Imalent MS12

The flashight that will replace the sun!

Imalent announced the 53,000 Lumens powerhouse, MS12, now on Pre-order.

2018 is going to be a very bright year. Imalent has just announced a couple of new flashlights. And among them is the MS12. It literally is a sun-light. It claims to reach 53,000 lumens.  (edit: in response to this light Acebeam increased their lumen claim for the Acebeam X70 to 60,000 lumens). You can watch all the most powerful flashlights in our overview.

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brightest flashlight 2018 imalent ms12


  • 12* XHP 70.2 LED for extreme flood and extreme power.
  • Throw of 200kcd / 900meters (which is amazing for this type of light)
  • Built-in cooling fans
  • Dedicated rechargeable battery pack with 8 pieces of 20700 batteries
  • Built-in charging system
  • Including carry-case
  • Max 53,000 lumens.
  • IPX8 (2 meters submersible, which I think is incorrect)

Olight has set foot on the 20K island where Acebeam and Imalent are currently living. The Olight X9R has also something interesting to offer. A 25000 lumens hand warmer. But the Imalent is on a totally different level.. Pumping out DOUBLE that amount! How crazy is that. And since Acebeam announced their 40,000 lumens Imalent just had to compete with them. And since Imalent offers a 53,000 lumen handwarmer, Acebeam upped their specs to 60,000 lumens. An interesting detail.

The Imalent MS12 will has 8 main modes:

  • TURBO: 53000lm for 3minutes + step down to 15000 lumens for another 78 minutes
    High Ⅲ: 30000lm for 4 minutes + step down to 15000 lumens for another 80 minutes
    High Ⅱ: 15000lm for 1 hours and 36 minutes
    High Ⅰ: 7500lm for 2 hours and 45 minutes
    Middle Ⅱ: 3800lm for 5 hours and 45 mintues
    Middle Ⅰ: 1900lm for 11 hours and 10 minutes
    Middle Low: 900lm for 22 hours
    Low: 300lm for 55 hours.

According to specs it is going to be a 3-minute Turbo timer, and then another 78 minutes of 15000 lumens, which is still really incredible for that timespan. It will be the first manufactured LED flashlight hitting the 50K lumens.. Which I quietly believe will not be achievable.

I'm now waiting for Lumintop to also enter the 30K+ lumen war. And I'm curious who is going to reach the first 100K lumens! And when! My prediction is within 2 years. Maybe the Olympic games in Tokyo will be lit by flashlights rather than spotlights ;--)

Check out the details at Imalents' website:


Extended lineup

Since Olight didnt include their cooling fans in their 25000 lumens X9R flashlight, I'm a little reluctant to believe the 53,000 lumens claim. It might just be marketing. Acebeam X70 has been on the horizon for almost a year, but hasnt made it into production yet, so how would it be possible they could provide this kind of flashlight in such a short amount of time..

Imalent might jump the boat too soon... and put a subpar product onto the market. Who knows. Are you interested? I am!


Imalent R70C

Astrolux and Lumintop have a mega thrower with XHP70, so Imalent didn want to stay behind. The R70C is going to throw high beams... so to say. It sports 6500 lumens (like the Acebeam K65) with a bigger head. And it claims a throw of over 1400 meters.

According to the specs it will have a built in charging system.. which I hope will do its job well. Its head being 130mm wide, it should be comparable with the Astrolux MF04s and Lumintop BLF GT70. The retail price bein 259 dollars...

long range imalent flashlight

malent R90C

If these 2 flashlights were not enough, they also announced the R90C which is going to have 9 pieces of CREE XHP35 HI leds to have about 1600 meters of throw. It also includes a 20700 battery pack, and the head being the same size as the R70C. Weight is coming in at 1250grams, including the batteries.  Retail price for this bad boy is going to be slightly above the $ 400 mark. So you better start saving!


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