Best Flashlight 2018

Let`s face it.. Can there actually be a "best flashlight"? Probably not! It all depends, right? But with 9 years of experience, we know quite a bit about flashlights, LOL. We'd like to point out some of the best flashlights currently available! Getting ANY of these flashlights will be awesome. The list also includes some older models (read 2016-2017) that are still very, very popular. When a newer one surpasses it, we will replace the current flashlight. Do you have any better recommendations? Please let us know what it is, and why you think so! BTW my native tongue is Dutch, so please ignore the spelling mistakes.

Best AAA Flashlight

  • What are the best AAA flashlights now available?

Thrunite Ti3

Thrunite Ti3 is one of the brightest and cheapest currently available AAA flashlight that can do over 100 lumens on a single (rechargeable) AAA battery. Not recommended using Alkaline batteries.

Best pocket flashlight (on a keychain)

  • Available in XPL (130lumens)  and XPG (120 lumens)
  • Doesn't turn on accidentally in your pocket easily.
  • One-handed operation
  • AAA batteries 
  • (can be used with 10440 with no modes, and lost warranty)
  • 3-modes, low-medium High
  • Strobe mode is hidden

This mini flashlight comes at a measly $10-$15 but is still used by many flashaholics as their keychain light. You loose it? Buy another one. Although this one is already 3 years on the market, it still is one of the brightest AAA flashlights out there. The kurling is aggressive enough to use with 1 hand. Definitely a winner. 

Lumintop Ant (Brass Stailess Steel and Titanium)

With 4 modes, and a length of 77mm it is a handy little keychain light. High output of 120 lumens, medium of 30 lumens and low of 4 lumens.

The best AAA flashlight in the survey at Budget Light Forum.

  • Trit can be installed in the tailcap.
  • A side switch is not the norm for keychain lights.
  • AAA batteries only
  • 3-modes, low-medium High
  • Hidden strobe

A Trit is basically material inside a mini glass canister that projects (glows) light for 10-15 years without having to be (re)charged.  The Ant doesn't take any lithium batteries, and therefore sticks to 120lumens on high for 20 minutes before the battery is empty.  Strobe mode is hidden, and can be entered by setting the light to Low mode and press-and-hold the switch.

If you are interested in a flashlight that can reach far, you should take a look at the best throwers in the world.

Best AA Flashlight

  • The best AA flashlights currently available?

Utorch UT01

XPL LED pocket flashlight with max 800lumens on a 14500 battery, 4 modes including 3 hidden modes for SOS, Strobe and Location beacon.

Most popular budget AA flashlight since 2016/2017.

  • High output even on NiMH batteries
  • Side switch
  • AA and 14500 (not protected 14500 due to the length)
  • 4 standard modes
  • Hidden strobe

Originally launched end of 2016, the light has been very popular throughout 2017. You get quite a bit of bang for the buck. Both available in NW and CW, and can run on NiMH and 14500. Please take note that protected 14500 may not fit! Running the Utorch on a eneloop AA, it can provide up to 400 lumens in Turbo mode. The light is usually between $12-$17. The output is programmable, but there have been reports of people that had some difficulty getting this to work. But for a budget AA flashlight, this is the #1 budget AA of 2017.  Price avg $15

Best 18650 Flashlights

Emisar D4

By far the most popular and most powerful single-18650 of 2017. Quad LED. Can be shortened to use 18500 and 18350 battery. 3000-4000 lumens.

The brightest and most popular single cell flashlight of 2017/2018. 

  • With a Nichia 219C 5000K you can get up to 3800 lumens 
  • With the XPG-2 you can get up to 3300 lumens
  • With the XPL-HI you can get up to 4300 lumens. 

So it is a real sub 10cm hotrod that blows everything out of the water that is currently avaiable in stock format! The Emisar is only available at 2 stores worldwide at the moment. Intl outdoor in China (see link) and Mtn Electronics in the US (see link). 

The light can be used with 18650, 18500, 18350 or 16340 cell. With or without adapters. Because the body can be replaced for a shorter or longer version.  It has a simplified Narsil UI firmware on its driver. 


Best budget quatro flashlight for 4*18650 batteries. Quad XPL LED. Can be used with 1 - 4 batteries. 5000-6000 lumens.

Nicest and brightest flashlight for the money. 

  • 1-4 18650 lithium batteries
  • 4x XPL LED for 5000 lumens
  • Best budget flashlight of 2017
  • Priced $50-$60

Specd by the BLF team in order to get the most bang for the buck. Quality and powerful. The light is produced by flashlight maker Thorfire, and sold at banggood. It has been a very, very popular light amongst many flashaholics. Driver is running the NarsilM firmware, with the standard UI being ramping with a direct access to turbo with a double click. Press and hold for ramping up, and same for ramping down. 4x XPL LED for 5000 lumens. (need to use good cells to get the most output). Or check out my own BLF Q8 review. Use promotion code: DK88PQQM for 30% off at Amazon for discount and Code: ec06b4 at banggood!

Convoy L6

Best budget "thrower" with XHP70. Favoured by many flashlight enthousiasts.

2x26650 budget flashight with XHP70  

Another popular light among flashaholics and this is why:

  • Low price, high quality
  • Powerful XHP 70 LED.
  • 4 modes, Low, Medium, High and Turbo. (with last mode memory) and a hidden strobe. 
  • Spring bypasses in stock form (unique)
  • Excellent build quality

It is officially a 2016 light, but out of the survey it seemed still a very popular flashilght. About 3800 lumens in Turbo, and 38lumens on Minimum. Adviced to use longer 26650 cells especially when using the tactical ring. In Stock form some users noted that the spring on the driver side and tailcap were bypassed! Which is rather unique! 

Astrolux MF01

18*XPG3/Nichia leds. One of the greatest Flooder lights of 2017.  Max 12000 lumens. Code e04bc8 cuts price down to $85)

Well priced monster light with 13000 lumens. Equipped with 18x XPG2 or Nichia leds and 12000 lumens

  • Compact light and very powerful
  • Your choice of emitters, XPG2 or Nichia
  • Cool white and NW available
  • 53kcd throw for 450 meters
  • 18x Powerful XPG3 or Nichia 219C
  • 4 modes, Low, Medium, High, Turbo
  • Strobe, SOS and Location beacon
  • 2x 18650 or 4x 18650

A soupcan sized light, but with the power of a workhorse. Only a fraction longer than the infamous Convoy S2+. The battery carrier is 2S 2P (so 2 batteries in series and 2 batteries parallel. (so it would work with only 2 batteries installed as well, at reduced output). At 2.9V the low-power indicator starts blinking. At 2.7V the light turns off.  Max output is about 120W, and 12000 lumens. use code: 4BLF for 9% discount at banggood. Price +- $100

Acebeam K65

Not the brightest and not the farthest throwing, but definitely one of the best all-round flashlights.... with a little edge towards Throw!

One of the best all-rounders of 2018

  • Far reaching flashlight
  • Runs off 4 Lithium Ion batteries
  • Nice bright spill
  • De-domed XHP70.2
  • Greenish tint on white walls, but giving a punch with green colors in nature

The Acebeam K65 is a all-rounder, meaning that it gives plenty of throw, and plenty of bright spill that we can call flood. It's not really a flooder, nor a thrower. But if you have to put it in some kind of category, it will probably sit in the throwers category. This is one of the first factory lights that have a dedomed XHP70.2 reaching about 1000 meters, as you can read in the K65 review. This is just amazing with 6200 lumens in Turbo mode. You need to use High Power batteries in order to sustain the brightness until it will drop out of Turbo into High mode.

Acebeam X80-GT

32,500 lumens!18 pieces of XHP50.2 LEDs. One of the brightest available flashlights.


Beast with 32500 lumens. Multi LED flashlight.

  • 32500 lumens
  • 12 pieces of XHP50.2 leds
  • 369meters of "throw"
  • 330 grams and 520 grams with cells.
  • 117 mm length
  • Including 4 protected 18650 high drain 3100mAh cells.

Another soupcan sized flashlight, but in the premium market. The head size is only 65mm wide, and the light itself is merely 12 cm long. Its the successor of the famous X80 model, but excluding the UV emitters. 

Boss 35 & 70

The Boss 35 and 70 (combo) has an XPL Led and is programmable by the user.

Most popular premium flashlight

  • Available in Titanium, copper, brass and aluminum
  • 2 sizes
  • Multi battery options
  • User porgrammable modes
  • 3500 lumens high
  • 0.2 lumen low
  • Available in XPL (4000K) and Nichia 219C (4000K)

An exclusive light made by The Boss35 and Boss 70 are identical flashlights with the difference in the battery tube alone. The 70 is especially for 1x 18650 or 2x 18350, while the Boss 35 is designed for a single 18350. This one is considered one of the best premium flashlights for 2017 by CPF members.  Price $270-632

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