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Marco’s LEP flashlight collection, all of them are tested!

Here’s an extremely detailed video on 22 of my LEP flashlights:

LEP flashlight measurements

And just in case you are interested in very bright lights, check out this detailed list of the world’s current brightest flashlights. And yes, they were all reviewed by our dedicated and competent team.

Cheapest LEP flashlight

Cheapest LEP lights

Not long ago, all LEP flashlights were priced well over $200. Fortunately, the price has come down, and some LEP flashlights have been available $100 or lower.

Here is a small list of LEPs that are recommended (we reviewed them) and still affordable. Remember these are nothing compared to the farthest-reaching LEPs when it comes to pure throw capabilities. But they are nice to ‘ test the waters’ and start your LEP journey.

Trustfire T30R

One of the best deals on the internet when on sale (which it has been for already 1year straight)

trustfire t30r in use 1
trustfire t30r runtime
Max. beam distance:1,100 meters (We measured 768 meters after 30 seconds, and 1265 meters at turn on)
Battery type:18650 lithium-ion (included)
Charging:USB-C charging
Price range:$60-$85
Extra:Often on sale for a very very good price! Comes with quite a few accessories

Turstfire flashlights are not very popular in the flashlight community, but that has to do with their reputation from the past when there were tons of flashlights called Trustfire, but with low build quality.

But the original Trustfire flashlights are not bad at all. At least from reviewing at the T30R, which is one of the most affordable LEP flashlights available on the internet. Aliexpress often sells them for about $65-$85, depending on your location.

It may not be the best performer, but it can reach over 700 meters (700+ yards) for more than 3 hours straight. Check out our review of the Trustfire T30R.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. One of the cheapest LEP flashlights available, when on sale at Aliexpress (which it has been for already 1 year)
  2. Has onboard USB-C charging, and charges the battery in 2 hours and 15 minutes
  3. Set comes with a 18650 battery, remote switch, USB-cable, spare o-ring, lanyard, and pouch

Natfire SF2

Zoomable LEP flashlight with built-in battery

natfire SF2 in hand
Natfire SF2 runtime chart
Max. beam distance:??? meters (I measured 1179 meters)
Battery type:built-in 21700
Price range:$70-$80

There is 1 flashlight that has been well known for being one of the cheapest LEPs, and that’s the Natfire SF2. It’s a $70-$80 dollar LEP flashlight with built in battery.

Nick reviewed it for us, and measured a very low output. However, output is only 1 factor, and the most important for LEP flashlights is not output but beam distance. The intensity of the beam is therefore more imporant than the overall output.

The output of his copy reached almost 183 lumens, while mine only reached 133 lumens. But that’s not that important.

He measured 1466 meters (1600 yards), while I measured 1179 meters (1290 yards). This means that the quality control isn’t the best, but for $70-80 you can get an LEP flashlight that doesn’t perform too bad in overall runtime. In this video I show that the SF2 is actually not bad after 20 minutes of runtime!

For all the details, check out our review of the Natfire SF2.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. One of the cheapest zoomable LEP flashlights on the market
  2. Built in battery with USB-C charging, so you don’t need to buy a charger or battery (this can also be a con, if the battery dies, you have to open it up and replace it somehow).
  3. Doesn’t perform bad after about 20 minutes of runtime.. see video

Lumintop Thor Mini

The shortest LEP on the market

lumintop thor mini in use 2
Lumintop Thor Mini runtime 10minutes
Max. beam distance:700 meters (I measured 655 meters)
Battery type:18350 lithium-ion
Charging:No built-in charging
Price range:$85-$150
Extra:Glow in the dark ring behind the lens, and glow tubes in the back

The Lumintop Ant Man used to be the shortest flashlight on the market, but now it’s surpassed by its little brother, the Lumintop Thor Mini.

It’s a little handy flashlight with the beam distance of a much larger LED flashlight. It’s quite impressive to reach over 600 meters from such a small flashlight.

It has 2 modes, low, and high. Low mode is doing roughly 270 meters / 300 yards for almost 3 hours straight. And that from such a small flashlight.

For all the details, check out our review of the Lumintop Thor Mini.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Shortest LEP flashlight currently on the planet
  2. Because of its size, it is easily pocketable
  3. It works on 18350 batteries and, therefore, has a little more capacity than the average 14500 type LEP flashlight.

Interested? Buy from one of the following stores.

Use coupon: 1LumenLEP at Nealsgadgets for 25% off.. or use coupon 1lumen at Lumintop for 10% off.

Amutorch BT35

Affordable tactical-style LEP flashlights

Amutorch BT35 holding in hand
Amutorch BT35 runtime
Max. beam distance:1,371 meters (I measured 1269 meters)
Battery type:18650 lithium-ion (not included)
Charging:No built-in charging
Price range: $99-$120
Extra:comes with tactical ring

Amutorch has built a couple of LEP flashlights, including the BT35, BT55, and BT60. But the shortest, and most affordable is the BT35.

I personally liked this flashlight quite a bit, even though it may not be the best performer. For the price you get a pretty handy and easy to use LEP flashlight. There is only a Higha dn Low mode, and the tactical-ring makes it pretty cool to hold and play with.

With a beam distance of 1269 meters, it’s definitely not a bad performer, though. The output drops after about 5 minutes but continues to run with a beam of over 700 meters for almost 2 hours and 40 minutes.

For more details, check out our in-depth review of the Amutorch BT35.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Nice tactical-style flashlight with a forward clicky switch
  2. 2 well-spaced modes
  3. No sharp edges, so easy to carry in your pocket

Use code 1LumenLEP at Nealsgadgets for 25% off.

Lumintop Thor 1

Very short but bulky flashlight

Lumintop Thor 1 in hand
Lumintop Thor 1 lumen graph
Max. beam distance:1,200 meters (I measured 1193 meters / 356,000cd)
Battery type:18350 lithium-ion
Charging:No built-in charging
Price range: $100-$150 with coupon
Extra:also available in normal black anodization

Lumintop has some of the most miniature LEP flashlights on the market. The Thor 1 is the second shortest of the bunch, with a length of only 3.8 inches (96.6mm) and a reach of almost 1200 meters. That’s the farthest-reaching flashlight under 4 inches long.

With a simple UI, everybody can use it, but you shouldn’t let children play with it, because of the extremely high beam intensity.

For more details, check out our in-depth review of the Lumintop Thor 1.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Small LEP, but using a more powerful battery than the Ant Man (18350 vs 14500)
  2. If you like a fancy-looking flashlight, especially in titanium

Interested? Buy from one of the following stores. Use our exclusive discount coupon for Nealsgadgets to get an extra 25% off: 1LumenLEP

Nealsgadgets 26650 LEP

Bulky flashlight with almost 2000 meters reach

holding a LEP flashlight in hand
Unbranded 26650 lep runtime
Max. beam distance:1,800 meters (I measured 1992 meters)
Battery type:26650 lithium-ion
Price range: $125 with coupon

Nealsgadgets built 2 LEP flashlights, namely this unbranded 26650 LEP flashlight, and the more expensive, but much better performer, the NLightD L1.

This unbranded LEP is more of an OEM flashlight, but I haven’t seen other brands selling it.

You can use a 26650 battery or a 18650 battery with a battery adapter. The 26650 battery will run much longer of course.

The only real negative is the unregulated output. So the output drops the moment you activate the flashlight. You can still get plenty of throw and runtime though. It starts at about 1,000,000 candelas, and then slowly drops. After 2 hours, the candelas are around 300,000, which is almost 1100 meters (1200 yards). And after 3 hours it’s down to 100,000 cd, which is about 630 meters (690 yards).

For more details, check out our in-depth review of the Unbranded 26650 LEP.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Very affordable and almost reaching 2,000 meters
  2. Works with 26650 batteries and 18650 batteries.

Use discount coupon 1LumenLEP at Nealsgadgets to get the price down to about $125

Lumintop Thor 3

Best thrower for the money

Lumintop Thor 3 in hand
Lumintop Thor 3 runtime
Max. beam distance:We measured 2629 meters
Battery type:21700 lithium-ion
Price range: $110-130 on discount

Lumintop has built the most LEP flashlights of all companies. They range from very small, like the Thor Mini, to relatively large, like the Thor 3.

The Thor 3 is actually on sale for many, many months, so I don’t feel this one is out of this category of cheap LEP flashlights. The cheapest I have seen the Thor 3 is around 110 USD, and a little more expensive in the EU because of import fees etc.

When you compare the Thor 3 to all other LEPs on this list, it outthrows them all, and with ease.

It uses a single 21700 battery and reaches 2629 meters (2875 yards) after 30 seconds. This is pretty crazy for its price. And that’s why I think this is the best combination of cost vs performance.

It has 3 modes, ranging from 1200+ meters to 2600+ meters, and runtime between 4.5 and 8 hours. We’ve reviewed it extensively, so don’t forget to check out our Lumintop Thor 3 review. It has a few cons, but you better read the full review.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. One of the best cost-performance LEP flashlights on a budget
  2. Glow in the dark ring behind the front lens

Questions about cheap LEP flashlights

Check below for some common questions about LEP flashlights

Why didn’t you add the Lumintop Ant Man?

The Lumintop Ant Man used to be one of the most affordable LEP flashlights, but it’s not available anymore. The ones that are left are the titanium version, and much more expensive. If you want something similar, have a look at the Maratac Cosmos Mini LEP.

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1lumen selects and reviews products personally. We may earn affiliate commissions through our links, which help support our testing.