Acebeam W35 announced | LEP flashlight with zoom mechanism | 15% off coupon included

Say what?

The real successor of the Acebeam W30?

Acebeam reached out, asking if we were interested in reviewing their new secret flashlight. It was so secret, they didn’t even want to share any details. But alas, they finally announced the new Acebeam W35 publicly.

So here we go, the real successor of the Acebeam W30?

And where is the Acebeam W40, they announced in 2020?

I’m not complaining because the Acebeam W35 is currently on the way, and I hope to finish the review as soon as possible.

What’s new? LC DEL ZOOM

Acebeam has been on the forefront when it comes to LEP flashlights, but they haven’t produced a real successor of the W30, until now.

The Acebeam W35 has a few very interesting features, including a zoomable beam (internally, electronically) and not one that you have to twist by hand.

Does that sound exciting? It sure does to me.

Let’s take a look at some of the details.

  • Max beam distance: 2600 meters
  • Max beam intensity: 1,690,000 cd
  • Max. output: 800 lumens
  • Type C charging (in tailcap)
  • 4 modes
  • Dual switch design, 1 for output, and 1 for zoom
  • Weight: 327.4 grams

Technical parameters

Output800 lm470 lm230 lm80 lm470 lm
Runtime6min + 1h40min2h4h8h 20min3h
Distance2600m 2050m1450m850m2050m
Intensity1,690,000 cd1,050,625 cd525,625 cd180,625 cd1,050,625 cd


Acebeam choose to go with a single 21700 battery, and includes one in the package. However, they normally have one with USB-C port built in. This time, they added a USB-C port in the switch.

I assume you can use other brand batteries as well.

Early Verdict

I’m pretty excited about a real successor of the Acebeam W30. At first I was expecting an Acebeam W40, but they decided to go with W35 instead. Smart, because that leaves the opportunity open for a W40 in the near future.

I can only imagine what that could be. Especially considering the W50 with buil-in zoom mechanism, and now the W35 with a similar technique. The W40 would be something in between this and the W50… and I can’t want to see that one coming.

Anyway, on paper it does not have the most intense beam, but it surely has one of the more interesting features of all LEP flashlights recently produced.

Acebeam W35 for sale

Listed price: $339.90 without discount

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