Best flashlight of 2023

Update: we start updating this list from April 2023 onward with our own favorites

This list starts with the best flashlights voted for on budgetlightforum for 2022.
Throughout 2023 we will be adding our own favorites, and at the end of the year, do another survey and replace it with the Community’s favorites.

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Number 5

WildTrail WT3M

WildTrail WT3M holding
WildTrail WT3M runtime

This is the shared number 4 from the list of most popular lights at budgetlightforum.

The WT3M is a triple LED, high power compact flashlight. Although WildTrail is a throwback brand from the early days of enthusiast flashlights, the WT3M is by no means an outdated light. From our review: “Nothing else out there looks like the WT series lights (especially when buck naked), and for the price, it’s hard to beat the performance and features. I obviously got a very nice bin of XHP50.2’s, and the beam is fantastic with a nice balance of flood and some throw. You get an excellent driver, onboard charging, and excellent thermal performance to boot. It’s also fully moddable, so if you get tired of the 50.2’s, they can easily be swapped for either SFT or SST40s. The thermal performance is very good for a small light as well, further accentuated by Anduril’s thermal configurability.

There were some issues though. I didn’t like the flimsy charge port cover, nor the errant clear coating with resultant connection issues and flickering (although easily remedied). The lack of a pocket clip for EDC duty was also annoying, as was the unimpressive peak charge current on my sample.

Although it doesn’t do anything remarkably better than the competition, all things considered, the WildTrail WT3M is an excellent light and a great option if you’re in the market for a hotrod triple. The future seems to be very bright for WildTrail and I hope to see more like this in the future.” Check out the full review of the WildTrail WT3M here.

Here are some reasons why it’s so popular:

  1. 6800 lumen advertised output with CREE XHP50.2 LEDs  (we measured 6132 at start)
  2. Available with CREE XHP50.2s or Luminus SST40 LEDs to fit your needs
  3. Has a very advanced UI, if that’s your thing
  4. Uses USB-C for charging

Number 4

Lumintop GT Nano

Smallest thrower in the world

Lumintop GT Nano in hand
Lumintop GT Nano runtime graph
Max. beam distance:We measured 35,000 cd / 374 meters / 409 yards at turn on
LED type:Osram KW CSLNM1.TG
Battery type:10180 / 10440
Charging:USB-C charging adapter included

The smallest thrower flashlight in the world. The GT Nano’s entrance into the tiny thrower scene is kind of ironic since Lumintop used to make the longest-throwing LED flashlight in the world (the BLF Gigathrower), but that title has been reclaimed by the Astrolux MF05/Mateminco MT90 Plus (also featured here).

A polar opposite from the Gigathrower, the GT Nano, really is nano! It’s a tiny light running off a tiny 10180 Lithium-Ion battery, but still manages to reach distances most larger lights cannot.

When you thought you’ve seen it all, Lumintop introduced this little monster. The baddest little thrower in the world! When I tested this flashlight I was surprised it could really produce more than 450 lumens. I even measured 525 at start. Of course, the output drops like a rock, but this must be the coolest little thrower in the world. Quite amazing for sure. And in terms of throw, I measured 35,000 cd which equates to a throw of up to 374 meters or 409 yards.

If you’re looking for a keychain-sized flashlight thrower, this is probably the one you are looking for. Read our full review of the Lumintop GT Nano here.

Reasons why this is so popular:

  1. Smallest real thrower on the planet
  2. Pocketable
  3. Works on 10180 (for minimum size) as well as on 10440 batteries (for more power and long runtimes)

Number 3

Emisar D4K

best flashlight 2022
Max output4200 lumens with SST20
LED typeMany types, E21A, 519A, SST20
Battery configuration1*21700

The Emisar D4 has been on the most popular flashlights list for a couple of years.

People love, what they call, “Hank light”. Hank is the owner of Intl-outdoor store, and has 2 flashlight brand names under his belt. One is Noctigon, and the other is Emisar.

Both brands are customizable, and probably the only 2 brands with this many options when it comes to LEDs. Each light gives you the option to choose between several types of LEDs, but also optional accessories like magnetic tailcap, different optics, boost driver upgrade, deep carry pocket clip, etc.

That’s the reason why this brand is so loved in the community.

You can pick and choose the options you want to get the best flashlight possible, without having to mod! We haven’t reviewed the D4K, but we have reviewed the previous, 18650 version, the Emisar D4v2, to give you some impressions.

Reasons why this is so extremely popular:

  1. You get to choose the LEDs you want
  2. You get to choose the Optional accessories you want: clip, bezel, driver upgrade etc
  3. Has the most sophisticated and advanced UI, favorite by many flashlight enthusiasts: Anduril 2
  4. Works with 21700 batteries, instead of 18650 for more runtime, more power etc.

Number 2

Convoy S21D

Max output4000 lumens with XPL HD option
LED typeMany types, CREE XPL HD, Nichia 219B, Nichia 519A
Battery configuration1*21700

Convoy is loved by many in the flashlight community. Why?

Because they are affordable, with lots of options for different LEDs, optics, and you can easily get spare parts on AliExpress.

Reasons why the Convoy S21D is so extremely popular:

  1. One of the first flashlights that came with a quadruple Nichia 519A
  2. Convoy is a budget brand, so you get lots of bang for your buck
  3. Comes with a programmable UI, so you can choose between different mode sets
  4. Available at AliExpress so they ship to most countries around the world

Best Flashlight #1

Wurkkos TS10

Wurkkos TS10 in hand
Wurkkos TS10 runtime short
Max output1400 lumens (we measured 1454 at turn on, but 129 lm after 30 sec)
LED typeMany choices
Battery configuration1*14500

From Josh’s review:

The Wurkkos TS10 is one of the most “bang for the buck” lights out there right now, if not ever. Anduril 2, 1400 lumens, triple TIR optics and great feel. With auxiliary lights to boot! The user interface could be a learning curve that is a little much if someone new is thrown into the Anduril firmware, but to some, that just means a lot of new exciting things to learn. Everything considered, the TS10 flies to the top of my list as the most “giftable” lights out there. Now, if you receive one with the Anduril bugs that mine have, I have to give this 4 stars. If you update the software, or buy one after the updates, it is enough to earn another half of a star. There are still a few issues, like the heat and it could use a thinner (more pliable) or redesigned pocketclip.

Reasons why the Wurkkos TS10 is the most popular flashlight in the community:

  1. One of the most affordable triple LED flashlights with Anduril 2 on the planet
  2. The Wurkkos TS10 is available for less than $20
  3. Comes with Anduril 2 firmware, which makes it extremely versatile
  4. Very pocketable because of the 14500 style battery
  5. You can choose the flashlight color, LED type, and AUX colors. The number of choices you get is just amazing!

BONUS: our favorite flashlights

Selected by Here are some of the flashlights that we think are worth mentioning!

Here’s some of the best flashlights of 2023 according to us

Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO

maxtoch w pro in hand
candela graph Maxtoch W PRO

World’s farthest-reaching flashlight below $2000

  • Farthest reaching LEP Flashlight (this is not an LED flashlight)
  • Dual head LEP flashlight (Laser Excited Phosphor)
  • Max output: 1200 lumens
  • Works on 2*21700 batteries

LEP flashlights have become immensely popular recently. We reviewed about 40+ of them, and the Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO came out as the best-performing LEP flashlight (and LED in that regard as well). Its specs rating claims a beam intensity of up to 4.0 Mcd, but mine was able to reach 3,996,000 cd. This means a beam distance of 3998 meters / 4372 yards / 2.48 miles. That with just the white beam, and it throws much less with the yellow, green, or red filter.

The Lowest mode is still able to reach up to over 2100 meters / 2300 yards with a beam intensity of 1,170,000 cd. Medium mode is still good for 3200 meters / 3500 yards. Most flashlights can only dream of these numbers. If you don’t mind a long flashlight with 2*21700 batteries, this is what you should get.

Interested in reading more: check out our review of the Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO.

Reasons why the Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO is such an amazing flashlight:

  1. Can reach up to 4 kilometers, which is the best-performing LEP flashlight for consumers
  2. One of the best sustainable outputs and beam distance
  3. Comes with a pack of filter to change the color of the beam (which I don’t use)

Get $50 off with the following coupon: MWP1L50

Acebeam E70-SS

The best looking flashlight of the past few years

Acebeam E70 SS

Most beautiful designed flashlight

  • Max output: 4,000 lumens SS version
  • Max beam intensity: 12,100 cd
  • Works on 21700 batteries

We reviewed the Acebeam E70-SS (Stainless steel) which is specced lower than the aluminum version (4,600 lumens), it’s still an eye-catcher.

In Turbo and High mode, the light produces around 1000 lumens for almost 3 hours, while Medium 2 produces around 500 lumens for almost 6 hours. That’s quite a performance for such a light. And last but not least, Medium1 lasts for more than 20 hours at roughly 140 lumens.

Interested in reading more: check out our review of the Acebeam E70

Reasons why the Acebeam E70 is so popular:

  1. Probably the nicest designed mass produced flashlight of the past few years
  2. Very powerful
  3. Comes with a 21700 battery that can be charged via USB-C, and also works as a power bank

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Brightest flashlight of 2023

Imalent RS32

The brightest flashlight of 2023, and nothing else comes close!

Imalent SR32 flashlight

Most powerful flashlight

  • Max output: 120,000 lumens SS version
  • Max beam intensity: 1,090,000 cd
  • Works on 8*21700 batterypack

The Imalent SR32 is the new Lumen King… and nothing comes even close!

It dethrones the Imalent MS18 as the brightest flashlight on planet earth, with 20K more lumens. And that’s just incredible.

Our review will be ready in May 2023

Reasons why you should get the Imalent SR32:

  1. Most powerful flashlight on the planet in 2023
  2. Newly designed cooling system
  3. Includes a carry handle with built-in switch
  4. Ultra high speed charging due to the 100W USB-C charging.

Get 10% off with the following coupon: 1Lumen

Throughout the year we will update the list with new and interesting flashlights that we think fit this page. And we don’t limit ourselves to certain categories. Some are great throwers, while others are great keychain lights. Some might be great for EDC, while others may be great for camping or self-defense.

If you are particularly looking for the best within a certain category, make sure you check out the following links:

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  2. Best tactical flashlights
  3. Best EDC flashlights
  4. Best pocket flashlights
  5. Brightest flashlight

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