Lumintop Thor PRO

A combination of LED and LEP

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Throw and Flood in 1

Intro: Lumintop is probably the only brand who built so many LEP flashlights in such a short time. They started with the Lumintop Thor2 (before they release the Thor 1), and now we are looking at their latest addition, the Lumintop Thor PRO.

We already reviewed the Lumintop Thor 1, Thor 2, Thor 2 v2, and Thor 3 a few months ago. But this is a different kind of animal. Instead of the typical single LEP source, Lumintop decided to use a combination of LED and LEP.

It has 8 LEDs in the outer edge of the light, and a single LEP module in the middle. With a single switch, you can control the output of both light sources.

Dave received a prototype mode, and shared his finding in this thread:

Lumintop Thor PRO Specifications:

Here are some of the production specifications. The prototype model we received had different LEDs.

  • Max output LED: 12,100 lumens
  • Max output LEP: 300 lumens
  • LED type: 8*CREE XP-L HD
  • Modes: 5
  • Lowest output LED: 2 lumens
  • Lowest output LEP: 40 lumens
  • Battery: 1-4 button top 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 153 mm
    • Head diameter: 68.5
  • Weight: 628 grams
  • IPX8 waterproof

Batteries & Charging

  • According to the specifications, it’s using 1-4 18650 batteries. That’s because it has 4 batteries in parrallel, and so you can use 1 battery, but also 4 batteries. The Voltage stays the same.

Another interesting feature is the quick USB C charging, with PD3 / QC3, which can reach up to 4A.

Early Verdict

I saw some very enthusiastic comments in the community about the Lumintop Thor PRO. Because there are quite a few people who think that the beam of LEP flashlights is too narrow for most use cases, and therefore a combination of LEP for throw, and LED for flood is welcomed.

When it comes to output and sustained output, I’m not sure how long it can hold 10,000+ lumens, but I guess only for a short time.

Also, some people were complaining that it doesn’t have Anduril firmware….. So if you’re an Anduril fan boy, you still have to wait till the first Anduril LEP light will be built. In my opinion, Anduril is useless for LEP flashlights, unless you change everything and make it like 2 or 3 modes.. But then they’d better have built that specific UI from the get go, instead of manipulating a sophisticated firmware to something really simple.

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