Low and Turbo mode
  3. Available in Copper, Aluminum
  4. Easily beats the specified battery life

If you buy directly from Wuben, make sure you use our exclusive discount code. Add coupon code 1Lumen20 at checkout to get 20% off.

Best copper AA flashlight

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 Copper

Max output650 lumens
Battery configuration1*AA / 14500 lithium ion

If you want something brighter than a regular keychain flashlight, you can step it up and get the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 CU as your EDC flashlight. This is one of the very popular Lumintop flashlights out there. We reviewed 3 different Lumintop Tools on our site, and this copper is one of them.

Using copper materials is especially useful with high power flashlights because copper transfers heat much better and quicker than aluminum or titanium. Therefore a copper flashlight can be especially useful. The Tool AA cu outperforms its specifications. Lumintop only claims an output of up to 650 lumens, in reality, it almost reaches 1000 lumens with a 14500 lithium-ion battery. On AA batteries, the output is about 140 lumens. (with the XP-L HD LED, Nichia LEDs won’t be able to reach this).

Read our in-depth review of the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 copper for more details.

Best copper EDC (18650)

Olight Baton 3 Pro

copper olight baton 3 pro
Max output1,500lumens
Max beam intensity7,900 cd
LED typeN/A
Battery configuration1*18650

In our test, we noticed that the Olight Baton 3 Pro could easily reach the specified 1500 lumen output. In fact, we measured almost 1590 lumens at turn on, and 1514 lumens after 30 seconds. Keep in mind that we tested the aluminum version.

Looking at our runtime test results, we see that High runs for 3.5 hours, but doesnt turn off till after 4 hours and 16 minutes, when we stopped the test. Turbo was enough for almost 3 hours battery life. While Medium was measured over 17.5 hours. And then you still have Low mode, which is specified at 100 hours, and Moon mode at 120 days.

If you want a good copper flashlight, with enough punch, and a proper moonlight mode, check out the Olight Baton 3 Pro.

Get the Olight Baton 3 Pro here:


Questions about Copper flashlights

  • What’s the best copper keychain flashlight

    We tested the RovyVon Aurora A9 CU which is a great little flashlight, but with some small issues.

  • Why would you prefer a copper flashlight over an aluminum flashlight?

    Copper transfers heat much faster and better than aluminum. Having a copper LED emitter board, shelf and body, the output could be considerably brighter for a longer period of time.

  • Can I keep my copper flashlights shiny?

    When you buy a copper flashlight, it’s likely sent in a vacuum bag. Once you open that bag, the copper color will slowly lose its shininess, and in the long run will change to a darker red, and eventually can turn green (copper patina). Keychain copper flashlights usually don’t get that far, because of the constant touching of your pockets.